CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES HELP. were gonna help Scott. but were gonna make it a contest.

heres how it goes:

  • rite what you think should be the first page of CHASING MIDNIGHT
  • it has to be under 104 words (multiple of 13, and about how many words are in each first page of all the Midnighters books)
  • must be original work (which doesnt make any sense cause it kinda has to be)
  • you have to state the chapter name and time
  • uuuhhh…has to make sense

so thats about it. just put it on your comment.

by the way. the prize will be a top 2 face rank (1 or 2 depending on your current face rank) and a permanent title of your choice. as long as it is not Co-Prez. rite away! hehe.

 Co-Prez OUT! 😈



  1. hmmm….i will think on that. 104 words is SO SHORT!!!
    i will enter. even though my face rank is already number 2 and i’m already Co-Prez. but i will enter nonetheless because i secretly love fanart.

  2. i mean fic. though i love art too.

  3. me no understand. wait, it tis way too late here for me.

    me go sleepy and try again 2morrow.


  4. I don’t think I’m going to try…I can’t. usually my writing sucks.
    But I can say this: the paperback copy of Blue Noon has 110 words on the first page. Unless I miscounted.

  5. aaaah!!! i’m trying, but 104 words is SO SHORT!!!! this is hard!!! i’ll post it soon. as soon as i edit it down to size. so short….so short….

  6. alright its not very good but here it is:

    Andrea bolted upright in her bed and glanced at the clock. 12:00AM. She felt like she’d just been smacked by an angry wave of… what?
    This was the 13th night in a row that she’d been forced awake by this strange wave of nothing-ness. She lifted herself slowly from her bed then stopped. The room was silent, she now realized, very unusual for a Chicago weeknight. And it was too dark. Bright light pollution no longer spilled through her apartment’s window, just an eerie, blue glow. She crept cautiously over to the window and nearly fainted from what she saw.

    i know it sux but i tried.

  7. o and its 99 words by the way.

  8. done! i have finally distilled my genius to 104 words. hope you guys like it. i don’t know if i should even be allowed to enter, as Co-Prez, but this was just too fun to write. check it out. it’s told from the POV of Kirby, my very own Darkling Werewolf, who lives in Broken Arrow and turns into a darkling wolf during the secret hour. and he’s been attacking midnighters….

    Kirby was having another chasing dream. Third one this week. He pursued a blurred figure though in the blue darkness. Caught up. Pounced. Slashed. Attacked.
    Kirby jolted awake then. Panting, he looked across his dark room, lit only by moonlight filtering though the skylight. A digital clock hung on the opposite wall, blue letters announcing it was 1:01 a.m. That was weird. Usually he woke up at—
    A reminder was written on the calendar. Daylight Savings Time came to Broken Arrow Oklahoma on November 4th. Today.
    Which meant Kirby had, like every night he had the dreams, woken up exactly a minute after midnight.

  9. funny how everybody starts with someone waking up.
    that’s pretty good, Bri-la. do u have a chapter title and time? cuz i think you’re supposed to. i put one at least.
    so i guess Andrea’s like a midnighter. i love the idea of a darkling werewolf point of view. so much tearing and biting and midnight and cluelessness.

  10. oops i forgot a title and time. how bout this:
    sKy LiGhTs–12:00AM

    i was thinking Andrea’s bff could be a darkling werewolf. and her special power thing has something to do with stopping the werewolves from being all crazy. hmmm… this could work… mine could be the beginning of the second chapter (except urs is WAAAAAYYYY better). and we’d have to agree on a town. i was thinking chicago because the other three took place in a small town so it would be a nice change of pace. and correct me if im wrong (im probably wrong) but didnt jess move from chicago?? so she would have reason to go back… *hint hint*.

  11. scratch that not sky lights. nIgHt LiGhTs. ch’ya!

  12. yeah, jess moved from chicago. i like Broken Arrow cuz then the ones who stayed could be in it.

    and i think i am following my unhealthy tendancy to develop crushes on my characters with Kirby. did i mention he has pink hair? like a short normal looking 50s guy cut. no gel for the Kirby. and leather wristbands. with spikes. *sigh* i loveth the unnatural hair colors. and werewolves.

    thanks for the compliment! i think it came out pretty good, but i had a major hard time keeping to the 104 words thing.

  13. yes pink hair!! that is fawsome!! (and im beginning to think of a little round nintendo character… heh heh heh) hmmm… that is kinda a delema. cuz no matter what else, midnighters 4 would suk without dess. we need all the midnighters back in it. and i couldnt even tell that u cut out alot. urs was fawsome!! 😉 😀

  14. yeah. combination of Kirby the not-pacman and Kirby a stunt guy on this show i saw once.
    and dess rocks.
    thnks for the major praise! i tend to be long winded (see mega-long posts, ummm, everywhere) so it was hard to cut it down. i like how it came out though. the daylight savings time thing was fun. and timely. lol, lamest joke ever. i go sleep now.

  15. What The?

    Nicole julted out of bed after waking from a nightmare. The clock read 12:00.
    “Uh, midnight. I have to go back to bed, I have a geometry test tomorrow.”
    It seemed like forever before Nicole gave up on tring to go to sleep. She went downstairs to get some water when she noticed something, everything was blue.
    “What’s going on? This isn’t possible. I’m still dreaming.”
    The clock still read 12:00. Nicole was about to panic. She went to see her older sister, Lynne. Nicole went into Lynne’s room.
    “Lynne is still sleeping. I’ll just- hey, she isn’t moving. Lynne ALWAYS moves in her sleep.”
    Nicole went to touch Lynne, and screamed. Lynne was as cold as ice. Nicole ran to her romm. The clock still read 12:00.
    “When will this nightmare end?”
    At that moment, the clock read 12:01.

  16. My story is like the way Extras was to the Uglies trilogy, and The Last Days was to Peeps. Different main character, but still what happened afterward. In later chapters, Nicole finds out she is a polymath (Geometry test) and she also finds out that Nathan (her best guy friend) is a midnighter. He is a mindcaster. He reads Nicole’s thoughts and finds out that Nicole likes Nathan for more than a friend. They fight about it (invasion of privacy) and no longer become friends, until they meet a girl named Jessica Day. Jessica tells them stories of a boy named Jonathan. It turns out that Jonathin is Nicole’s grandfather. Jessica Day becomes really sad to hear that Jonathin is 76 years old. But Jessica gets over it when the midnight time is disturbed (again). It’s up to Jessica, Nathan, and Nicole to save the midnight time. (sorry Dess isn’t in the story, I would have put her in, but then I made Jonathan so old)

  17. P.S. a midnighter werewolf bites Nathan, so now he is one. A mindcaster darkling werewolf. weird

  18. okay, someone plz explain this to me…

  19. fawesome first pages guys. im trying to think of one. i created the contest and i cant even figure out how to enter. hehe.

    really like the whole…new people meeting the old people kinda deelio. and the whole waking up thing. hehe. ya no what i realized? in Midnighters and UGLIES, in THE SECRET HOUR, and BLUE NOON, it starts in Bixby High. in UGLIES, and SPECIAL, and EXTRAS, its starts with heading off to a party crash. and in TOUCHING DARKNESS, and PRETTIES, its starts with clothes. hehe. patterns.

    Kadie-wa. you rite what you think should be the first page of CHASING MIDNIGHT. under 104 words. include chapter title and time. and for fun tell us whats gonna happen in the rest of the book. its funny. everybody kinda smooshed the whole first chapter down to the first page. hehe. smooshing is fun.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😆

  20. wow, perhaps brain-missing of me, but i was rereading The Secret Hour and i figured out that Rex and Melissa and people are juniors…..i never noticed that. unrelated, but makes my other midnighters fanfic make much more sense.
    that’s the epic thing i wrote where i had like jonathan and melissa (and dess, who i had graduating early) come back and crash rex’s graduation with twin midnighters (yes i know, how could that be true. i say it could because some twins are only like 30 seconds apart and yeah) one of whom’s name is Tech and is a polymath dude who’s friends with dess and the other who’s Connor and is a seer who bothers rex (lol that rhymes, sort of) and it turns out that DIFFERENT seers see DIFFERENT LORE! so he sees different stuff, and they figure out there’s a talent where they can bring things in/out of midnight (how they got darklings in there in the first place) and then someone has it and the rescue jess.

    long and unrelated, sorry. maybe i’ll go work on that and post it sometime. ultra-long though.

  21. oh…i suck at writing…i wrote a sci-fi book and it made no sense…*stabstabstab*…i’ll think of something…

  22. First page for the Extras, or Midnighters?


  23. first page for a theoretical Fourth Midnighters With Darkling Werewolves.

  24. the fourth book in the Midnighters trilogy will be fawesome. (I’m gonna start calling series with four books trilogies)

  25. A mindcaster darkling werewolf is in my nonexsistant story. Maybe I’ll write it. Hmm…

  26. When’s the deadline? I’ve got loads of school work 2 do b4 I can start this! Sorry!


  27. ok heres mine

    The Freak Hour

    “I must have been sleeping” Drew told herself again. But that’s not what, um what was her name, oh Ya, Jessica had been saying. This had been the 13th night she had woken at 12:01 with wet clothes and her shoes on.
    The phone rang right then. Drew knew who it was, Cassie. She was Drew’s Best Friend and she had been have the same dreams but with a boy in them who Jessica in her dreams had referred to as Flyboy. This just keeps getting weirder.
    She picked up the phone and said, “I had another.”
    Cassie took a shaky breath, “Me too.”

    104 words exact!!!!!! and tell me who is going to be gudging these?

  28. i think mine sucked!!!!!!!
    it probly did!!!!!!!
    104 words is a realy short amount!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why coudn’t it be 390 word!?!? ( another multipul of 13)

  29. 104 words is SOOOO SHORT!!!!

    well, i’m just here to announce my leave of absence….i will probably not have internet access until sometime monday, so yeah. goodbye to you all for the weekend.

  30. have a good weekend trip!!!!!!!

    i am going to colorado 4 thanksgiveing and i probly won’t have internet!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. good luck with the no internet thing.

    CHATER 2 OF CHASING MIDNIGHT IS NOW ON MY BLOG! (With two new characters)

    Note: I have already wrote four chapters, but only two are on my blog, aren’t I evil?

  32. who is testing these or choseing who wins?

  33. how are we telling face rank? i was wondering? ! ?

    i posed some more of my chapter1 on my blog

  34. yeah. Co-Prez-la. hang in there!

    im choosing winners. or maybe we could vote or rate. hhhmmm… and you tell face rank by going to CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB MEMBERS. its in face rank order. i update it every week or so.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  35. Eliza 8:15am

    The halls of West Seattle High were packed with kids. They always were on the first day. Eliza was shoved into her locker. She turned around and pounded on it until it popped open. Lockers weren’t her thing. A guy slammed into the locker to her left and it swung open.

    “Nice techni–” she sputtered to a stop. He was covered in tridecagrams and metal. She almost choked. Apparently the Midnight Chasers were back in town. Second time this month. Like Sean couldn’t handle it himself. Eliza took the sense-missing guy’s shoulder and put on her slyest smile. “Hey. I’m Eliza. Follow me.”

    so…whatta ya think…fawesomeness huh.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  36. kind of weird lizzy-wa, but i liked it. it is a different way i was/am taking it.

    P.S. chapter 4 of Chasing Midnight (my version) is now up.

  37. thanx. i’ll go read it.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  38. When is the deadline?!?! I’ll try to write mine this weekend, but I really need to know the deadline!


  39. uuuhhh…the 13th of november. yepyepyep. thats the deadline. got that everybody? and if you decide you dont like yours before that, feel free to change it.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  40. Lizzy-wa, whenever you say yepyepyep you remind me of that little whatever-it-was from the land before time. I was wondering if you actually got it from there or made it up.

    The 13th is Monday, right? How will the winner be chosen?

  41. i really like your story bri-la. its really good.

  42. hehe. no Allie-wa. i just say that for no reason. but now that you mention it, it does sound like her. the little dinosaur girl. whats her name…oh yeah! Ducky. yepyepyep. hehe. i didnt even realise i was saying that. its habbit. hehe. habbit. hobbit.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  43. Otay. thanks for the date!

  44. why thank u vicky!! can we enter 2 entries??? o well im gonna anywayz.

  45. hehe. sure. two entries are fun!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  46. ok here is my second attempt. i tried to make it more like in real books so it cuts off at the end. i promise to finish the chapter and then it will be posted on fanlib. ok here u go:

    2:37 AM

    He didn’t know where he was. He could barely remember his name. Glancing at the sky he saw the summer morning sunlight just beginning to peak out behind the skyscrapers. Two things dominated his mind, pushing away all other thoughts, memories, or knowledge. The first was his dream, which continued its constant replay in his head. Sprinting, chasing something through a eerie blue haze. It had been dark and fuzzy, yet there was still a sense of razor edged clarity to it all. Goose bumps still covered his skin and his breathing was ragged. He had been having the same dream…

    check out fanlib (not yet because i still have to finish and post it) for the rest!

  47. wow. Bri-la your so fawesome. that was like…amazing. your a good riter. im a pretty good riter, but i suck at expository. i mean i get full points an all, but its always just so BORING!

    -Co-Prez OUT! :-9

  48. ok its up now. go to and do a fandom fast find for midnighters. i think it should be there, although it said it might take up to 15 minutes for it to show up on the site.

  49. thanks!!i dont really like riting expository but i guess im good at it cuz i got an A+ on my first essay of the year and my (mean, butthead) language arts teacher actually pulled me aside and was all like “omg that was amazing and you should totally be a riter wen u grow up and that was like the best thing i ever read…” etc. it was just an essay comparing two short stories. but whatever. i thought ur chapter was pretty fawesome 2!!

  50. hehe. thanx! thats funny. did your (mean, butthead) language teacher actally say OMG. cause that wood be really funny.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  51. ya it would

  52. i am writing more on my midnighter chapter 1! Can u post more to add on? cause if u can then i am! cause i could do it so it is 104 words each day?

  53. ha ha ha. no. my language arts teacher wouldn’t get caught dead saying omg (then again if she was dead she probably wouldn’t be saying anything…) im sure she said it in a much more mature civilized way but thats pretty much what she meant (i think). hehehe

  54. your stories just keep getting better bri-la. and i totally agree with lizzy about the “you should be a writer when you grow up” 🙂 i like to compliment people(except my friends)

  55. ok, here’s mine

    11.59 pm

    Alexis curled up in a huddle of despair, one eye glued on the second hand of her alarm clock. Ever scince her mum died, the only thing that had ever come to comfort her was that wondrous bliss of the blue dream. It had come without fail at midnight exactly from the day they held the fueneral, and with it, that wonderful floating feeling. It was like any other superhero dream where she could fly, but more real somehow. The strange dark moon just erupted out of the sky, and time itself seemed to freeze, and she went, dancing over rooftops as gracefully as any bird.

  56. ok, that was really hard. who knew 104 words was so short???

  57. oooooooo i luvs lotti-wa!! it was poetic and intense. very creative. 😉

  58. I love it!!!! I like all of them. i have to do mine…

  59. Someone help me! westerblog is totally not letting me post at all, it was doing that b4 i left too….any advice????? That is, it THIS post works….

    i like your chapter, Co-Prez. someone who didn’t start out with someone waking up…though i am one of those irrational people who doesn’t like it when secret societies are revealed. what can i say? i like to keep them to a greedy small group. often one of my breaking points for a book, when the rest of the world discovers the secret underworld

    also liked (lotti, was it?) who did the acrobat-grieving one…very cool.

    and your darkling werewolf-ish second entry too, bri-la

    maybe i’ll write another one too…..

    hey lizzy-wa, when you post the winner (tommorrow, i guess, or sometime next week or month or whenever) you should gather all the entries together in a post, cuz there’s not that many and it’d be cool to read them all in a row.

  60. that was really good lotti. i like how she is an acrobat. im too lazy to rite mine and i’m not that good of a riter. i rite really boring stories. and the deadline is tomorrow, so yeah. 😉

  61. hey Serafina. 🙂

  62. the deadline is tomorrow… should i write another one…

  63. Weirdness
    12:00 (noon, not midnight)

    “Hey Yvonne. I like you’re shirt.” Amanda said as she was about to sit down at her lunch table.
    “Hey! I am not a know-it-all!” Yvonne yelled at Amanda.
    “I didn’t say that! All I said was that I liked you’re shirt.”
    “I Guess I did.”
    “You asked if I read your mind, and I answered you.”
    “I never said that. You ARE reading my mind- I gotta go!”
    “What was that about?” Zack asked as he sat down.
    “I have no idea…” Yvonne answered him.

  64. my second one isnt ass good as my first one, but at least it doesnt star with someone waking up…

  65. whoops! i meant as good not ass good! sorry

  66. 😆 Something like that happened to me, except not ass good. One time one of my friends sent me one of their poems, and in my reply to her I said “It is God” instead of “It is good”. She was really confused until I explained.

  67. lol it is god. i always wanted someone to say that about my writing.

    i see a plague of ass goods instead of as goods.

    hey, allie-wa.

    now i go switch computers to see if wordpress westerblog hates that one less and to work on my city of bones fanvid to win an ARC of City of Ashes!!!!!! i don’t think i’ll enter again….or maybe i’ll enter my old fanfic….i think i will do that. the rex one.

  68. ok this is really off-topic but on myspace it would be really funny/bad if there were 2 people on myspace befriending teenage girls, pretending to be a teenage girl, and they met each other on myspace, befriended each other, then decided to meet each other in real life. But what they don’t know is that they are both planning to kidnap whoever they befriended. When they meet they see that they are both actually child molesters. That would be like so weird.

  69. ummmm….that’s random, allie-wa. and sometimes stuff like that happens, like how people are actually undercover cops or working for Dateline and they meet other undercover cops or something.

  70. okay, well here’s my second entry cuz i’m bored. it’s the beginning of some old midnighters fanfic i had lying around….Rex’s POV comes strangely easily to me…so does Melissa’s. but despite liking Dess the most, writing as her isn’t as easy.
    this isn’t really all of it cuz it’s reallly long and not finished yet. perhaps, one day, i shall post it all. but it’s 947 words already and not even started yet. this’ cut wierd cuz of the 104 words thing, so i cut out a few adjectives and this was the nearest cutoff. wish i could post it all. maybe i’ll work on it some more now….

    Rex Greene fidgeted in his ugly red polyester robe as he stood listening to a boring speech in the Bixby High School field. The valedictorian whined on about how fondly they would always remember this school, and Rex had to stop himself laughing, focusing instead on the tassel hanging from his unbelievably uncomfortable hat. It was blurry, just an inch beyond the lens of his glasses, and his eyes were squinted half shut anyway, against the obnoxious noon brightness in the cloudless Oklahoma sky.
    So instead of reflecting on how “Bixby High was a friendly gateway into society”, he thought about Melissa and Jonathan.

  71. oh yeah i forgot a time
    11:35 aM

  72. lol i was just rereading them, i like how u use “sly” and “sense-missing” in yours, Co-Prez.
    i’m bored. somebody else post.

  73. Unanticipated Understanding – 4:00PM
    Alex couldn’t wait until midnight. Nothing could compare to the soft blueness and comfortable silence of the strange midnight bliss. One morning several weeks ago, Alex had awaken to a thousand screaming voices. Ever since, silence was golden. At midnight, the golden silence turned out to be blue. Walking home from school, a soft breeze played at the tips of Alex’s hair. The voices were subtle when no one else was around. But then she heard something loud and clear, a voice rising above the rest. I’ll be there at midnight. My name is Jonathan.

    Yay I finally did mine. 🙂

  74. Travling
    by steph-la 🙂
    ok i will try here i go
    Beth stood waiting starting to get worried. It is 11:50 and they haven’t arrived yet. just then a thought popped in her head, “stop it we’re going to make it.” Good, I need to see Jess again I miss her.
    The car stopped in front of her.
    “This better work. If it doesn’t and I get hurt. Who knows what I’ll do.”
    “It will take 3 days to get back to Bixby.” i still don’t know why i’m doing this? Mellisa thought to herself.
    “I must admit i have never tried to turn a “normal” person into a midnighter befor.” Rex spoke up.

  75. ahh!! 104 words is so short!! I need words to explain. It’s so choppy and cuts off at the end.

    Oh, and Alex is a girl (as hinted by the “she”).

  76. wow that is soooo short serafina mine was 104
    you should have made it a bigger multipe of 13
    i could have made it a lot longer 😥
    i need to explain but not enough room
    can you put a ” inside a ” ❓

  77. i might make another one
    should i ❓
    man that will be really hard

  78. i gtg so byby will go read my new book it is called life as we knew it
    it is good so far
    but i am only on page 9 so byby
    steph-la over+out kiss kiss 😉

  79. i forgot my time it is as it says in my story 11:50

  80. One of my friends has read that book. She said it rocked. I was going to read it but I kept forgetting. But I might rad it now that I think about it. Isn’t it that one about the moon and the tides and the apocolyptic earth? hehe. I like reading books like that. Like The City of Ember books. They have a fawesome storyline.

  81. so many stories. hehe. i think we will have a vote. unfortunately there is no way i no of to just have a poll, so we will just have to say who we want to win.

    but these stories are SOOOO fawesome! woodnt that be so fool if Scott used one of these! except he cant in fear of being sued. *sigh*. but they are so fawesome. its so fun reading them! ok. we’ll go by the clock on here. so you have like 10 and a haf more hours to submit i guess.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  82. hmm…I was thinking that maybe you could have a post with all the stories on it, with numbers, and people put the number of the story that they like the best in the comments. And no other comments except to vote. And then after 24 hours, the person with the most votes wins! Except you can’t vote for yourself.

  83. will this comment work now? (following allie-wa’s advice and removing link)

    awwww….but i’m so awesome. i want to vote for myself. jk. i like the poll idea though….

    which book is post-apocalypse? i love post apocalypse! dystopias of any flavor!
    once again i’ve finished all my books to read…this week finished Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, and Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith. all were awesome to varying degrees, Unwind the most.
    anybody have any other recs like that? i’m always looking for more books. urban YA fantasy the most.

  84. yes! it worked!

  85. huh? what worked?

  86. my post. wordpress was eating them for a while.

  87. oh, i like yours, allie-wa. i always luv mindcasters. and i like serafina zane’s too, with rex graduating 🙂

  88. and thank you bri-la, i luvs yours too, it be so fawesome, and abstractly spooky…:)

  89. oh no! muntarded smiley!!!

  90. mindcasters are fun.
    and those graduation robes are worse than straightjackets. i think i still like my first one better though.
    lotti, yours was the acrobat one, right?

  91. here is my second one

    The chase

    Josh kept a steady pace he was much faster than this Jessica girl. She had some sorta light in her hand and had tried to hurt him last night. So, tonight he would have his revenge.
    He could hear when she fell a new she was unable to get up.
    Ha ha. Here is my chance. He thought to him self.
    Lord, was he hungry. He needed her pain to feed him. She was nothing but his prey. She had no one to save her now. His stomach growled knowing it’s next meal wasn’t far away.
    Excited, he swiftly went in for the kill.

  92. do u like it? Josh is a darkling werewolf.

  93. yea, mine was the acrobat one… 🙂

  94. I have another one, but it is not good at all… 😉

  95. i’m gonna do 1 more

    The meeting

    Jonathan Couldn’t wait to see Jessica. She was still his girlfriend. And he always would only have one hour a day with her.
    Stop thinking about it. He told him self as he, Melissa, and Dess reached the meating site.
    “Oh My God,” Melissa said “come out here and give my a big hug!”
    “What? Who is it?” Dess asked.
    “It’s me Dess . Who else is allowed to give Melissa hugs?” Rex Greene said, as he walked out of the forest. “You haven’t gone soft on me have you?” Rex asked Melissa.
    Oh great! Rex is back! He thought. “Hello, Rex.”
    “Hello, Jonathan.”

  96. i posted these @ 10:26 my time so am i still in the dead line?

    Cause i am in my time zone?!?!

    i hope so!!

  97. my two new ones w/ josh and johnathan are like almost one before the othe. they were all meeting because they tought there was a darkling werewolf and that night they saw josh. and w/ josh it is the next night @ midnight.

  98. i am like so bored and i don’t no how many u can enter so i gonna write moore …..

    longing for the blue

    It was almost time for the blue dream. She thought happily as she drifted to her window.
    She hoped her friends would come back in this dream, and hopefully not, what had they called that big cat, oh ya, psycho-kitty.
    She had found comfort in these dreams up until last night, when her best friend, Beth has disappeared. For some odd reason she had come to the decision that it had something to do with her dreams.
    She sat down on her bed quietly as she longed for that thread of hope she still had in the blue time.
    Right then, it flashed.

  99. hunter and prey

    Though Alice Ran and ran she could still hear the thoughts of her attacker. She was Prey and he was going to kill her.
    Lord, she hoped not.
    All she could do was keep running. As fast, furious, and speedy she could get.
    She had been running for about fifteen minutes when she fell and knew she couldn’t get up. He had caught up to her and she was sure to die. She could hear her attacker’s thoughts on how to go for the kill. And before she knew it he was next to her.
    OMG! It was her boy-friend.
    Suddenly she was flying!

  100. ok time for bed and i swear it is 10:51 in my time zone so can u please count those i just submitted? it would be fair wouldn’t it?

  101. hmmm. hey lizzy, if you didn’t rite anything can you still vote for who you think has the best story. cause i definitely know who i want to vote for. 🙂

  102. yours is really good sophie-la. i like the darkling werewolf point of view. i would have written something, but i was too lazy. your guys’s stories are really good.

  103. hey, sophie-la. the contest runs til midnight 2morrow on the wierd web page time zone, i think. so it’s only 4 am there, and u can enter til it sez midnight there. i think.

    i love all the darkling werewolf POVs. i had fun writing mine. perhaps i go write fanfic now. probably for city of bones though, because i want that ARC

  104. im gonna go to sleep now. i have to go to school. 🙄 its only 8:45pm over where i live.

  105. PREPERATIONS 12:00am

    “Idiosyncratic,” she whispered to the screw. She sighed. Alex had been reading all night and midnight was almost over.
    “Hey Sydney. When do you think he’ll be done? Gosh, he takes longer than Rex.” Dess was by her side. She just shook her head. Ever since the news last night she hadn’t been able to get any sleep. “Are you done naming. We have to leave soon.” Sydney nodded and called to Alex. They were supposed to meet Melissa tomorrow at midnight. She was clear over in Tennessee and they had to take the bus. They were gonna have to start out immediately.

    so…you like? they just discovered major darkling suspicions and have to go help Jess and Jonathan cause theres too many for Jess to handle. pretty fawesome huh?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  106. pretty fawesome! luv idiosyncratic 🙂

  107. i hav another one:

    12.00 pm

    The dark moon rose, strangely luminous against the blue-tinged midnight sky. A dark shape crouched between two trees, half-hidden by the decorative bushes lining the road. Sam shivered with pleasure. The flame-bringer was easy prey without her acrobat friend. The lack of wind in the blue time brought the scent of her flesh close to him, and he crept a little closer. His hunger would be satisfied tonight.
    He loved this part of the chase, the hunting. It felt so good, so right, even when that tiny part of him remembered being the hunted. When he used to be one of them.

  108. nice. wonder what time it is now in the wierd post time zone. when r u gonna post all the entries together with the poll, lizzy-wa? i wanna see em all.

    hmmm….should i write a third one? i dunno….perhaps. perhaps.

  109. You know what’s really bogus?? Copying 10 sections of notes. I have done that. And more…and now I have to finish…and then read 20 minutes…then fill out a sticky note (super sized) about what I read…then do TWO stupid news articles this week instead of just one…then practice my stupid instrument…then watch Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy (they go hand in hand)…then NOT eat dinner…then take a shower and ruin my perfectly straightened hair…then sleep…yeah that’s pretty much my life.

    *I feel I feel like dis is da way I live*

    Ah I love that song. I don’t care if I hate that whole genre of music it’s a fawesome song. It’s so true…

    Grr…I need to charge my iPod. The battery thing is so low that it’s red. But I can’t charge it til Friday. That sucks cause I’m afraid that if I run the battery all the way down it won’t be able to charge back up. It happened to my sister’s mp3. But hers was a different brand, so idk. has anyone else’s iPod ever run all the way down? Like completely uncharged?

  110. i run the battery on my awesome little no-name mp3 player all the time. i listen to it at full volume until it dies a tired death, almost inevitably halfway through a song. the other day it died halfway through a four hour flight and 20 pages before i finished my only book. hell on earth.
    i’m listening to Franz Ferdinand right now. i’m sure you wanted to know.

    my life = school. homework. more homework. frozen pizza. crammed in internet/writing. few hours of zonked out sleep. wake up. school. lather, rinse, repeat.

  111. mmmmmmm frozen pizza. The food I’ve eaten today: 2 whole graham crackers, croutons. Amazing, I know.

    I love loud music. I only ever turn my iPod down if it’s keeping my sister awake at 11:00 at night. Cause we share a room. In a family of 8 people, sharing a room is inevitable. Even if one of them is a baby. No – ESPECIALLY if one of them is a baby.

    I heart internet. Thank goodness for internet communities. And email. I have like 5 different email addresses. I just got AOL last week.

  112. i love the internet.
    i refuse to aknowledge that it is possible to turn down the volume. i’m listening to The Raconteurs right now, and theyre not *that* loud. okay, maybe…
    ha ha i got my own room! and noise isolation heaphones that don’t do that annoying leaking thing where everyone hears what you’re saying.

  113. is the contest still open?

  114. i dunno. Co-Prez hasn’t posted the group poll yet, so i guess. didn’t u already enter twice?

  115. hey everybody. do you guys kno when lizzy will make the poll tho? :mrgreen:

  116. no idea.

  117. rite now…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😮

  118. and for the record Lotti-la…12pm is noon. just thot id let you no.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  119. yeah. so i guess that it just ended.
    it’s easier in military time where there’s no AM or PM.
    *refreshing and waiting for collection post*

  120. hey lizzy, remember when you said you were going to post pictures of your halloween costume. which was like 4 million light years ago. but when are you going to do that ❓

  121. wat was her costume? was she one of the specials?

  122. more like 4 times

  123. waiting 4 the pole

  124. me 2. the obsessive refressing hath returned.

    yeah, u were the one who enter a lot, didn’t u?

  125. ya i waz bored and so ya….

    now i am writeing a short story w/ vampires

  126. yeah lizzy was a special. actually, she was dess, the special mannequin. i have no idea about the mannequin part tho.

  127. i was bored so i googled lizzy-wa. and something very interesting came up.

  128. i wrote some stories with vampires last year, but they bored me. actually, vampires are about to show up in my story again pretty soon. but you people don’t want to hear about that.
    right now i’m sorta working on midnighters fanfic

    wat came up?
    oh yea i remember now about that combo special midnighter costume.

  129. I have to get the 130th comment….

  130. yay!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz 130 is a mulitple of 13, of course!

  131. still…waiting…for…the…poll. meanwhile(there’s that word again) you guys should google, lizzy-wa, and see what it says.

  132. hehe. while we’re waiting, roll your head on the keyboard and see what it types. hehe. and post what it types on here. okay me first: kuhygrfedrtfhjuikjuhytrff

    hahahaha. that was awesome. yeah. im bored. :mrgreen:

  133. ok here is what comes up

    ‘“ JVI*KL::::_KJJUHR4

  134. haha. funny. okay im gonna try again.


    wait, sophie-la, did you actually roll your head over the keyboard?

  135. ok i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  136. there were supposed to be more O’s

  137. no one is talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. sophie-la did you actually roll your head on the keyboard tho?

    uetygljhefuheijrhfieriuaiuertibdruthaiyertfavlwkjerhbuavrywtjhjdhvbaieurhje ro fu9ws45kjdfi8d7tq35jhndf7uy9845 .lkae7495 oyu49tb8 w43ou698etb 4oij 9e456i3jvb346j o3ieub 98e47 6oij6np0e8957634u6 h[0er9y8=e38569i 4hijbepiouy0ge486 hp3o4ik6 neproig09er864im 6h

  139. OMG, i was typing a comment and the wordpress thing just ate up my comment. it said i was posting too quickly and i should slow down. what is up wit that

  140. hey, does the mess up the page thing work with wordpress?hmmm. i should try it. okay here i go. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. oh well, guess not.

  141. hey, prt of my comment got cut off

  142. ya mee tooo

    ya i did roll my head but i have a mac computer so my shift keys are diffrent than urs

  143. wordpress does that to me sometimes too.

    i see no poll, lizzy-wa.

  144. ya i want the poll

    Chant (or type with me) PollPolllPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPollPolPoll

  145. i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bord

  146. pollpollpollpollpollpollpollpollpollpoll!!!!!! hehe.

  147. pollpolllpollpollpollpollpollpollpoll

  148. pollpollpoll!!!! okay that sounds really wierd, and kind of inappropiate.

  149. i go to bed n ow!


  150. SOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY! im posting rite now. i had to leave rite after i tiped that to a play my little brother had to do that i was not notified of. doing it rite now.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😮

  151. but where is it??? 😉

  152. i need 2 know!!! ;(

  153. ;(

  154. why isn’t the smiley working???? ;(

  155. ugh

  156. i see no poll, Co-Prez.

  157. still noooooo poll.

  158. Shoot!! Can I please have ONE more day. I will get my entry in today. My cat ran away, and I have been looking for her for DAYS!! I totally forgot!1 Please?!?!?!? Sorry!!


  159. ok really really really sorry! it ate it up and i had to retype it! well…sorry Kadie-wa…but its two late. sorry. 😦

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  160. now i see poll…..but can’t i pllllzz vote for myself? i’m just so awesome.
    but they’re all really good….i’m torn between lizzy-wa’s Midnight Chasers locker one and Lotti’s darkling werewolf one.
    now to go vote.

  161. hey, co-prez, it’s okay if i include the title and the author’s name, rite? cuz there were lots of entries per person and i wanted to show which one i was voting for.

  162. so co-prez, r u really also “i luv the uglies trilogy”? b/c if not, there’s another person signing off Lizzy-wa on the extras spoiler page.

  163. i’m going 2 c Fall Out Boy 2nite!

  164. As in, tonight or last night? b/c I don’t know when you posted that, because of the weird wordpress time. Either, way, I wish I could go *sigh* no one special ever comes to SC.

  165. Fall Out Boy rox 🙂
    thanks for voting 4 me, allie-wa 🙂
    thanks 4 almost voting 4 me, serafina Zane 🙂

  166. hehe. i voted for you bri-la. yours was really good. i would of voted for more people, cuz all of your guy’s was really good, but i can only vote once. so yeah. 😯

  167. as in i just back. very, very awesome. with gym class heroes and plain white ts and cute is what we aim for.

  168. huh? um…Serafina-la you lost me after as in…yeah. well, im totally confuzzled.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  169. ooooooh! i luv gym class heroes!!! 😉

  170. um, i went to a concert last night and fall out boy were the headliners, and gym class heroes, plain white t’s and cute is what we aim for played with them.

    yeah, gym class was awesome! (now there’s a sentance i thought i’d never say. gym class was for several years and still is to an extent the bane of my existance) they did an arctic monkeys cover. made me happy.

    yeah lotti, i couldn’t decide between yours and lizzy-wa’s, but i decided hers (the high school one) over your darkling werewolf one cuz i liked the introducing new protags deal.

    i’m soooooooo sleep deprived….got back after midnight, up at six am.

  171. lol i posted at 11:59!

  172. scheeshz Serafina-la. i dont no if i can tlk to you anymore. something about you is just so… 11:59. and your eyes arent rite.

    hehe. get some sleep tonite!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  173. ha ha. i got a button that says that on it and nobody gets it. actually, today someone was like “wait! it’s like, a minute before midnight! like in cinderella!” and i was like wow, you’re perspective.

    my eyes are awesome. they’re sort of green. which looks cool with purple hair.

    yeah, i got no homework so i go sleep now. well not NOW cuz i’m in school and it’s almost over, but yeah.

  174. perceptive, i mean, not perspective.

  175. hehe. cindyrelly. funnyness…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  176. yeah, i thought that was pretty cool.

  177. mi eyes be blue, but really, really pale, like grey. it means i can’t stand sunlight. ooh, scary-making, means i could be all midnightery. i was born at 11:53… 😉

  178. very foolio. i was born at 5:43. at nite. how lame is that?

    my eyes are brown. with the slightest hint on green. ones greener than the other. but not that green. just barely green if you really look. and the other is darker. with not that much green at all. its pretty kick. some people think its creepy. its from my mom. one of her eyes are blue and the other is a total mix of green and brown. like, the top half is green and the bottom is brown. its really freakish. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  179. you are so 11:53, lotti.

    i was born at 8:43 pm.

    freakish eyes are fun. mine are just sorta green, but only when i’ve got purple hair. sometimes they’re brown.

    oh! i forgot the awesomest part of my story! right, remember the “like cinderella” girl? well we were talking about birth times after that, and she’s like, i was born at 11:59, or 11:49. i’m like, u r so 11:59! and also my new favorite person!

  180. very foolio. was she born in Bixby? she cood be one of those kids Madeline manipulated. hehe.

    Co-Prez OUT! 😆

  181. nah. i’m pretty sure she was born in new jersey. about positive, in fact.
    dude, oklahoma is today’s article of the day on wikipedia.

  182. bored and not writing essays
    13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13

  183. hehe. how any? too bored to count…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  184. even i don’t know…..

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