it would be nine kinds of fawesome. see?

kind of awesome #1—would be a fourth midnighters book

awesome #2—would be a scott westerfeld werewolf book

awesome #3—would probably have awesome werewolf explinations

awesome #4—would be written by scott westerfeld

awesome #5—would be cool with full moon/midnight/dark moon myths

awesome #6—would introduce new characters

awesome #7—could have dess in it, kicking @$$ and doing math.

awesome #8—could be a chance to erase the pain of midnighters ending!!!!!

awesome #9—dude, DARKLING. WEREWOLVES.

 those are the nine kinds of fawesome for CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES, the fourth Midnighters book. written by co-prez Serafina-la. i would now like to add to this list, and make it a list called ONE HUNDRED KINDS OF FAWESOME. do you think we can do it? i think we can. lets begin!

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😆



  1. yea! things i wrote! wish i could come up with more…..i actually had a hard time coming up with nine. the big ones are #s 8, 9, 1, and 4.
    ummmmm……would be called Chasing Midnight? would have pretty color? could be dedicated to us? would achieve club goal?

  2. i mean cover, not color. though a pretty cover could have pretty colors.

  3. (I posted this on Westerblog too, but I didn’t know if you’d see it.)

    Lizzy-wa, you are my new hero for calling me Olivia-wa. Ever since I read ‘Pretties’ I’ve wanted someone to call me that.

    I’m 13. But I think I’m mature for my age. (And modest for my age too. 😆 )

  4. hey everyone, tell scott, or shall i say email him about the page hed love to see it go tell him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ok i will. and yer very welcome Olivia-wa! i love using PRETTY-speak. its bubbly. hehe. would you like to become a member? cause i just added you. even if you didnt want to be added. hehe.

    ive got a couple:

    we would all (no doubt) be in the dedication page. 😀
    it would be another reason for Scott-la to go on tour again and come expecially to our towns!
    CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES hq would become a lot more popular.
    we would get to learn more tridecalogisms!

    thats all i got for now…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  6. just in case nobody noticed yet, i just updated the ABOUT page. if i were you, id check it out. it is so icy.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  7. icy about page. you are correct.

  8. added? what do you mean?

    i don’t have one of these websites…

    i have an LJ though.

  9. oops, almost forgot:

    i know, pretty-speak is so bubbly, right?!? sooooo happy-making. 😉

  10. i get scared (and scare my friends) all the time when i find myself talking like that in real life.

  11. y am i being moderated? y? y?

  12. Yay! I finished Blue Noon yesterday! I can’t BELIEVE it ended where it did. There MUST be a 4th book.

    #10-would introduce more polymaths
    #11-would introduce more acrobat
    #12-would itnroduce more seers
    #13-would introduce more mindcasters

    So it’s 13 kinds of fawesome. 🙂

  13. hehe. nice blog Olivia-wa.

    hey Co-Prez-la. when i moderated your comment (dont no why i had two) i saw the email you put down. LOOOVVVEEE IT! hehe. your so funny.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  14. maybe it’s cuz i changed it or something. i do random stuff like that sometimes. thanks! i like when ppl think i’m funny.

    and i like those reasons, allie-wa…..maybe a fourth midnighters would even have metallurges in it!

    congrats lizzy-wa, u were the thirteenth comment!

  15. oooooh! i feel lucky. anybody have a lottery ticket on hand?

    hehe. no im just kiddin. i am just about the least lucky person on this planet. ok. im not THAT lucky. but usally when it comes to luck, i come in last.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😆

  16. well, the mere fact that the lucky number in question in thirteen does sort of say something. i mean, it’s lucky midnighters thirteen, but yeah.

    i make myself a sundae whenever i get to thirteen word document pages in a new story. it’s the first proof it’s going somewhere. and i like ice cream. i have no idea why that tradition started, or why thirteen, but now i’ve even got my other writy friends doing it too.

  17. hehe. i mite start that tradition. now to actally rite a book with at least 13 lucky pages. i always start one, rite about it, then start another one. *sigh*.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  18. i do that a lot too. hence the thirteen-page celebration. actually, lately they’ve been getting to real length. like thirty-five, fourty-eight pages. and i’m gonna try to do NaNoWriMo this year. like i don’t have enough to do in november…..

  19. NaNoWriMo? whats that…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  20. this thing where u like try to write a 50,000 word novel from scratch in the month of november. i’m not officially doing it cuz i’m too lazy to register and stuff, but whatever. i dunno what the link is, can’t find it. it’s something obvious though, like or somesuch. stands for national novel writing month btw.

  21. oooohhhh…i get it. i mite try that…but probably not. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  22. Whaaa!! It’s been too long since I’ve been here!! Oh no! my face rank is down!!I’ll have to post like crazy with in the next week to catch up.

    To start off, I”ll tell you a story.

    Okay, for home ec, we have to take home those baby simulaters that record your every move. Last night, I was helping my friend at her church’s halloween thingy, and these guys stole my baby and shook the crap out of it. If we shake it once, it records as SBS (shaken baby syndrom) and they shook it for three minutes straight. I tried to get it back, but I couldn’t. They were tall dudes. they only threw it back to me because it had started crying. Sad, right?


  23. Poor baby. And all that happened at a church thing? wow.

  24. chuch has untold depths of torture. like making you sing crappy christian rock for twelve hours.

    that sucks, Kadie-Wa.

  25. Church for me isn’t that bad. But that’s because my [hypothetical] boyfriend goes to my church. But yeah…i hate the crappy Christian rock. Especially the type the youth group band plays.

  26. Hey can Jess use a camera in the blue time? the flash when it takes a picture would be a really good weapon.

  27. Yeah, I never thought of that. My baby got beaten up at a church. At least it wasn’t real tho….

    At our church, they have a good band, but
    A) I can’t sing
    b) If i did like to sing, i don’t like their style. No offence


  28. wow, a camera in the secret hour would be hardcore. wonder if the pictures would come out. or what they’d look like.

    our church band’s keyboard player is eternally out of tune.

  29. we should post trideocalogisms on here.
    i got some…
    —Exsanguinated, which means you were drained completely of blood
    —Vercingetorix (i think that’s how u spell it) who was like the king of france when Ceaser was around
    —Defenestrated (not sure if it’s a real word, the root is defenestration, which has fourteen) which means you were thrown out of a window
    wow, these are all odd causes of death….

    and there’s a couple that sorta don’t count cuz they’re two words, like
    —Arctic Monkeys and
    —The Raconteurs, my two favorite bands, or
    —Lunar Regolith, which is like moon soil.

    anybody else got some good ones?

  30. *Establishment
    These all add up to the magic number 39. 🙂

  31. fawesomeness! my fav is canaballism. but i like juidenceprice (sp?) for ones from the books.

    ohmigod, i just realized that S-E-R-A-F-I-N-A–Z-A-N-E has 12 LETTERS!!!! i’m doomed! must. change. name. ha. now i’m safe. even if it sounds odd.

    wonder if this’ll now require moderation.

  32. hehe. and yes Serafina Zanes-la, you did require moderation. hehe.

    my favs are:
    acariciandote (thats how ya spell it. no idea how to pronounce it)

    lucky 13!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  33. me no understand


  34. hehe. big words. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  35. sweet. i like rhizomorphous. whasit mean?

  36. yes, big wrds

    Okay, time for my theme of the day.

    Teachers swear too.

    So today, I was at my band lesson, and I asked the sub. teacher if I could play a different piece becaus I wasn’t ready. Then, he said no, because I sucked. He said i sucked!! Wow….but that’s not all. I play a funky instrument called the Hulusi (along with piano and f horn and recorder) and I asked hin if he played it. he turned to me and asked me what the he** i was talking about.

    Then, i got a pass for tomorrow to tell the principal. And the next hour, I had band. He called everyone in the class a loser, and said we all sucked, and he told me to shut the h*** up in front of the whole class.

    Wow, that was long.


  37. scheezsh! he should be fired. and put in jail. and fired from being in jail!

    rhizomorphous meens: (says in mysterious voice) to be shaped like a root. hehe. thats one of my favs. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  38. Oh, Kadie-wa, that’s terrible. My teacher’s don’t swear but they don’t care if we do. They just say like ‘watch your words’ or something like that. But in class the other day, out of the blue a guy just said, ‘what the h***’ when it was DEAD SILENT and EVERYONE heard. Including my teacher. But she didn’t say anything. Oh, and today a guy in the same class (LangArts) took off his pants (he was wearing shorts underneath, though) in the middle of class. Sooooo weird.

  39. Yay! Comment 39 is mine! As of now it is, anyway.

  40. Darn. Is there anything special about the 40th comment??? Me thinky no. O well. Me try again.

    And yes, he should be arrested. he was scary and made us VERY uncomfortable.


  41. wow, kadie-wa. he should totally be arrested. if a teacher ever said that to me i’d go to the principal right away. and, should i be able to see the comment numbers? cuz i don’t.

  42. ur schools r odd.

    and dude, humans beings curse. maybe he should be fired 4 being bitter, but not for saying hell. that’s kinda extreme.
    i could see our band teachers cursing. i mean, dude, kids get suspended because they’re drinking beers in the band room before school starts.
    my school is pretty seedy like that. stupid rich suburban white kids.

    that’s a pretty crazy word, lizzy-wa.

  43. Once in math class this guy pantsed another guy and he accidentally pulled his underwear down with his pants!!! Luckily I wasn’t looking that way but the pantsee yelled really loud, “DUDE YOU PULLED DOWN MY BOXERS!!!!!!!”

    Also, I had a teacher in 6th grade who put his hand up this girl’s skirt. He put his hand on her thigh first and she said, “Um, can you get your hand off my leg please?” So he said, “Okay” and moved his hand UP HER SKIRT before taking it off her leg. !!!!!!

    He got fired, though, and she got transferred.

    In that same year, he asked the girls in our class how many were wearing skirts and LOOKED UNDER THE DESKS to see!!!!!! Lucky I was wearing jeans!!!!!!!! >:\

  44. wow….pervo teacher. that sucks. at keast they fired him.

    and nothing like drawing more attention to the fact that u’re naked. i’ve always thought pantsing had some odd undertones though. just don’t get it.

    dude, i name-check this site in ask MJ month/year!

  45. also, i have a motto for the this club.
    u know they are. we should put that on the about page.

  46. i am sooo glad my computer is working now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya perv teacher!!!!!!!!!!

    Theres this kid in my mathe class this year and calls me and one of my best friends bitches all of the time!!!!!
    And then at my school theres this pe teacher whos partualy blind (or so he says) and when he sees a girl in her gym chlothes he looks real close and always touches her lower back and say “your doing ur mountian climbers wrong” And ii am always like Don’t come to me or i kick u so hard in ur croch u wont be able to walk! (of couse i don’t say that) And last year in wait tranning he made me and 3 of my friends do squats aganist the wall and i swear it looked as if we were humping the walls!!!!!!

    every year someone tells and they do nothing about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And ya New book like now!!!!!

    Wow tha was a long post!!!!!!!

    Go to my blog by scotts name

    14. It would have beter myths that new moon and eclipse!!!!!!!!!!

    14 fawsome resions

  47. Poor you!! Geesh!! THat sounds horrible

    This guy who likes me (and he’s a hunk too) he asked me for gum, and then told his friends that I was his b#$%^!!! I was like Excuse, ME!! And I slapped him. His friends are now with me. They were all like, dude he’s such a player. And his own guy friends dumped him.

    Does anyone else think that guys are easier to talk to then girls sometimes?


  48. yes. or cool guys are. a lot of guys are morons. but girls are so…bitchy. guys tend to have better taste in music and also know what i’m talking about more often. they also get my sense of humor more. is that sad? or maybe the girls i know just don’t like zombie apocalypses.

    ha ha! u show him Kadie-wa!

    and perv gym teachers are the worst kind. *shiver*
    i ahve no good stories like that to tell, sadly.
    social life = zero. teachers = boring kind of stupid evil.

    but hey. let’s talk about midnighters! they rock! there should be a fourth one! everyone go name-check this site on scott-la’s blog to recruit and make him WRITE THAT BOOK!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!
    i’m like some kind of zombie internet cheerleader. i should get black pom-poms.

  49. hmmm, zombie internet cheerleader… something to think about for next halloween!!!

    and at my school we have kind of a perv gym teacher. i have him next semester and i’m very nervous about it. i haven’t heard any specific stories, but everyone who had him last told me that he likes to look at the girls who wear really short gym shorts (preps). so, i’m going to overheat from wearing pants!! sounds like fun, doesn’t it? grr-ness.

  50. oops, meant last year, not last. scatterbrain!!!

  51. I know that I totally shouldn’t be saying this, but I liked the Peeps series better then Midnighters. Idk why…

    Theme of the day!!

    I am officially the lunchroom hero.

    LRH (lunch room hero)

  52. at my school hell isn’t a cuss word and teahers cuss all the time.
    Princeples at some of my assemblies have said stuff like you guys are pissing me off or what the hell. it’s not that big of a deal.Mr.odnaled is just like the perv pe teacher u described

    p.s we are reading Romeo and Juliet in la. arts an don’t u think romeo kinda falls in love pretty easy? I mean he loves roseleane so much and after like 3 hours he wants to marry juliet. and he’s so winie

    pp.s sorry i can’t spell

  53. well, i like both midnighters and peeps better than uglies. but i think midnighters wins over peeps by just a little, cuz the ppl are in high school. peep/the last days have better endings though.

    i don’t consider hell a curse word.

  54. UH!!! How can you like them BOTH over the uglies?!?!?!?!? I am soooo totally in love w/ the uglies.

    Hold on, I have to pet my cat.

  55. Ewww, that gym teacher sounds so disgusting. But I actually LOL’d at the squats against the wall thing. :]

  56. OHMYGOSH! i feel bad for all you guys with perv teachs. our shop teacher (and yearbook club adviser, which stinks cuz i really wanted to do it) is such a perv. not quite as bad as yours. but he makes all the girls sit in front. and he drops pencils all the time then makes the girls get up and get them for him while he looks down there shirt! plus…hes just gross. he has really ugly earings. and hes always rubbing his stomach! (which by the way, looks like he is pragnent) hes so wierd.

    and i cant believe the whole pantsing thing. grossness.

    and Kelsey-wa. i like the way you spell “principal”. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😈

  57. sorry, i just like both of them better. not a hardcore uglies fan i guess. sorry.

    we don’t really have anybody like that, just some really sexist teachers who give guys a hard time and girls like an A plus.

  58. Is that a bad thing? lol. My 5th grade teacher was like that. I was her favorite and I don’t know why because I wasn’t even such a great student.

  59. Also, I just reread the humping the walls thing and I sprayed Pepsi all over my keyboard. I’m such a dork. ;]

  60. i was kidding about the uglies. But it bugs the crud outta me when pplz read the first chapter and they say it’s too weird to keep reading.

  61. Does anyone know was dork actually means? read this: I think that’s right…i didn’t copy-paste it just typed it out.

  62. Oh if you click the link read the *etymology* section. I’m not sure if you’ll want to…

  63. i actually do know what dork really means!! my friend found out like, 3 years ago. i can’t remember it exactly right now, but i do know it!!! after she told me, i started calling alot of people dorks. it was fun!!!

  64. lol a really preppy girl at school dressed up as a dork for Halloween and wrote ‘dork’ on her forehead – in sharpie – and i told her what dork meant. She totally freaked out. it was kinda funny. Okay, it was REALLY funny.

  65. hehe. yeah thats gross. i like the “other uses” section. lol. my little brother watches that stupid ed edd and eddy show like every day. i cant believe they put that on there. hehe. thats funny.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  66. ewwww…..i never did like the word dork.

  67. hhhmm…im called a dork at least ten times a day…thats not good. *starts chewing on misfigured thumb nail*

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  68. misfigured. that’s an awesome word. though i’m not sure it’s really a word. i like it anyway, so i choose to make it one.

    people mainly call me things like that behind my back, i suspect. i prefer the all-purpose term “loser”. i can own loser. not so much with dork, geek, stuff like that. i don’t like them. loser has more possibilites.

  69. i think that i am mostly called “wierd”. yep. like 30 times a day at least. i have only ever had one teacher that didnt call me wierd. yep. hehe. i LOVE being called wierd. its the kind of person i am.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  70. freak, freakish, obnoxious, wierd. yeah. i scare my teachers. and make it my mission to drive the really annoying ones insane.

  71. hehe. i fell on my math teacher the other day. usually im really quiet in his class cuz none of my friends are in there, but at our pep assembly yesterday i was trying to get my script back from my friend and i totally freaked him out. it was funnyful. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😆

  72. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like to drive the anoying teachers crazy

  73. hehe. none of my teachers are “annoying” persay. but the one i fell on picks on me a lot. and i dont like it. he thinks im brilliant cuz im top in the class and its 8th grade algebra and im a 7th grader. so whenever he calls on me i answer the question totally rong and it takes him a minute to figure out that i answered rong. then he calls on someone else. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  74. well i’m in like all advanced classes, but i prefer to sit in the back corner with my feet up, throw paper airplanes and obnoxiously correct thier moronic mistakes. like last week in english class.

    me—*playing with plastic flashlight cockroach with back-row friends* only vaguely listening
    total poseur of a teacher—yes, and let’s switch back to this famous Salvidor Dali painting. isn’t it great? i had a poster of it in my collage dorm. It’s name is Melting Clocks.
    me—*skids to stop, spits out imaginary coffe* *under breath* oh no. this guy cannot be that much of an f***ing IDIOT. he cannot actually be voulenteering that as real information. he has to know that that is a total load of bull***t. he must. and he will be called out on it
    me—*out loud* dude. that’s not called Melting Clocks. That’s A Persistance of Memory. What kind of idiot would call thier paining Melting Clocks?
    obnoxius teacher—*looking uncomfortable* Well, Serafina [real name censored out] must be an expert of Salvidor Dali. *uncomfortable chuckle.
    me—*under breath* some expert. i learned that from a VAMPIRE NOVEL you moron. stop lying to children. you should not be allowed to teach.

    wow, random. “Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong…” came on just as i was typing the word vampire.
    don’t you hate it when people totally write off your opinion cuz you’re “smart”. it’s like, you knew the anserw, but it doesn’t matter cuz you’re smart. like, you must spend your spare time studying Salvidor Dali to know more about him than i do. No, no i don’t. i’m just NOT AN IDIOT!

    this particular teacher now refuses to make eye contact with me. like, i ask questions and he anserws them looking at the complete opposite side of the room.

  75. hehehe. brain-missingness. tsktsktsk. Melting Clocks. thats just what everybody calls them.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😮

  76. i know. but like dude, it’s not like someone asked the name. he voulenteered the information. so he was just making s***t up for no reason at all. which means he more than deserves everything i give him.

    like, i refuse to bring my textbook to class. until he notices. we’re supposed to bring this 900 page Pretentious Hole textbook back and forth everyday. i’m like dude, i refuse. and he just hasn’t noticed. for two weeks. and i’ve gotten along fine without it. which proves it’s useless.

    when r u gonna post again, lizzy-wa????
    aww…i gotta go to the supermarket now.

  77. have fun! hehe. i hate supermarkets. i’ll post as soon as i update the face ranks.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  78. and i’m back! but no new postage. i resume my city of bones fanart instead.
    wow, if u read all my posts,it seems like i spend a lot more time on fanart than i really do.

  79. Don’t you just love teachers in all their glory? I have like 1.5 good teachers this year. Which is a record for me.

    I really want to do fanart but I suck at drawing. So instead I photoshop!!

    ok, this is random but has anyone heard of pickleball?

  80. huh? no.

    i tend to hate/disdain all teachers. good teachers are very very rare.

    and i can’t draw faces at all. but draw good. and am moderately good with photoshop.

  81. hehe Serafina that’s one of the things about internet…you can’t hear sarcasm. 😛 I have one good teacher (ELA), and one teacher that is good half the time (Socstudies). The worst teacher i’ve ever had was my substitute last week. She and her 20+ chins were theoretically cannibalistic monstrosities.

  82. hehe. sorry. i made a post and pushed “publish” and it said error and i pushed back and it was gone. now im in the process of reriting. *sigh*

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  83. most of my teachers suck. and that’s what astericks are for! *instant* sarcasm. like, i honestly can’t think of a single good teacher. i have classes i don’t hate, but that’s cuz of the people in them, not the teachers.

  84. ok, i just hav 2 say something. if scott went on tour again, do u think he could come 2 nz??

  85. nz like new zealand?

  86. i wanna go to nz. at least, i wood if i were Scott. hes closer to there anyways.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  87. i wanna go to New Zealand too. it be fawesome. Aussieland be fawesome too.

    ugh, i need to leave the country. i is getting that restlessness again. need airports and tiny planes and living out of suitcase and too many hours in cars and all that.
    is it really sick if i really, deeply love all those things?

  88. omg.. good work, brother

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