DECISIONS. its time for the voting. i no none of you are 18 or older…but we’re gonna make an exception.

 i will rite the name of the author up above all of their entries in BIG, BOLD, CAPITAL letters. see? very noticable. at the top of your comment, first thing, you must rite the name of the author for which you wood like to win. (if that makes sense.) in ALL CAPITALS. if you do not have a contestants name at the top of your comment, the VERY TOP!, i will personally delete said comment. yeah, i can be evil. MUAHAHAHAHA! *cough cough spaz attack cough*. sorry. *regains control*.

…NOVEMBER 16 AT MIDNIGHT! ok…thats when voting is done. we’ll probably do another contest for something else two. like covers or sompthin…

oh yeah! almost forgot that you CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!!!!! and i emphasize this thoroughly. let the voting begin!

 oh yeah. only one vote per member. no changing names to vote twice.



Andrea bolted upright in her bed and glanced at the clock. 12:00AM. She felt like she’d just been smacked by an angry wave of… what?
This was the 13th night in a row that she’d been forced awake by this strange wave of nothing-ness. She lifted herself slowly from her bed then stopped. The room was silent, she now realized, very unusual for a Chicago weeknight. And it was too dark. Bright light pollution no longer spilled through her apartment’s window, just an eerie, blue glow. She crept cautiously over to the window and nearly fainted from what she saw.


He didn’t know where he was. He could barely remember his name. Glancing at the sky he saw the summer morning sunlight just beginning to peak out behind the skyscrapers. Two things dominated his mind, pushing away all other thoughts, memories, or knowledge. The first was his dream, which continued its constant replay in his head. Sprinting, chasing something through a eerie blue haze. It had been dark and fuzzy, yet there was still a sense of razor edged clarity to it all. Goose bumps still covered his skin and his breathing was ragged. He had been having the same dream…




Kirby was having another chasing dream. Third one this week. He pursued a blurred figure though in the blue darkness. Caught up. Pounced. Slashed. Attacked.
Kirby jolted awake then. Panting, he looked across his dark room, lit only by moonlight filtering though the skylight. A digital clock hung on the opposite wall, blue letters announcing it was 1:01 a.m. That was weird. Usually he woke up at—
A reminder was written on the calendar. Daylight Savings Time came to Broken Arrow Oklahoma on November 4th. Today.
Which meant Kirby had, like every night he had the dreams, woken up exactly a minute after midnight.


Rex Greene fidgeted in his ugly red polyester robe as he stood listening to a boring speech in the Bixby High School field. The valedictorian whined on about how fondly they would always remember this school, and Rex had to stop himself laughing, focusing instead on the tassel hanging from his unbelievably uncomfortable hat. It was blurry, just an inch beyond the lens of his glasses, and his eyes were squinted half shut anyway, against the obnoxious noon brightness in the cloudless Oklahoma sky.
So instead of reflecting on how “Bixby High was a friendly gateway into society”, he thought about Melissa and Jonathan.



WHAT THE?-12am

Nicole julted out of bed after waking from a nightmare. The clock read 12:00.
“Uh, midnight. I have to go back to bed, I have a geometry test tomorrow.”
It seemed like forever before Nicole gave up on tring to go to sleep. She went downstairs to get some water when she noticed something, everything was blue.
“What’s going on? This isn’t possible. I’m still dreaming.”
The clock still read 12:00. Nicole was about to panic. She went to see her older sister, Lynne. Nicole went into Lynne’s room.
“Lynne is still sleeping. I’ll just- hey, she isn’t moving. Lynne ALWAYS moves in her sleep.”
Nicole went to touch Lynne, and screamed. Lynne was as cold as ice. Nicole ran to her romm. The clock still read 12:00.
“When will this nightmare end?”
At that moment, the clock read 12:01.


“Hey Yvonne. I like you’re shirt.” Amanda said as she was about to sit down at her lunch table.
“Hey! I am not a know-it-all!” Yvonne yelled at Amanda.
“I didn’t say that! All I said was that I liked you’re shirt.”
“I Guess I did.”
“You asked if I read your mind, and I answered you.”
“I never said that. You ARE reading my mind- I gotta go!”
“What was that about?” Zack asked as he sat down.
“I have no idea…” Yvonne answered him.




“I must have been sleeping” Drew told herself again. But that’s not what, um what was her name, oh Ya, Jessica had been saying. This had been the 13th night she had woken at 12:01 with wet clothes and her shoes on.
The phone rang right then. Drew knew who it was, Cassie. She was Drew’s Best Friend and she had been have the same dreams but with a boy in them who Jessica in her dreams had referred to as Flyboy. This just keeps getting weirder.
She picked up the phone and said, “I had another.”
Cassie took a shaky breath, “Me too.”


Josh kept a steady pace he was much faster than this Jessica girl. She had some sorta light in her hand and had tried to hurt him last night. So, tonight he would have his revenge.
He could hear when she fell a new she was unable to get up.
Ha ha. Here is my chance. He thought to him self.
Lord, was he hungry. He needed her pain to feed him. She was nothing but his prey. She had no one to save her now. His stomach growled knowing it’s next meal wasn’t far away.
Excited, he swiftly went in for the kill.


Jonathan Couldn’t wait to see Jessica. She was still his girlfriend. And he always would only have one hour a day with her.
Stop thinking about it. He told him self as he, Melissa, and Dess reached the meating site.
“Oh My God,” Melissa said “come out here and give my a big hug!”
“What? Who is it?” Dess asked.
“It’s me Dess . Who else is allowed to give Melissa hugs?” Rex Greene said, as he walked out of the forest. “You haven’t gone soft on me have you?” Rex asked Melissa.
Oh great! Rex is back! He thought. “Hello, Rex.”
“Hello, Jonathan.”


It was almost time for the blue dream. She thought happily as she drifted to her window.
She hoped her friends would come back in this dream, and hopefully not, what had they called that big cat, oh ya, psycho-kitty.
She had found comfort in these dreams up until last night, when her best friend, Beth has disappeared. For some odd reason she had come to the decision that it had something to do with her dreams.
She sat down on her bed quietly as she longed for that thread of hope she still had in the blue time.
Right then, it flashed.


Though Alice Ran and ran she could still hear the thoughts of her attacker. She was Prey and he was going to kill her.
Lord, she hoped not.
All she could do was keep running. As fast, furious, and speedy she could get.
She had been running for about fifteen minutes when she fell and knew she couldn’t get up. He had caught up to her and she was sure to die. She could hear her attacker’s thoughts on how to go for the kill. And before she knew it he was next to her.
OMG! It was her boy-friend.
Suddenly she was flying!




The halls of West Seattle High were packed with kids. They always were on the first day. Eliza was shoved into her locker. She turned around and pounded on it until it popped open. Lockers weren’t her thing. A guy slammed into the locker to her left and it swung open.

“Nice techni–” she sputtered to a stop. He was covered in tridecagrams and metal. She almost choked. Apparently the Midnight Chasers were back in town. Second time this month. Like Sean couldn’t handle it himself. Eliza took the sense-missing guy’s shoulder and put on her slyest smile. “Hey. I’m Eliza. Follow me.”


“Idiosyncratic,” she whispered to the screw. She sighed. Alex had been reading all night and midnight was almost over.
“Hey Sydney. When do you think he’ll be done? Gosh, he takes longer than Rex.” Dess was by her side. She just shook her head. Ever since the news last night she hadn’t been able to get any sleep. “Are you done naming. We have to leave soon.” Sydney nodded and called to Alex. They were supposed to meet Melissa tomorrow at midnight. She was clear over in Tennessee and they had to take the bus. They were gonna have to start out immediately.




Alexis curled up in a huddle of despair, one eye glued on the second hand of her alarm clock. Ever scince her mum died, the only thing that had ever come to comfort her was that wondrous bliss of the blue dream. It had come without fail at midnight exactly from the day they held the fueneral, and with it, that wonderful floating feeling. It was like any other superhero dream where she could fly, but more real somehow. The strange dark moon just erupted out of the sky, and time itself seemed to freeze, and she went, dancing over rooftops as gracefully as any bird.


The dark moon rose, strangely luminous against the blue-tinged midnight sky. A dark shape crouched between two trees, half-hidden by the decorative bushes lining the road. Sam shivered with pleasure. The flame-bringer was easy prey without her acrobat friend. The lack of wind in the blue time brought the scent of her flesh close to him, and he crept a little closer. His hunger would be satisfied tonight.
He loved this part of the chase, the hunting. It felt so good, so right, even when that tiny part of him remembered being the hunted. When he used to be one of them.




Alex couldn’t wait until midnight. Nothing could compare to the soft blueness and comfortable silence of the strange midnight bliss. One morning several weeks ago, Alex had awaken to a thousand screaming voices. Ever since, silence was golden. At midnight, the golden silence turned out to be blue. Walking home from school, a soft breeze played at the tips of Alex’s hair. The voices were subtle when no one else was around. But then she heard something loud and clear, a voice rising above the rest. I’ll be there at midnight. My name is Jonathan.



TRAVLING-no time 😦

Beth stood waiting starting to get worried. It is 11:50 and they haven’t arrived yet. just then a thought popped in her head, “stop it we’re going to make it.” Good, I need to see Jess again I miss her.
The car stopped in front of her.
“This better work. If it doesn’t and I get hurt. Who knows what I’ll do.”
“It will take 3 days to get back to Bixby.” i still don’t know why i’m doing this? Mellisa thought to herself.
“I must admit i have never tried to turn a “normal” person into a midnighter befor.” Rex spoke up.


thats all of them!

 -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:




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  4. Wait-me change vote. Wait, how many times can we vote? Owell, here’s my second vote, or please change my first vote to this one if we can’t vote twice.

    sErifina Zane-Daylight savings time.


  5. Ohhh, sorry I totaly did that wrong. Here, let me fix what I did. The next post that I do is the right one. Please delete the other stuff!!


    Kadie-Wa (That’s who posted this)

  7. BRI-LA

    loved it!!!!

    -Amy-la was here! :-9

  8. SERAFINA ZANES-LA, it was really good, the rest of you guys did awesome too!


  10. AMY-LA

    What the?

  11. STEPH-LA
    AKA ME 🙂

  12. hey your not allowed to vote for yourself!!! *shakes head in disappointment* o steph-la.

  13. fine i’ll vote for allie-wa
    please stop the head shaking it buggs me soooo much
    i know i am ony allowed to post once but i have a good reason


    idk if i did that right; i have minimal experience w/ HTML format so i probably messed that up. but it’s all in capitals anyway, so w/e. VERY hard to pick just one to vote for, lizzy-wa! can’t we have like 2 votes?…or 3?…or 10 (million)?

    8) secret agent smiley says byes 8)

  15. I actually have a vote!!!!
    Can we vote twice? Can we vote for ourselves? These are the questions that haunt me… 😆

  16. BRI-LA

    both of them rocked!

    all your guyses were fawesome two. i have a vote! WOOOOOOOOOO! ok…this whole only one comment thing isnt working out. so just talk as much as you want. but you can only have ONE VOTE! lots of changing. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀


    (i luv rex) 🙂

  18. i liked Bri-la’s. it was awesome

  19. yeah. they were all fawesome. so many tho.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  20. sorry allie-wa, i luved yours too, with the mindcaster and flyboy, but i could only vote for one, and i luved the graduation idea…

  21. yeah. the graduation was fawesome. who was it that said they were going to KILL DESS?! i officially hate them now. hehe. just kidding. but i did hate them for about 437 jiffys after i read that.

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  22. i think the person who talked about that was mentioning a character named dess, not Dess Dess. thanks to all you people. ooooh….i got five votes.

  23. YAY ME!! i also really luved lotti’s and lizzy-wa’s but we could only vote for 1 so… ya. :p 😀

  24. hehe. decisions…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  25. please post the winner soon. i want to know who i need to beat out in face rank.

  26. aahhh!! i don’t know who to vote for!! im trying to ddecide between…

    Serafina Zane-la’s graduation
    Amy-la’s wierdness
    BOTH of Lizzy-wa’s
    Lotti-wa’s waiting

    dang, thats a lot to choose from….

  27. *LIZZY-WA’S–BOTH OF THEM!!* ^^

    yayz!!! i so wish i wrote one…i was too busy with homework and stuff i didn’t have any freakin’ time. oh well…

  28. hehe. thanx Carls-la! i have too votes! WOOOOOOOOO! hehe. it doesnt matter if i win tho. cause i’ll still have my rank and title. it wood just be fawesome tho to win. but the prizes wood probably go to the first runner up. yepyepyep. hehe.

    Amy-la i cant post the winner til midnite of today. on the clubs funky time zone.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 💡

  29. yay, i hav 1 vote, and three “almost” votes 🙂

  30. WHEN WILL WE KNOW THE RESULTS??!?!?!?!??!?!!??! :O

  31. hmmm….on the club’s funky time zone, perhaps in about two hours.

  32. or only one. we’ll see.

  33. hmmm…wat time is it now?????
    i’ll post and see.

  34. what the hell? why the arbitrary moderation?! i haven’t changed anything and this isn’t the first time i commentede on this computer today?!

    hmmm…20 minutes?

  35. ALLIE-WA’S

    want to vote b4 it closes. that’s in like, what, 10 minutes? i don’t even know.

  36. ok, maybe not. it closed 48 minutes ago. got to remember, 5 hours ahead!!! not 4!! well, no one posted the winner yet, so maybe my vote could be counted?? *hint, hint* whatever.

  37. i dunno where Lizzy-wa is. i guess it closed a while ago. still keep voting! (as long as you vote for ME. jk.)

  38. hehe. yeah its over. but i’ll still count it. about to post the winner…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  39. lol i just realized what suprised me about Lizzy-wa’s entries—everything was spelled right! it’s all different from how u talk in the comments.

  40. y the moderation?

  41. hehe. yeah. cuz i type it all on word (with a very annoying a stupid automatic spell fixer) and then copied and pasted. *sigh*.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  42. spell check sucks. i hate it.

  43. tell me about it! i love the little squigly red line! but when the stupid computer says im talking rong, thats where i draw the line!

    -Co-Prez OTU! 😡

  44. stupid green lines *growling*

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