Rex Greene fidgeted uncomfortably in his ugly red polyester robe as he stood listening to an unbelievably boring speech on the bleachers in the back field of Bixby High School. The valedictorian whined on about how fondly they would always remember this school, and Rex had to stop himself laughing, focusing instead on the teasing tassel hanging from his unbelievably uncomfortable hat. It was blurry, just a few inches from the thick lens of his glasses, and his eyes were squinted half shut anyway, against the obnoxious noon brightness in the cloudless Oklahoma sky. So instead of reflecting on how “Bixky High had provided a friendly gateway into society,” he thought about Melissa and Jonathan. 

The last he’d heard of them, they’d been crashing with an old friend of Jonathan’s in Philadelphia. Jessica was with them, presumably, one hour out of the twenty-five, and Rex envied even that. Instead of boldly going where no midnighter had gone before, he was stuck in the middle of Bixby Oklahoma in 98 degree weather, being told how vital the last pointless four years had been.

Melissa had sounded the same as ever, if marginally less bitter as she continued to gain more control over her powers. Rex had never gotten along with Martinez, so most of the time they’d spoken over the last six months was two-second hellos at the end of the weekly phone calls. Even he’d sounded happy, free, while Rex, Rex was still stuck in Bixby High, scratching at his graduation robe and wishing he was anywhere but there. 



Bixby looked different, Melissa decided. Or not different. Bixby looked the same; small, empty and boring, but not as evil. When she wasn’t stuck here by force, it had lost its sinister edge.

Now it just looked like a pathetic little town, almost comfortable in its boring unchangedness. Unchangedness. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, Melissa counted to herself. Lucky thirteen.

Beside her, Flyboy bounced around in his seat, tapping on the dashboard, crossing his legs, cracking his knuckles. He was killing her superiority mellow, but Melissa was almost able to forgive him. They were on their way to break Rex out, with a mission for him. For that, she could forgive Jonathan Martinez his jitters. It was his girlfriend, after all.

In the backseat, the twins were sitting quietly, Tech reading some quantum physics textbook or something, turning pages drying, snorting occasionally, and once or twice laughing out loud. Laughing out loud at quantum physics. Melissa shuddered. She was almost afraid to introduce him to Dess.

Next to Tech, Connor was staring out the window, no doubt seeing something far more interesting in the familiar Bixby skyline than anything Melissa could. She was more than a little bit edgy about introducing Connor to Rex. If Rex could barely handle Flyboy, she could only imagine how he’d react to another seer. Or, she could imagine it pretty well. He’d freak out.

She hadn’t mentioned the twins in the last call, or talked about the fact they were coming. Well really, they hadn’t even known they were coming until about two days ago, around when they met the twins, by which point Jonathan’s friend had managed to get his phone service switched off and Melissa had discovered that there weren’t phone booths on the street anymore.

So they were showing up unannounced.

Melissa passed the familiar silhouette of Bixby High School, intending to drive past it, cruising for Rex’s house, but she noticed a large group of people on the school field. She felt a small moment of pride for noticing this; because it was exactly the sort of thing she usually lost sight of in her old psychic haze. She had control now. But back to Bixby High. Melissa was pretty sure they didn’t play football this early on a weekday, and besides, the bleachers were covered in people wearing white and red robes, and an audience sat in front on folding chairs.

“Flyboy, what day is today?” she asked suddenly, startling the car.

“Ummmm…June thirteenth?” he confirmed, squinting off in the distance and counting off on his fingers. “Wednesday.” He decided.

“Dammit.” Melissa swore, remembering Rex’s countdown the last few times they’d talked. Wednesday June 13th.  Graduation day.  Rex had been joking about starting his life with an anti-darkling graduation.

“Wanna watch Rex and Dess graduate?” Melissa asked, turning into the parking lot.



so…thats the first half of Graduation. Serafina-las version of the first chapter of CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES. i’ll post the rest like….tomorrow. yeah. sorry it took me so long! really busy weekend. finally got time cause im sick and got to come home from scool early.


-Co-Prez OUT! 😀



  1. first comment! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! hehe. sorry.

    fawesomeness. i’ll post the rest tomorrow. or wensday. yeah.

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  2. Woo! Lizzy wa’s here! Hooray! I was afraid my mom had gotten you…

  3. oooh! me-ness!
    srry u been busy, good thing u weren’t duct-taped.
    and i’d be afraid of the obsessive refreshers if you WEREN’T the first comment, Lizzy-wa.

  4. muy excelente…i have already left my worshipping comment on serafina’s lj, lol.

    but again: *bows down in front of serafina shrine* thou art worthy! thy art not!

    i don’t think that was the correct use of quaker-ness, but w/e.
    SNOW DAYS ROCK! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  5. So Foolio

  6. fawesomeness!!!! great first chapter!!!! and june 13th is my birthday!!!!

  7. i luv the midnighter twins 😉

  8. woo! i gets praise! and a SHRINE!

    wierd, it was okay on my laptop, but Graduation seems to have broken the HQ through this computer.

  9. random breaking of the HQ… go serafina zane-la!!!!

  10. umm.. i didnt feel like reading it just now, but i will. is that font centry gothic? just wondering. i love that font.

  11. where IS everyone? has duct-tape gotten you?

  12. i’m here! the duct tape epidemic has not spread this far yet!

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    no, really i am, at least for you New Zealanders.
    seems like whenever you’re on, it’s like 10 o’clock my time.
    i’m seriously getting suspicious—nobody on westerblog for a solid day except me and allie-wa?

  15. Funny thing is I’m grounded and on more than everyone else.

  16. what my mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

  17. OMG!! I LUV IT!! post more!!! post more ❗

  18. more lizzy-wa !!!!!!! hom much has been ritten?

  19. there’s a little more on my LJ (click my name)

    ha ha. beware of disobeying duct tape…

  20. yo estoy muy aborrido!!!!!!!

    (i am very bored)

  21. je s’ennui.
    (butchered french for the same)

  22. ugh! all you people aren’t here and are forcing me to actually do my homework. and there’s nothing on TV either. and the internet is boring me!

  23. i’m here again… :mrgreen:
    nobody ever answers me straight away 😥
    lame time zone 😡

  24. again, where ARE you people? has the duct tape epidemic gotten you all?

  25. i’m back now….was busy drawing fanart (no, not midnighters, sadly) and reading the now-revealed entries on the CoA ARC contest.
    i want to win….i wants a copy!!!!

  26. well I just deleted a really long (not really long, just moderately long) comment. But I had to say something. so…yeah.

    Now off to check my pitiful email.

  27. i am trying to write a short story about a new generation of midnighters. the main character is the child of rex and melissa. i need to come up with a name for it as well as a gender.

    the guy names that i have are:
    Adian- help, little fire
    Aland- bright as the sun
    Alexander- protector of mankind
    Durriken- fortune telling
    Latimer- interoreter
    Sterne- seriuos minded
    Heller- sun
    Argus- bright, watchful
    Nestor- travler, wisdom
    Theron- hunter
    Ala- defending men
    Alpha- first letter of the greek alphabet

    Some of the girl names are:
    Dawn- dawn
    Lainey-sun ray
    Jarvinia- keen intelligence
    Jenell- knowledge, understanding
    Marlene- child of the light, bitter
    Aglaia- wisdom, glory
    Alcina- strongminded
    Calypso- concealor
    Eleni- light or torch
    Elina- pure, intelligent
    Layna- light, truth
    Neoma- new moon
    Pandora- taltented one
    Selene/Selena- the moon
    Sybley- prophetes
    Sibyl/Sybil- wise, prophetic
    Csilla- torch, birght light
    Cybil-female prophet
    Eldora- gift of the sun
    Electra- shining
    Elysia- struck by lightning
    Horatia & Horacia- hour, time
    Ilona- torch, bright light
    Kalapso- concealer

    the kids talent is a mindcasting- seer. its friends are a daughter of jonathan and jessica. she is a flying flame bringer and her name is Elysia Ilona Electra Martinez.the other friend is a son of dess and a person who has a language talent. his name is Durriken Theron Latimer Buffalo.
    Help me pick out a mane and i will post the whole story.
    (sorry this post is so long 🙂 )

  28. ooh, fanart. i luv fanart 😛

  29. anyone there? 😯

  30. i luvs fanart too.
    i’m here!
    and by *here* i mean school.

  31. yay, my call is always answered by someone! now i won’t die of loneliness here…

  32. usually me. who spends FAR too much time here. but whatever.
    now i go fanart again.
    yes, fanart is totally a verb.

    yeah! i found my copy of Broken Boy Soldiers!

  33. nobody can spend too much time on a blog about midnighters – ever.

  34. amen.

  35. true. but what happens when it’s taking time away from fanart?
    for city of bones? with a chance to win city of ashes?
    oh, the fangrrl math hurts my brain.

  36. graduation was really good, cant wait till lizzy posts the rest of it up!

  37. i take it you are so not a polymath, serafina zane

  38. Speakin of Lizzy-wa…WHERE IS SHE?????? Does anyone know? Cause she’s been missing for like a week.

  39. there’s some more on my blog if you click my name and scroll down a little.

    yeah…i’m like, and anti-polymath. which would explain that 64 i got in math last week. woo!

    yeah, Lizzy-wa’s gone AWOL. anyone seen duct tape?

  40. im back!!!!!! stupid brain-missing $&(#Q^!($#&@($& teachers decided to stock up christmas vacations homework with our already assigned homework! and theres so much that if i even THINK about comming on here, i’ll flunk the rest of the quarter due to my behindedness! it stinks! UUUUUUUHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!! but im finally caught up! so i can talk! until tomorrow when i go back to school and they start stocking up again! UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

    hehe. my post about the same thing on Scotts blog is a little more angry. actally, its a LOT more angry. you shood check it out.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  41. Wow! This looks great. Glad I clicked (from spoilers page, hehe.)

  42. yeah. spoilers page rocks!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  43. all power to the community of spoiler pages!
    that’s why i go to the midnighters one and mention the HQ every so often…

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