RESULTS. here are the results for the contest…im doing it like Miss.America pageants…

fourth runner up!       Amy-la!

second runner up!         Lizzy-wa! and Allie-wa!

first runner up! if the winner cannot fulfil her duties, this person will win the title and all prizes…          Bri-la!




Kirby was having another chasing dream. Third one this week. He pursued a blurred figure though in the blue darkness. Caught up. Pounced. Slashed. Attacked.
Kirby jolted awake then. Panting, he looked across his dark room, lit only by moonlight filtering though the skylight. A digital clock hung on the opposite wall, blue letters announcing it was 1:01 a.m. That was weird. Usually he woke up at—
A reminder was written on the calendar. Daylight Savings Time came to Broken Arrow Oklahoma on November 4th. Today.
Which meant Kirby had, like every night he had the dreams, woken up exactly a minute after midnight.


Rex Greene fidgeted in his ugly red polyester robe as he stood listening to a boring speech in the Bixby High School field. The valedictorian whined on about how fondly they would always remember this school, and Rex had to stop himself laughing, focusing instead on the tassel hanging from his unbelievably uncomfortable hat. It was blurry, just an inch beyond the lens of his glasses, and his eyes were squinted half shut anyway, against the obnoxious noon brightness in the cloudless Oklahoma sky.
So instead of reflecting on how “Bixby High was a friendly gateway into society”, he thought about Melissa and Jonathan.


 she will recieve the top most face rank. but only for a week. then when i update them again she will be where ever she is according to the commenting. so she cood still be the most famus. she will also recieve whatever title she wants. altho i think Co-Prez is the fawesomest already. just sayin. CONGRATS!

 -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. Go Serafina Zane-la!!!!!!!!!
    i voted 4 u, appreciate me

  2. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  3. OMG!!! first runner up?! YAY!! urs was so good serifina zanes-la i knew u wood win!! (and i voted for u too 😀 ) but still… wow first runner up… 😀

    thank you to you all. without you, i would be nothing. and some of yours were really awesome too!!!!

    just out of curiousity though, i have a question—people who voted for me, which one did u guys like better? i’m partial to the Daylight Savings one, but i like how the other one came out too.

    hmmmm…..can i keep the title Co-Prez but add something more? like…Co-Prez and Midnighter Laureate? or Lycanthropically Inclined Co-Prez?
    hmmm….i shall think this over.

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

  5. :mrgreen:

  6. hehe. sure. just tell me what ya want, your greatfulness! *bows*. “we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!” hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  7. Ahh!!! Congrats, Serafina!!! And I got second runner up! cool.

    And I took some pictures of myself with Special tattoos – I hope I can put them up. Maybe on Photobucket.

    Congratulations, Serafina!!!

    And I can’t wait to watch the Music Awards thing tonight!!!!

    Congrats, Serafina!!!

    Ok that was weird I made a pattern without even meaning to…

  8. hehe. patterns are fawesome. man…i really dont want to give up my first face rank…*sigh*. but i said i wood. about to go change it…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  9. ha! well, i think you’re worthy, Co-Prez. all of you are worthy, because i owe it all to you.

    woah. wierd haikus in my honor. fawesome.
    ooooh…..i wanna see Special tattoos….i posted my melissa pics. don’t have the link, but if you go to and search for people—joy from manhattan or just search midnighters or melissa the mindcaster and find the ones posted by joy from manhattan.

    the face rank is MINE!
    and i think i’d like Co-Presidential Midnighter Laureate, please.

  10. good job serafina, im not supposed to be on here, cause im grounded but oh well 🙄

  11. GO SERAFINA ZANE(S)!!! congrats!

    and although i loved them both, i liked “Graduation” a tiny bit more. i’m not really sure why, but Rex’s sarcastic viewpoint on the ceremony pulled me in. so that was the entry that i voted for…even though we didn’t have to pick a specific entry i did anyway.

  12. yeah me! sorry, just felt like getting that out there. i’m still sick, ugh. feeling a little better though.

    what was really interesting to me was that when i was writing that midnighters fanfic (the one that Graduation is the beginning of) i fit into Melissa and Rex’s POVs the easiest (though u guys’ve only seen the rex part). when i wrote from Dess’ perspective it was actually harder, even though i like her character much more. very odd.
    now i go work on that aforementioned fanfic. the validation has inspired me.

  13. i prefered daylight savings time. it was more fresh.

  14. i liked that one more too, personally. only added the other one as an afterthought.

  15. i like graduation better, i guess it’s because i’d like to begin the book with something happening to one of the old characters… like say… a really funny graduation for rex

  16. YAY!! Congrats!! That’s who I totally voted for.

  17. Me go now.


  18. Huh. My -Wa was _Wa. It’s betta now.


  19. Now, me go bu bi.

    Bu Bi.


  20. WOW! i didnt think i would place! LUCKY ME (and all the people ahead of me, i dont wanna check!)

  21. lol Vicky-la I’m grounded, too!! But, then again, I’m always grounded. b/c I’m just like that (not me, really…)

    Serafina, I looked at your Photobucket pictures. Fawesome! Quick question: why is your name “joy from Manhattan”?

  22. ummm….sort of a randomly long story. inside joke. glad u liked the pics though.

    i’m not grounded and i sort of never have been.

    *still feeling special*

    darn, a bunch of my comments from yesterday on the other computer aren’t showing up cuz it randomly wanted moderation.

  23. YEAH! I voted for you Serafina Zane-la. OHH, im so happy for you, sensi! Yeah, you are now Serafina Zane-sensi, fawesome.

  24. oooh! i like the sound of that. serafina-sensei…….foolio.

  25. ok i admi that mine was not the beat so i will work on it i will post it later though
    steph-la over+out 8) 🙄 i love to use the smlies 😛

  26. YAY!! i have finished chapter 2 and its now up on search midnighters and click on the one by me! 😀

  27. congrats, serafina-la!!!! i didn’t have a chance to write one, because of homework, and other things that complicate life. a while ago i tried to write the whole 4th midnighters book, for my freshman final project, but that idea fell through. and it wasn’t as cool as any of the entries in this contest. i kept the traditional skipping back and forth between original characters in the chapters, hadn’t even gotten far enough to do one from the new characters’ point of view. it also had a really complicated scenerio of jonathan and melissa trying to take jessica along with them when trying to find new midnighters. i have no idea how it would’ve ended. ok, enough rambling for me. it’s sleepy time. grr, two more days of school, then i’m off!!! i wish i had a whole week, like some of you lucky peoples!!!

  28. o that sux tracy-la. i get the whole week off!! 😀
    … but im really bored. and i have homework. that i dont wanna do. 😦

  29. see, my school we got monday and tuesday and half a day wensday.
    same here. bio class has too much work. which is why i’m on the computer.
    i made more midnighters fanfic!

    my school is so bogus. and slightly scary. drug-sniffing dogs came again last week. and you had to get breatha-lyzed to get into the homecoming dance. i mean, i didn’t go, but still. bogus rich-kid stoner town.

  30. The high school in my district is pretty much the same…I’m in the middle school and they bring dogs in.

    Oh, and my news about me will have to wait til tomorrow…its still killing me…for those of you who read my comment earlier today.

  31. oh no, we still hav FIVE WHOLE WEEKS LEFT!!!! 😦

  32. lucky duckys. i only have what Co-Prez-la over here has. a whole week off?! boy i wood love that…

    the most disgusting thing happend today on the bus, a guy that was in the seet RITE IN FRONT OF ME peed in a bottle. on the bus. then he went around showing people. then he pretended to drink it while people took pictures. then he dumped it in the trashcan too seets behind me. i wood have moved up but there were no seats. it smelled so bad. we had to open all the windows and this one girl practically suffocated us with perfume. it was nasty. but quite the bus experience…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  33. eeeewwwww!!!!! that be so disgusting!!!!!

  34. Heylo <3.

    Got the link from Lizza-wa on my wordpress.

    I have indeed read the Midnighters, probably more than any normal person should.

    Congrats on your contest <3.

  35. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  36. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! i think im gonna hurl!! i am sooooooo glad i dont ride the bus. (EWWW!)

  37. OMG that is nasty.

  38. NASTY!! EW EW EW EW EW!!

    Last year, a dude chugged a whole 2 liter thing of coke. He was sitting in the seat behind me. Then, this nice older dude sitting next to me told me to duck. (and he said it EXTREMELY calmly) and then the kid behind me threw up all over me.

    Worst part is is that I was getting off at my friend’s stop for her bday party. Thankfully I was only going to her house early to set up decorations so no one else was there.


  39. MY school is stupid. The High school and middle school had school today and yesterday, but the elementary school kids didn’t have school ALL WEEK!! SOOO unfair!!


  40. Eewwww!!! Nothing like that has ever happened to me, thankfully (thankful at Thanksgiving. original, huh?) But my little sister peed on my dad once after falling down the stairs (14 stairs. She wouldn’t have fallen had it been 13…)

    And having school this weeks sucks. At least everyone in my district had school today instead of just middle and high school.

  41. oooh, that is majorly unfair. at least my district usually all gets off.

    a kid got in trouble in gym class a couple weeks ago cuz he was peeing in a bottle. no idea why—in a bus at least maybe you couldn’t find a bathroom or something.

    congrats, Allie-wa—lucky comment 39!

  42. hehe I didn’t even notice. And at 12:39 – the 12 kind of cancels out the 39. And Vice versa.

    A couple years ago my brothers peed in a bottle, then passed it on to their friends. they all peed in it. then they poured it over my neighbor’s door. It was a conflict between them – they were convinced that the neighbor’s son had thrown water balloons filled with pee at our house, along with rocks and sticks. *sigh*

  43. nasty nasty nasty! 😦

  44. all the nasty things! 😦

  45. again EWWWWW!! why are u guys talking about peeing in bottles?!? i really dont get it. thankfully i have never a)had to watch someone pee in a bottle b)been thrown up on. although in kindergarten the girl sitting across from me threw up all over the table. and o! o! the other day my little brother (he’s 9) had a panic attack before school because he forgot to get his reading log signed, and then our babysitter didn’t know what to do, so he started off to school and he threw up on the side of the road. and i was taking a sick day, so he got to stay home. but he had to make sure he got to school by lunch time b/c he REALLY wanted to do math. o my word. my brother is such a dork. (lmbo) 😛

  46. so many nasty stories. and for the record, i didnt actally see it. only the guys sitting around him did. then told me. still really nasty. he got kicked off the bus. or at least suspended…

    hehe. yeah Bri-la. i kinda like math. but i woodnt mind missing it. only cause its with 8th graders. they intimidate me. everyone in the class is at least a foot taller than me. *sigh*. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  47. omg! ur in double excele math?! ME TOO! cuz ur in 7th grade right?? im in 8th grade and we only have 15 ppl in our class. actually math is probably one of my favorite classes cuz my teacher is really cool/funny.

  48. EWW. Thats gross with the pee in the bottle. did your house smell after that. And shareing the bottle. Gross. EWWWW!

  49. hehe. nastyness…

    foolio Bri-la! yeah. i wish i had a thing like that. my friend does in another scool close to me. but we dont have it in our scool. there arent enough smart people for that. its just me. and i have to go to algebra with the 8th graders…and PE with the 6th graders. that part kinda really stinks…a lot…especially cause im not coordinated like that and i stink at sports. we played kickball the other day and i was amazed i made it all the way around. like seriously…i was shocked…hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  50. :p …sixth graders. i luv kickball! except when its windy and the stupid guys catch my fawesome kick 😦 . in 7th grade i had to have math with the 8th graders (i was smarter than most of them too) but this year we got lucky because 8th is the highest grade at our school, so we got to be in a class by ourselves. 😀

  51. i hate kickball and all other baseball-derived sports. i am NOT a gym class person.

    and i’m in advanced math so my class is full of sophmores, but i’m not actually in the smart advanced math, i’m in the just kinda sorta advanced math, so they’re not like really smart so yeah. i love that class because it’s the first time since sixth grade i haven’t been failing in math, so i just sleep the whole time. awesome. i hate math though.

  52. hehe. i sleep in maths too. snore… 😉

  53. it’s kinda fun. i can no joke totally fall asleep and the teacher doesn’t notice. soooo oblivious. and i’m like practically in the front row too.
    spend most of the time cleaning out my fingernails with guitar picks and drawing millions of lightning bolts in my notebook though. gets odd looks from the kid next to me. as does covering entire pages with arctic monkeys lyrics.
    actually, i get nothing BUT wierd looks. from everyone.

  54. i get wierd looks from everyone too, cuz i do midnighters doodles everywhere. the mindcaster symbol is currently my favourite, although i’m starting to go for polymath again. i also tend to write out paragraphs from the uglies series without spaces between the words, so they end up looking something like this:


    i’ve written that one out so many times, i know it off by heart. all of this gains me mega-wierdness points. *sigh*

  55. yay, i got a super-long comment!

  56. hehe. I said the first sentence of Uglies one day in the car w/ my mom (it was at sunset) and she was like “what?” And I’m like “don’t you know what that’s from?” and she didn’t know!!! She has read Uglies.

    She started reading Midnighters. Just to see if it is demonic. She has a real problem. No offense.

    One day in math I was doodling on my paper instead of writing notes (like I always do) and I drew a really elliptical circle that looked like a hot dog, so i wrote “HOT DOG” in giant bubble letters. Then i drew wings on the hot dog. The people around me in that class now think I am very, very strange.

  57. wow, that’s pretty crazy. i can’t believe u actually have it all memorized and stuff. that’s hardcore.
    sometimes i do stuff like that, like the day extras came out or on halloween when i was dressed as melissa.
    for me though, most of the time it’s song lyrics. random song lyrics of whatever i have stuck in my head. and i ALWAYS have something stuck in my head. or eight songs at once, overlapping.
    or stuff with my own stories. like, i cover entire pages in plot planning in such bad handwriting even i can’t read it and i’m just like, huh? why did i want to move this paragraph to 64? there aren’t even 64 pages!
    (i eventually realized the 6 was a b)
    or i cover entire, and i mean ENTIRE pages in nothing but lightning bolts. i’m like that.
    or i draw random stuff like Medusa or pyramids or stuff like that.

    here’s what my notebook looks like (imagine this going all the way up the page, in tiny unreadable handwriting along the edge and cool spiky letters)
    Despair to the point till they provoke
    The punchline before they have told the joke
    The sheer desperation to be scene/seen
    Staring at the television screen
    Despair to the point where they provoke
    You to tell the f*cking punchline before you have told the joke
    Sorry sunshine it doesn’t exist
    It wasn’t in the top 100 list
    And it’s the thousandth time and it’s even bolder,
    Don’t be surprised when you get bent over,
    He told ya, that you were gagging for it
    She saw it and she grabbed it and it wasn’t what it seemed
    The kids all dream of making it, whatever that means
    Another variation on a theme
    A tangle on the television and the magazine
    D’you reckon that they do it for a joke?
    D’you reckon that they make ’em take an oath?
    That says “we are defenders
    Of any poseur or professional pretender around”
    When did your list replace the twist and turn?
    Ah the fist, replaced the kissed-on concern
    And if you’re bothered, I don’t want your prayers
    Save it for the morning after
    And it’s the thousandth time and it’s even bolder,
    Don’t be surprised when you get bent over,
    He told ya, that you were gagging for it
    Lets have a game on the Teddy Picker
    Not quick enough can I have it quicker?
    Already thick and you’re getting thicker
    Lets have a game on the Teddy Picker
    Not quick enough can I have it quicker?
    Already thick and you’re getting thicker
    Asuming that all things are equal,
    Who’d want to be men of the people
    When there’s people like you?

  58. wow, that song just came on as i posted that superlong thing. but really, that’s my notebook in a nutshell.

    allie-wa, i think your mom is crazy. demonic. NOT!

    and i think i’ve convinced my math class of that long ago. u meet me for the first time and i’m tapping two completely different rhythms (pen and foot) humming something odd, smiling and laughing at nothing, drawing interlocking lightning bolts and falling asleep.

  59. being you sounds fun.

  60. hehe. Co-Prez-la your so wierd. i love it!

    i dont fall asleep during math. my teacher wood notice. and are desks are set up wierd so there are like three people faces rite at me. *sigh*. besides. i kinda like math. not so much math CLASS. infact, i REALLY dont like math class. but i like math. the thing. not so much doing worksheets or homework. but patterns. i LOVE patterns. i love numbers. i love figuring out things that nowon else can figure out. and i LOVE math puzzles. i rock at them. dont no why.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  61. im wierd like that. i act pretty normal in math. but in all my other classes, i get the most freaky looks ever. its so much fun!

    i mean. its not like im doing anything THAT wierd. i just walk around without shoes on, hum christmas song nomatter what time of year it is, draw pictures of my best friend Fern on my hand in sharpie, and try to do balancing tricks with my pencil. not THAT odd rite? hehe.

    that reminds me. one time, i got to scool in these new jeans rite? and i walked around for about half a day. then at lunch my friend says “are there tags on your pants?” and i realized i hadnt taken them off yet. total shame-making. hehe. so then i go to pull the tag off the back, cause thats where tags usally are. but then it wasnt there. the tags were in the front…kind of…i realized then that i did not only go around all day with tags on my pants, but my pants were backwards. hehe. dorkiness.

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  62. you. wore. your. pants. backwards. *laughing*
    and you think I’M wierd.

    it is fun to be me. i started cracking up, and i mean completely bursting into laughter the other day and everyone just stared at me. but it was because something happened that was just like the beginning of one of my stories. like, the weather was the same, they both took place in math class, and kid who sits next to me (and whose name is only 2 letters different from the character in the story) was doing the exact same thing, and it was just impossibly funny for reasons no one understood.

    i love sharpies. i spend entire classes drawing on things with sharpies. entire weeks, in fact.

    hmmm…i had another great story to tell but i forgot it.
    and i won’t even get started on my GEPA testing experience, when i was locked in a room full of stoners (the alphabet dislikes me) just after i’d gotten an idea to start my new story (the same one mentioned above, actually) and was laughing about nothing (a commmon occurace actually) well about my fawesome story really, and humming the stars and stripes forever and tapping my pencil really loud and counting for tridecalogisms and generally wierding people out.

    that’s my job.

  63. hey! dess doesn’t have a last name, does she? cuz i’m writing my story and graduation goes alphabetically….what should i use? i’m thinking fuse. desdemonda fuse. rolls off the tongue.

  64. desdemona fuse… i like it! 🙂

  65. every one go to this webpage now its the best!!!!!!

  66. yeah…it’s an extras reference within midnighters fanfic!
    i! am! a! loser!

  67. omg dude, Lizzy-wa, u should post this like you did with the nine kinds of fawesome. here i go.

    i’m rereading The Secret Hour cuz i’m a loser midnighters freak (and i finished all the library books in the house: wildwood dancing and almost done with maddigan’s fantasia. timon! you’re so cool yet evil yet creepy yet awesome!) but any-way….i’m reading Midnighters 1. and there’s this little exchange on page 230, which i recount here.

    “”And that means,” he [Rex] said slowly, “that they only hunt about once a month. Like a werewolf in mythology.”
    “Exactly. That must be where the whole full-moon thing comes from. Except darklings hunt once every 3.571429 weeks, not every four. But who’s counting?””

    see that? DARKLING. WEREWOLVES. and they’re CANON! CANON DARKLING WEREWOLVES! they have a whole paragraph. they deserve to have a whole book. a fourth midnighters book. with darkling werewolves. it’s already been proved that darklings are the source of werewolf myths. let’s get a little more literal.

    and, you know Mr.Westerfeld, there’s this secret meaning to the word “trilogy” i’d like to inform you of.

  68. that is soo coolio!!!!!!!!

    Ya there is the secret meaning of “trilogy” in Scott’s books

  69. i am soo bord !!!!!!

    hey lizzy-wa how do you tell face rank?

    Sooooo bored

  70. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(this is taking forever)ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  71. go 2 the “Chasing Midnight Werewolves Club Members” page for the face ranks.

    trilogy = four.

  72. You are not alone. Boredom sucks. Majorly.

  73. yea, that’s why i post here every day. because im bored and there’s NOTHING else to do 😦

  74. boredom does suck. i’m always bored. which is why i write/post/think so much.

  75. speaking of boredom…

    yesterday, my dad and little brother whose nine hosted a LAN party at our house. thats Local Area Network. basically, a bunch of computer geeks get together and play killing each other games on the computer.

    i got so bored by ten o clock that i ended up somehow playing with them. i rocked by the way…so fawesome. i now look back shamefully. thats FIVE HOURS of my life i’ll never get back. of course, the rest of the guys (my dad, umcle danny, brother, this guy my age broderick, and his older brother that sucked bradford) played for TWELVE HOURS! shczeeshz!

    i stayed up til four, and didnt wake up til 1:45. latest ive ever slept in…boredom…its one of my specialties.

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  76. it makes me cringe just thinking about it… 😉
    my grandmother just told me a very lame joke:

    Q: What do you call and educated criminal?
    A: An educated criminal.

    so i changed it:

    Q: What do you call an educated criminal?
    A: A politician.

  77. i like my version better… 😉

  78. OMG, that is WAY funnier, Lotti-wa! You are so crack up!

  79. By the way, can someone teach me how to do smileys? Because I totally don’t know how! I am SUCH a bubblehead!

  80. why thank you 😉

    to do a smiley, all you have to do is shift, eyes, mouth, like this:

    🙂 = 🙂

  81. 😦

  82. i like the unhappy one, cuz it’s cute, but i always use the winking one…

  83. ha ha LAN meetings…that reminds me of this really funny thing. my friend is like that—playing D & D and Halo and Runescape and stuff.

    : ) minus spaces, equals smiley
    : ( sad
    ; ) ect.

    lol crimal politicians

  84. this class is bo-ring.

  85. hehe. polotiks. so so funny…

    Co-Prez-la. your so funny. your always on here during class…none of my classes have computers in them. except one, but your not allowed to use it. so boring…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  86. well my last class is creative writing, and we’re in a computer lab where we sit at computers and don’t really do much work. everybody goes on computer games and i comment randomly and read online comics and stuff.

  87. none of mine have computers either…it stinks. like there’s just the teacher’s computer, and maybe one other, but that’s it. except for tech, but i don’t take tech anymore, since its not required past 8th grade. i take studio art! so that i can take graphic design next year! and then i’ll be SURROUNDED by computers! *squeals* CAN’T. WAIT.

    see, i get off topic, but i eventually get back to the original point. 😉

  88. wait… how old r u serafina zane ❓ just curious. u dont needa say if u dont wanna. hehehe… criminal politicians….

  89. yeah. thats what i have Taylor-wa…

    im about to post on my other blog…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  90. we hav seven computers in our classroom and like thirty in the library, but we not allowed to use them to visit blogs and stuff or play games…

  91. lame school rules… so unfool 😦

  92. hehe…i sneak my email and talk with other people in the room via IM during the times when we’re scheduled in the computer lab!!! i always get on the computer during my first period class too!!! lucky me.

  93. were blocked from everything at my stupid paranoia-cursed scool. it stinks.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😡

  94. oooh…i’m taking studio art too. you can take graphic design this year in my school though—they have a whole lab full of new computers. and the creative writing room’s right next to the library
    yeah, all the teachers have computers. and in the middle school there’s a cart of laptops they can use if the teacher signs them out, but you usually have some project to do and can’t mess around.
    i’m a freshman in high school.

  95. yeah. at our school, we can go on blogs and stuff like that, but you can’t comment on them tho.

  96. lol my brothers have LAN parties. They play Halo. And Star Wars games. And other games. And this game called Age of Empires…I suck at all of them. b/c I’m not a computer geek like they are. Well, except for editing Wikipedia. But that’s it.

    The only thing we can use at our school is this stupid state program that has like…no information on it. Instead, I do projects and stuff at home when I am free to use Google pictures (which they block) and Wikipedia (Which they block).

    O, and guess what! I can’t listen to Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, or My Chemical Romance anymore! Isn’t this just fun?

  97. heh. i comment from school all the time. those are some stupid blocks.

    whoa. duct-tape mom has gone really far.
    no My Chem?
    no FOB?
    no Panic! At the Disco?
    no Boys Like Girls?
    that’s mildly insane.
    like, it’s not like religious people freaking out about Marilyn Manson or something. they’re, like, hardly the work of satan. or really at all the work of satan.

  98. My mom won’t let my brothers listen to Metallica (sp?). Or System of a Down. Or anything else like that.

    She would totally freak out if I listened to Marilyn Manson. Or Freakish-Ozzy-Bat-Eating Osborne. Or Led zepplin.

  99. speaking of duct tape…my birthday was on thursday and my friend game me a bag that she made completely and 100% out of duct tape!!! its fawesome…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  100. duct tape is fawesome. duct-tape moms, not so fawesome.
    yeah, duct tape moms + death metal? not the best combo.

  101. hehehe. spooky-making…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

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