ELIZA 8:15am

ELIZA 8:15am

The halls of West Seattle High were packed. They always were on the first day of school. Kids pushed and shoved, trying to not be late for their first class of the year. It was almost impossible to make it to your locker without being shoved, elbowed, or stepped on. The lights overhead flared brighter than the sun. She had to squint to see anything.

Not that it mattered. Eliza couldn’t see anything but the back of the cheerleader in front of her, chatting away on her cell phone about the mall. It made her want to slap that girl straight. She took out her trig book and held it up. Something rammed into her and she was shoved into her locker. “Damn,” not fast enough. She turned around and pounded on the door until it popped open. Lockers weren’t her thing. School wasn’t her thing. Midnight was her thing. Besides, first days of school always made her head hurt.

She put her jacket in her locker. Then everything went dark. She realized she was standing in the shadow of the football quarterback and captain. Not this again. Why couldn’t people just learn to leave her alone? Quivering, she looked up at him.

“Brian, is it?” She said it as if she was a poor little nerd trying not to lose her lunch money.

“Yeah, it is. Look goth girl. Give me your lunch money. Or else.” He seemed to think he was the king of the jungle. So what if he had two feet on her, he was just a big dumbo who didn’t know what two plus two was.

Eliza tried to sound innocent. “Sorry, but I don’t eat lunch. I hope there’s something else I can give you to make up for it. Perhaps some free tutoring in math. We have to make sure you maintain that C average.”Kids started gathering around, completely forgetting about being late to first period. Brian’s friends were starting to get antsy. She smiled as smugly as possible.

“Look freshmeat,” he countered, probably thinking he sounded clever. “Give me all the money you have, just like a good little girl.” He ruffled her hair.

Gasps came from the surrounding mob. At West Seattle, goths didn’t like to be touched. Eliza wasn’t goth, but she hated it when people touched her hair, especially when it was tied back. Besides, she was a junior.

It looked like she was getting a chance to use her trig book after all. She pointed behind Brian. “Oh look! A nerd!” He turned his head to spot his next victim, and she prepared to her trig book.

The running back was the only one that noticed. “Brian! Look out!”As Brian looked back at her, she swung the book. A loud crack rang though the halls as he fell to the ground. Finally the stupid boulder was worth something other than a pillow during math.

The two minute bell rang. Everyone left the football team to help up their captain. When he stood, Eliza saw blood on the floor. She glanced up and smiled when she noticed his nose was crooked. He looked back at her with a glare. She raised her trig book again and the whole team was gone faster than you could say idiosyncratic. Eliza was almost alone in the hall.

She turned around and started digging in her locker while she listed the perfect squares. Numbers always helped calm her down, and her head hurt more than it had when she first walked in. She got to 529, but lost track when a guy slammed into the locker to her left. It swung open. Impressive.

“Hey. Nice techni–” she sputtered to a stop. He was covered in tridecagrams and metal. She almost choked trying to hold in her laughter. Apparently the Midnight Chasers were back in town. Second time this month. They didn’t think Sean could handle it himself. They were so bogus. Thinking they were all cool and in charge just ’cause they saved the world a couple of times. It made her sick.

Eliza looked at the sense-missing guy and put on her slyest smile. “I’m Eliza. Follow me.” She turned around and waited a second. He wasn’t following her. Facing him once again, she said, “Look. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.” He didn’t budge.

She took his arm and yanked him into the crowed before he could object. He started struggling out of her grasp, his expression resembling the look of someone who had just seen something die. Eliza shook he head. They always chose the hard way.


the end of chapter one!

hey Serafina-la…im about to email you my email so you can email me your chapters to post on here. if anyone else wants to do the same, just tell me.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😀



  1. that’s so fool! it sounds like the beginning of a fawesome book 😉

  2. yays, first post 😉

  3. SWEET!! I love it! (even tho i already saw it on fanlib…) 😀 fawsome job!!

  4. cool. i think i liked the part from the short segment the best, with goths and “covered in tridecalogims and metal”. i don’t believe in capitilizing goth though. it’s not as bad as capitilizing emo, but it’s vaguely wierd. just something i care way to much about.
    good, if kinda removed-from-reality in the way that all stereotypical high school things are. i mean, people never really attack other people for lunch money, or at least football players don’t attack girls. in my experience, at least.
    whatever. i’m rambling and i missed the point—It Was Awesome.
    love the “midnight was her thing” line.

    i’ll be sending mine as soon as i get home….it’s way longer…maybe we should split it up into sections…i’ll see.
    i refuse to post mine on fanlib cuz it bothers me.

  5. Sweet! hey, you could publish your OWN book!! Haha, that’d be cool. Actually, I’m having my 145 pg book edited right now!


  6. Hey…didn’t I already review this? On a certain fan fiction writing website?

    Well, anyway, I love it. I really love it. It flows better w/ all the stuff instead of just like 4 sentences. But I’ve never seen a fight for lunch money before.

    And I go to a ghetto school (I’m not ghetto, tho. jsyk.)

  7. my school is lame but full of drugs and hazing, though like no ethnic diversity.

    getting published is my goal in life.

    Kadie-wa—by who? i give my stuff to my friends, wish some of mine would get longer. i gots no time to write. around like 20,000 words on most of mine.

    more Graduation coming soon…

  8. oh. about the goth thing. i didnt even notice that. i put it lower case. stupid microsoft word automatic spell check fixer thingy. its really stupid. gonna go change that now.

    thanx everybody!

    by the way. really? kids get in fites for lunch money at my scool all the time. and the big cool jock guys pick on everybody. including me. well, not really. nobody picks on me. cause im intimidating like that. hehe. four feet 10 inches of pure evil. hehe.

    and keep in mind that the fite did not begin because of the lunch money sitiation. it was cause of the hair-ruffling. dont touch the hair. thats one of my big rules. i somewhat based Eliza after me. except shes older. ive whacked quite a few people with my algebra book. not in the face. but still.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  9. nice.

  10. this is a pretty cool blog!!!
    i luv!
    i like the story too.
    hmmm…yeh, wordcheck is missing, too.
    ok then bye!

  11. Wow, that is really fool. I love it!

  12. yeah, i assume it happens. not so much in my school though.
    don’t ruffle the hair.

    my stupid spell check does that too…that’s why i add stuff. it’s a sign i’ve been using a computer when it recognizes the word “emoer”

  13. Yeah, lots of people tell me I have no life. I’m in Diversity group, (10 eighth graders) Morning announcements (2 8th graders 4 kids in all) WEB (70 kids chosen out of 350) Jazz band, regular band, and book club. The only thing I’m NOT in is chess and student coucil. And out side of school, I play year round soccer, I play the french horn, piano, recorder, and hulusi, and I also go to religon classes and I’ve been skiing since I was 3. And yet, I still had time to write a 145 paged book. I really DON’T have a life…outside of school.


  14. i just like, don’t do afterschool activities. i’m one of *those* people.

    145 page book? bout what? what’s up with that? i got no after school activities and huge honors classes homework and i don’t manage that. when u say 145 pgs, is that word document or bookish or what? how many words?

    i just plain don’t have a life.

  15. hehe, emoer! is that an emo?
    i’m writing a book, it’s called silver

  16. i’m also one of *those* people. 😉
    so today in maths, i’m sitting there thinking; if it’s not about tridecalogisms, why bother? and that made me think that if tridecalogism is a 13-letter word that means 13-letter word, the bidecalogism is a 12-letter word that means 12-letter word, and quaddecalogism is a 14-letter word that means 14-letter word

  17. no! i protest all use of emo as a goth-like noun. it’s emo KID. not an emo. an emo kid.
    but any-way….ignoring serafina-la’s insane emo-related ramblings (of which there are quite a lot)
    emoer is a form of the adjective emo. like, jon was emoer than (omg, i try to think of slightly emo characters of mine, and the only ones i think of are ones who share names with characters from uglies—david and zane, both of whom are unrelated to the ones in the books) sam.

    cool. quaddecalogism. that’s a funny word.
    i take that attitude to both math class and life.

    fawesome title, lotti-la. what’s it about?

  18. silver? it’s about these two kids, and they don’t know they are related (same mother) because ones (the girl unfortunately) really rich and the other is really poor, but they find each other because of this evil dude who is trying to kill them because there was this prophecy made about them that when they turned 10 they’d be able to overthrow his evil rule.
    it’s not quite finished

  19. sounds cool. i’ve been working on this story about a girl named serafina zane (it’s not as wierd as it sounds when you consider it’s not my real name) and the weather. it’s nowhere near finished, but i got it mapped out to the end when i get some free time to write.

  20. i sent lizzy-wa the next chapter…..Graduation is coming.

  21. Yes. I like being one of *those* people. Except…I totally suck at math. i’m in 8th grade math. and I’m in eighth grade. And it’s like totally hard.

    And my fawesome book is 145 pages on a document spread. That’s like 145 times 2.5, according to my librarian.


  22. i like your story lizzy, uh-oh, my uncle is home. gotta go, bye!

  23. hehe. emoer. thanx PEEPS!

    about to post Graduation…

    im in a whole bunch of extra curicular stuff too. i have no life. at all. when i dont have stuff i need to do, i have some kinda game i have to go to for the little siblings.

    hehe. quaddecagram. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  24. i have no life outside of school!!!!!
    i have homework every night!!!!!! 4 normal classes and 1 adv. class
    i am writing like 4 books!

    there all different i just get bored of writing the same one so i switch alot.

    my first one is 358 pages in word. (its About witches)

    My 2nd is 104 pages in word. (it is about a girl and her brother and 2 sisters who are runnig from there evil grandparents) Omg thats a multiple of 13!!!!!!!! so cool!!!!!!

    my 3rd is 68 pages in word. (it is about these girls and they are goddesses)

    My 4th book is 20 pages in word. (it is about this vampire)

    i have a 5th book if you count my C.M.W. chapter 1……. (C.M.W. stand 4 Chasing Midnight Werewolves! Fool right?)

    but i get bored really easily!!!! (and i can’t raely spell at all!)

    i think i am going to write now…. after i do my s.s. home work. i have to write a slave letter!!!!!!

    how fun!!!!!! not!!!!!!!!

  25. i like it! altho i’ve never seen a fight over lunch money either, but i guess every school’s different. haha, i heart the idea of smacking someone w/ a trig book…i want to try! lol jk. but yeah, that whole part when she uses the trip book as a weapon gives a good “picture.” that’s like something my old english teacher would say, so you get praise from my old english teacher! lolz…

    in elem school i was in just about every afterschool/extracurricular activity: G&T, band (clarinet), chorus, afterschool basketball (no tryouts, it was elem school!), afterschool track (again, no tryouts), and the winter ski program. there may have been more, but i can’t remember them anymore.

    but now it’s kinda thinned out since i’ve gotten into jr high/high school. there’s jr honor society, sr select chorus, and track, but that doesn’t start till spring. i quit basketball after 7th grade b/c i got sick of it, but i kept up track b/c the running was my fave part of bball. SPRINTING!

  26. yeah sophie-la, i’m just like that—eight million stories at once. none of mine are that long though! i have lenght issues. what font/size are all you people using (plz say courier size 72 to make me feel better)

    i see fights all the time, not nessacarily over lunch money though. like, i’ve witnessed 2 so far this year, and showed up like 30 seconds after a bunch more. what? my school’s not messed up…kids just drink vodka in the band room because….well actually, i have no excuse for that one. idiots.

    i see no graduation, lizzy-wa

  27. i do swimming, which isn’t school-related. and i play the guitar and the keyboard and the piano and the ukulele, and i sing, cuz i really luv music. that’s probably why i luved the last days

  28. but i don’t do anything at school cuz you have to interact with bitches and be SOCIAL

  29. here’s a list of tridecalogisms that you (probably) never would have thought of:

    ashlee simpson *yuck yuck yuck*

  30. i’m bored

  31. So am I. 🙂
    That’s so funny Lotti-wa. I never thought of Ashlee Simpson as a tridecalogism, but I guess you’re right! And cheeseburgers?! Scince when did fast food become part of darkling warfare?!

  32. scince the beginning of the 21st century…

  33. Ha ha! You’re so crack-up, Lotti-wa!

  34. why thank you 😉

  35. You’re welcome. So Serafina Zane-la, is it really true that kids drink vodka in the band room at lunch at your school? That would never be allowed at our school!

  36. you’re telling me. we would be so busted if we tried that at our school 😉

  37. yeah, okay i’m going now

  38. No! Don’t leave me Lotti-wa! 🙂

    Oh well, I’d better go too. 😦 Bye!

  39. yeah, kids had like vodka in the band room. i think it was before school though. like, dude, school is painful enough normally, do you think it’ll be better drunk? they got totally busted though, suspened for like a week and disdained for forever. and they were only like sophomores too.

    i like bubbleheaded and fawesomeness. multi-book tridecalogisms!

    i play guitar too.

  40. Lottie, I heart the ukelale. Sorry, I can’t spell that!


  41. I was just thinking of learning to play the guitar…after I quit orchestra in 9th grade.

  42. the ukelale (can’t spell either) is fawesome! we have one, and my dad can play it hardcore. like, he can play Little Wing on the ukelale. and all this other random stuff.

    yeah…my parents demanded i take guitar lessons when i quit playing flute at the end of 8th grade because i refuse to wear a stupid hat.

  43. sorry! i cant find it Serafina-la! send it again! i said that before i checked my mail. so send it again!

    gee. Co-Prez-la. you got a bad scool. well, bad kids IN your scool. yepyepyep. no offense. i mean. your great an all. just. you dont do stuff like that do you? hehe. i doubt it.

    have you guys ever stolen anything? i have. multiple times. hehe. i have a unofficial criminal record. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough cough spaz attack cough*. regaining control…

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  44. nope. i’m a pyro, not a klepto.

    and yeah, my school is kinda…..yeah. you had to get breathalyzed to get into the homecoming dance. i didn’t go, but still.
    and not my thing. don’t want to kill brain cells like all these idiots. i plan to get OUT of this town someday.

    *going to send it again even though on the wrong computer*

  45. got it! Graduation is sent.

  46. my ukulele was pink, cept i spray-painted it black and painted red and orange flames all over it, and i got it signed my james hill and chuck upu (famous uke players) in white-out. it looks really fawesome now! 😉

  47. i have another wierd tridecalogism: sophisticated

  48. lol. flame-painted ukelale. that’s sophisticated.

    i find it funny (in the eliza story) that it’s like a C adverage is bad. like, i know people who are proud of a C adverage. i was damn prideful when i scraped that C+ in Algebra. like, a D or a failing (side note—do ur schools consider a D failing? mine doesn’t b/c of dumb rich white kid grade curve) that’d b an insult then.

  49. at our skool, d is considered shaming. 😦

  50. yeah, which is why i say it would be a better insult than a C adverage.
    but do they call D a failing grade? like, i think it is. isn’t anything below a C supposed to be failing?
    it wierds me out that my school still thinks a D is a passing grade. like, you can get a 60 and still pass. some issues here. probably so drunk and stoned kids can graduate before thier parents complain.

  51. my school doesn’t do letter grades, only number ones. 65 is the lowest grade you can get without failing, like anything under that and you’re on probation, which mean that if you play any sports you have to get this little card signed by the teacher of the class you’re failing before you can go to practice/games. no, i’ve never been failing, but some of the guys on track were.

    obession with fire? interesting…hmmm…i was trying to think of my obsession but i can’t come up with just one lol.

    homecoming breathalyzings? even more interesting! most of the seniors were drunk at my homecomming dance, so it was kinda funny to watch them do crazy stuff. but they didn’t get kicked out, b/c they’re seniors. that’s the thing w/ my school: if you’re a senior, you’re like immune to the rules. which isn’t a very good policy, in my opinion.

  52. most of the sporty people at our skool are so thickheaded that ALL of them would not be allowed to go to practices cuz they’d be failing dismally

  53. well, at the homecoming game, almost every starting football player was a freshman, because they were the only ones not suspended in some huge drunkness bust. and like eight injuries.
    all the freshmen were scared b/c they were facing seniors on the opposing team. plus, our team sucks. losing 42 to 0 sucks.

    wierd, no letter grades. well a D is a 60 to a 69, i think. and an F is anything below 50. A is 100-90, B is 80-89, C is 70-79, ect.

    most of my school is thickheaded. like the hockey team bragging about going out partying the day before an early morning game.

  54. haha, our football team is full of idiots, but our basketball team rawks.
    the guys team is okay too. lol, but like at my school there’s this scholar athletic team award, and our bball teams get it like every year. a tam gets it if each of the players have a 90 or higher average. idk why there’s such a huge difference between them and football players…???

    that’s pretty funny…so i’m guessing your school doesn’t have probation cards lol.

    my school’s football team sucks miserably, but for our homecoming game we played like the one team that was worse than us, so we won like 56-12. it was pretty awesome. we were good during my seventh grade year, but then the seniors graduated and all of the juniors were worthless. and it’s just been continuing since then.

  55. at our school you only get kicked out of afterschool activities when you get busted for drugs…which is quite often.
    they have a random drug testing program, and you have to enter into the pool if you want to join any afterschool actitivy. even, like French Club. it’s so bogus.
    i don’t want to pee in no cop just because i want to be in the literary magazine! i KNOW i’m not on drugs.
    dude, they actually SAID that they based the system off the US army’s.

  56. Wow. Fs are low in your school. My school:

    A = 100 – 93
    B = 92 – 85
    C = 84 – 77
    D = 76 – 70
    F = 69 or below (which I will get on my algebra test on Tuesday – more fun!).

    I don’t keep track of my school team’s scores in sports. I guess middle school is different like that. I havn’et been to a single football game yet this year. And I don’t intend to.

    Now to write my fawesome *new* Midnighters fanfic.

  57. wow. our school is lame, there are no D’s. this is the grading scale:


  58. yeah, in middle school i cared even less about sports than i did now.
    and i haven’t been to any games, but our team is so epically bad it’s hard to escape the scores.

    as i suspected, all your schools have much higher standards than mine does.
    but seriously. an 84 as a C? that is bogus. i would get a lot of Cs.
    and i totally failed algebra. you are not alone.
    thankfully, geometry is waaaaay easier.

  59. ya we dont have d’s!!!!!! it sucks 69 & below is an F!!!!!!

  60. i think at my school, it is below 60 or 59, that you get an F. I’ve never gotten anything lower than a B- tho.

  61. ooh…I just got a 76 on a math test. and I will fail a math test coming up on Tuesday…

  62. dude, i cheer when i get 76s on math test.
    dude, i have a math test on monday. or maybe it’s a quiz. i don’t keep track of these things.

    i ttly resent it to you, but it is not here, is it?

    lowest grade i’ve gotten? fourty…five? maybe? or a thirty. i lost track.
    lowest i’ve gotten on a report card was a D though. and that was just one marking period. in Algebra too.

  63. i had a D once. in maths. i got like a 67 or something in a test. 😦

  64. so you have to be tested for drugs just to join a club? that must really suck. i no a lot of people thast would fail (not me)…

  65. I’ve never made below a b on a report card. B’s are disappointing. Low As are disappointing. High A’s are good. 100’s are exciting.

  66. my grades are usually ninety five or higher (except for gym, which floats somewhere around 91-95), but b/c of stupid evil global studies i broke that streak (93). i WILL get a ninety five by the end of the year! i have an unrelenting string of 100s in spanish though, so that offset it a bit.

    i’m obessive w/ my grades. people think it’s weird, but since i only do one sport i need academics to get me into college. b/c i will need scholarships. lots and lots of scholarships…

    yeah. really have to sleep now. byez.

  67. Yeah. my grade point average is 3.950. a 4.0 is a like a perfect grade. i usually get between 93 to 100 percent. yeah

  68. well, you don’t have to get tested, you get put in a random pool and they might select your name to get tested.
    but it’s stupid. like, the kids who are on drugs won’t do any after-school activities or go to school-sponsored events.
    so instead they will stay home. and do drugs.

    you people are making me feel stupid with my proud B+s and hidden D-s.
    dude, a teacher is evil when they give you a 93? no. a teacher is evil when they give you a 67.

  69. Wait I can check my grades online…

    *goes to check grades online*

    ok, this is copy-pasted, except i removed my teachers’ names:

    PE/H 95 A
    HON ORCH 97 A
    ALG 1 84 C
    SCI 7 95 A
    W HIST 100 A
    H LA 7 92 B

    How i have a C in algebra is yet to be determined…oh, wait, it was that test…and that quiz.

  70. i can check my grades online too, but i don’t. it’s depressing.
    and i’m not showing all you my D in Bio.
    whoa. 84 = C? i would get so many more Cs. that’s seriously wierd and unfair.


  71. unfair…i can’t check my grades online! that would be pretty cool tho. but one question: does that mean that anyone else can check your grades too? or do you have to type in a password or something?

  72. and yeah, like i said: obsessive about grades. my friends think i’m crazy too w/ the whole “93” thing, but i consoled myself with the thought that the highest grade anyone got in her class was a 95, and i got the highest in the class for my advanced science. but seriously, yeah. it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get higher than that, b/c she grades everything super harshly. this near-genius girl was the one w/ the 95, too. she was madder than i was.

    one of my friends got a 78 in global studies, and her parents scheduled a meeting with evil teacher to see how it got so low. of couse, it was b/c she got a 0 on a quiz and a 50 on an essay, since she never came into retake it, but her parents don’t know about that…i attribute it to the fact that she has a boyfriend, b/c it seems like that either has an extremely positive effect on your grades or an extremely negative one. she denies that though, and i don’t have the heart to tell her that he’s an idiot and she could do much better. infatuation has a strong grip.

  73. no, you do not want to be able to check your grades online. yes, there’s a password, but they give it TO YOUR PARENTS! and it tells your parents your homework too. it is HELL! they watch you! they stalk you! it is HORRIBLE! you flunk like one test or something, and they’re all on your back, even if you do end up with an A in that class anyway. they overreact about everything! makes it PAINFUL! horrible! fate worse than death!

    well, there’s one problem i never have. no social life to distract me here. but i can totally see how people space out when they get a new boyfriend or stuff. and stinks if they’re a loser too.
    infatuation is a great word.

  74. seriously lizzy-wa, where r u? gradution not here.

  75. graduation should be posted on your BRAND SPANKIN NEW livejournal! and that really sucks…ok officially retracting wish for online grades…

    i think my teachers would be far too lazy to update it anyway.

  76. you know it does. stalker parents ensue fear.

    and i posted it!

  77. Where is it? Lizzy-wa ?????????

  78. i think that we should start worri=ying about lizzy-wa! allie-wa, did you tell your mom about her? i mean, you just commented on a blog, she created one (well, three)!

    how terrible an offense is that?

  79. no, lizzy wa still be MIA, i posted Graduation on my newly random LJ
    *attempts name-link*

  80. i suspect duct tape….though she was on westerblog and my blog and justine’s blog earlier today. said something about being tired.
    and duct taped? beware…you may be next.

  81. huh. what is graduation. is it like a story or somethin?

  82. hey, how come people go more on this this blog than the other blog that lizzy has.hmmmm.

  83. i don’t know… i guess i like midnighters way more, so i comment on here instead.

  84. i must comment more!!!!!

  85. Hmmm…I’ll have to ask my mom about that one…

    yay! I had my math test today! I MUST see what I made on it. I can’t wait…I only guessed on like 7 which is better than I thought I would do…

  86. graduation was my chapter.
    i had a math test today too.
    and i dunno, i love werewolves.

    orthodontia f8cking sucks.

  87. finally posted Graduation!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! well, the first half…

    and Allie-wa. you have a really wierd grading system!

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  88. dang…Lizzy-wa did you read ALL the comments? The one with my grading system was like…days ago.

  89. lizzy, you’re going to have a lot of comments to go thru.

  90. hehe. tell me about it!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  91. i luves it. it rock. lizzy-wa u should look at my fic. its neat. serafina liked it. click my name!

  92. i intend to post it soon. ish. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  93. i did like it. it be fawesome.


    *points up at post* whatever happened to Eliza? did u ever write more of it?

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