BRAND NEW HQ! (hehe. it rimes)

HEY PEOPLE! this is the official hq of the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. it involves everything and anything having to do with Midnighters, Darklings, Werewolves, or the new book Scotts gonna rite. im gonna try to figure out how to make it so Serafina-la, the co-prez of the club, and Sophie-la, the prez of Darkling and Midnighter resources, can post on here. if they want.

 if you wanna join, just say the word, and i’ll make a page that says the members and there position. were gonna talk all about Midnighter, Darklings, Werewolves, and what should happen in the fourth book. so COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

by the way. i picked this layout cause i think the girl looks like Dess. and i just love Dess.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😛



  1. Totaly Sweet!!!!!!

  2. Dess rox!
    cool blog and awesome layout.

  3. -SPAZ-

    Dess rocks. I’m a polymath too. sorta.

    MATH PLZ!!!

    green is sweet.

  4. very sweet.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  5. Ok I updated my blog.

    And it is sweet

  6. so0o0o0o0o0oo cool! i love dess!

  7. i’m considering dying my hair green…..

    there r more ppl on westerblog who want 2 join. u should put like a list post…..or a petition thing.

  8. im gonna dye my hair blue an prple. ok co-prez.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  9. I’m going to dye my hair blue at the ends!! Or get blue streeks in it. Which one do you think looks better?


  10. kadie-wa, at the ends

    this is very fool.

  11. Kadie-wa…i think you should do blue on the ends. or maybe blue streaks. yea blue streaks. you shoud do streaks.

    Kelsey-wa…you were just added.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. i wanna be in the club 2!!!! how do i join? and i wanna get a pink or purple streak in my (bright blonde)hair. my dad said he’d let me as long as it was done by a professional. YES!

  13. Uh! And I wasn’t added! Kiddn. I think I like streeks betta. Maybe I will just do both!!


  14. you were two added Kadie-wa!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  15. I saw that, thanks!

  16. i vote streaks. that’s what i did. except red. and then purple. then sorta pinkish. i’m sick of warm colors now. moving on to cool colors. if i can find green-blue hair dye. sorta like the color lisset’s was in that pic on scott-la’s blog.

    you know what u should really do? i keep trying to get someone to do this, b/c i can’t—my hair no longer resembles a normal color. i mean, it was bright pink last week, now it’s sorta washed-out blond. naturally it’s brown. but back to what would be awesome—-like dying the tips AND the roots some unnatural color, like blue. so it sorta looks like that’s your natural color, and you dyed it brown/blond. that would be so cool.

    and who wants a proffessional? that’s no fun. i cut my own hair with scissors (not that i’m reccomending that AT ALL) and dye it in my bathroom!!! woo!!! just like i make random t-shirts and take scissors to my clothes. i live on the edge like that.

  17. i wish i cood do that co-prez-la. but the parentals are totally cursed with paranoia. it stinks.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  18. yeah. my mom washes the floor beneath me with bleach when i’m dying my hair. but my parents are normally pretty cool when it comes to stuff like that. though i don’t tell anyone that my zippered leather biker jacket used to belong to my mom.

  19. Hey, i just wanted 2 say that i totally agree with u about the 4th midnighters book, and i’d luv 2 join the chasing midnight werewolves club, because i luved midnighters sooo much…

    also, dess rox, and so does melissa

  20. 4th midnighters book should have different talents. like not just seers and mindcasters and stuff

  21. rex rox 2 and flyboy, and jessica. but mostly flyboy

  22. hehe. leather. hehe.

    welcome to the club Lotti-wa!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  23. yay!!!!!!

  24. they pretty much all rock……except jess. jess’s kinda boring. dess is the best. melissa is awesome in an evil tortured way. rex is cool in a trenchcoat way. flyboy is great because he’s flyboy and he can like fly and yeah.

    the fourth one should have metallurges and darkling werewolves and new talents yet to be invented. like one where you can pull people in or out of the blue time, originally created to trap the darklings and now able to rescue jess.

    yes. leather.

  25. yeah on the whole hair dye
    you totally gotta do it yourself!
    or you just arn’t cool at all.
    for real!
    then once you’ve done it on yourself enoug
    you can do it for your poser friends!
    i started dying my hair when i was just a freshmen,
    and by the time i was a senior ALL of my friends had dyed hair.
    lame lame lame.

    i realize this is oooooolllldddd!
    i just thought i’d comment since my name was mentioned.
    go me! ^-^

  26. yeah. Jess is so 11:59. SO 11:59. its rather disapointing how much people like her. *sigh*.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  27. this post is totally dead.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😯

  28. no! i reincarnate it b/c i’m bored and in class.
    11:59 people suck. have i mentioned i sit with a girl at lunch who was born at 11:59?

    duh, getting your hair dyed is lame.
    you need that box of dye and to destroy your family’s towels and require your bathroom to get scrubbed down with bleach and stain everything purple/red/pink/ect. then you’re hardcore.
    i might dye it pink again like next week.
    i’m looking for blue or green though.

  29. im dying my hair purple tonite! the ever-cursed-with-paranoia parentals finally gave in! well, i said if they let me dye my hair id stop riting on myself with sharpie. im just gonna stick to ballpoint pen from now on. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  30. lol. what color?
    *strokes hot-pink braids*
    oh yeah, purple. yes, i can read. totally.

  31. Hey everyone, I want to join the club, that’ll be so happy-making. I truthfully liked the Uglies series, but I really love the Midnighters. I just like using the terminology of the Uglies and so forth, like how they use la at the end or in Extra’s sensi. So contact me when you’re going to start a discussion. Stay icy!

  32. um yea i think u guys gots an awsom idea here.i read all tha books of it n was preety sad wen i found out it was ovr in blue moon.i mean why would it end with them going off to find more midnighters,and not write another book!?!atleast a new series that plays off that one!i felt kinda tha same wen twiliht was ovr n this is 500000000x worse! so if yall ever have like a big break n tha chasing midnight book coms out ill kno who 2 thank!

  33. umm… hi, i’m new.. i dont understand the werewolf part.. can someone explain please?

    thanks =)

  34. and by the way, i’d love to join the club! =)

  35. k smilejemm-la let me spell it out for you:

    a long time ago when we were little rabid fangrrls, we decided unanimously that there needed to be a fourth book in the Midnighters series. then somewhere along the way dear Serafina-la decided it needed to include darkling werewolves. why might you ask? ….because they awesomely kick butt! hehehe so then somewhere else along the way, i decided the fourth book should be called CHASING MIDNIGHT, for obvious reasons. (if there not so obvious you can just point it out and i’ll explain that too.) so we mushed together the two into the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club and tada! the masterpiece! soon there were too many awesome people wanting to join our club, so we made this lovely site and the rest is history!

    sorry i got back a month or so late… hehehe im not an on-time kinda grrl

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

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