Dess was calculating the time left in the graduation ceremony based on the angle of the sun above and a complex formula based on the precise latitude of Bixby High and some base sixty divisions. There were exactly 923 seconds until the time they’d marked as the end of the ceremony, though the long-winded principal was pushing it now. Dess sighed impatiently. She could handle fifteen more minutes of Bixby High, at least.

Dess scanned the crowd for her parents, sitting near the back looking unbelievably proud.  She was graduating early, earlier even than most people who graduated early. It wasn’t even technically legal for her to graduate this young, but she’d simply run out of math and science classes to take, and Bixby High School was happy enough to get rid of her once her parents signed the stack of underage graduation forms.

In the last week she’d gotten a pile of acceptance letters, even scholarship offers from MIT and Ivy League and all those colleges that really smart people went to. No doubt they’d be as polluted with idiots as Bixby High was. But just the idea…

But before she went to any fancy college, she was finding Jonathan and Melissa and tracking down some polymath friends.

Speaking of Jonathan and Melissa…no way. No way. No way. NO. WAY.

Yes way.

In the back row, a few rows behind her parents, Jonathan Martinez was standing, scanning the crowd, Melissa was next to him, headphone-less at Bixby High School for what must be almost the first time. A little behind them stood two high-school age guys with a distinct familial resemblance, one a little taller with rough-cut black hair and the shorter one with closer cropped reddish hair. The red-haired one asked some sort of question to Jonathan and Jonathan made a gesture toward Dess and one across the bleachers (they were in height order) at Rex.

What are you doing here? Dess mouthed at them, but they ignored it. The taller, black-haired one was studying her, while Jonathan and the red-haired one pointed towards Rex, whispering. Melissa was scanning the audience.

Dess looked anxiously back at her parents, remembering that Jonathan and Melissa had been reported as running away from home, and her parents had gotten retroactively suspicious of her friends. Them showing up at graduation wouldn’t really help.

But Dess didn’t care. If they’d come back to Bixby, especially bringing two new friends, they had something interesting. And Dess could use something interesting.

The principal finally started calling out names to collect diplomas and Dess twirled the spiral of her newest darkling-proof necklace, Theoretically Cannibalistic Monstrosities.

Seeing everyone again was surreal to Jonathan Martinez. The crowd of people graduating were… strangers. He’d never been as close to the people at Bixby High as the ones back in Philadelphia, and a missed year had made them even farther away. While he’d been driving across the country, these people had just been waiting in Bixby and getting different haircuts.

Even in the crowd of strangers, he spotted Rex and Dess straight off, looking pretty much the same as they always had. Both were squinting against the strong Oklahoma sun.

“Which ones are they?” Connor asked Jonathan.

“That’s Dess, the polymath,” He said, pointing to her in the second row. “And that’s Rex, the seer.” He said, pointing again to Rex in the top row. Tech moved out from behind them to get a look at Dess, who was asking some kind of silent question and playing with her necklace.

“Rex Greene.” The principal announced, and Rex stepped forward in line. The morbidly obese school official handed him the cheap leather envelope with his diploma in it, fresh back from the Bixby Kinko’s.

Rex shook the man’s sweating hand, cringing inwardly, but grinning at Bixby High for maybe the first time. He could leave. He could leave.

Forget his father, forget everything. He was free. He didn’t have to do anything. He didn’t have any lame legally-required education hanging over his head. He could leave.  

Looking across the crowd, scanning disgustingly proud parents and pathetic students, he saw a sliver of a familiar face. Taking a deep breath, Rex blinked. For the first two weeks, he’d seen her everywhere.  Every time he spotted his shadow, he’d thought it was Melissa, silently following him just like she used to; with headphones blaring, sweatshirt hood pulled up, gloved hands in pockets, her sunglasses glinting in Bixby High School fluorescents.

Rex blinked again. Squinted. Melissa was still there. He looked again. Another familiar face beside her in the crowd—Martinez.

                Crap. This was real. Melissa was really here.


 so thats the end of Graduation. appraise her. she likes it. hehe.


and dont worry. im in my own house rite now. not in the closet and duct tape free. hehe.


-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. I still like it. I read this like last week so yeah. But I still really really like it. But, um, the end? What kind of ending is that? I would really like to read more…you could write the fourth Midnighters, Serafina!

    Glad to hear you’re not duct-taped, Lizzy-wa! My teachers load up homework right before long breaks, too (you said that on Scott’s blog). I’m sooo relieved that this is the last week before winter break.

    Ok, kinda random, but at my elementary school they would play the “hallelujah” song (called The Messiah) over the intercom on the last day of school. Every year.

  2. fawesome first chapter!
    about the halelujah thing, we hav to sing it for our carol service tomorrow (me and my frends are ALWAYS picked to do solos even if we don’t want to). it’s really hard, i have to do a solo for that as well as frosty the snowman.

  3. what is with the duct tape?

  4. a lot of people have been disappearing lately… 8)

  5. I think it started w/ me.


  7. umm….allie-wa’s mom was going a little crazy and censory and then she disappeared, and the popular theory was that she was locked in a closet with duct-tape over her mouth, so now whenever someone has long, unexplained periods of absence, we wonder if duct-tape got them.

    whoa! i get a full two lines of smilies. guess that means it’s goood.
    and of course i like appraise! it makes me feel special.

    ha ha. this post was filed under Serafina-la. i gots my owns tag category.

    well, this’ isn’t the end—i’m not THAT evil. i don’t have much past this written though (like a couple paragraphs) but i got it planned out a little farther. i promise, i’ll write tonight. maybe even now as soon as i check westerblog again.
    will post more on my blog or send to Lizzy-wa as soon as i get to the next cut-off—Midnight.

  8. hurry up !!!!!! i want more

  9. i’m writing, i’m writing!

    and triple tridecalogisms are coming!

    i need help though—what’s a good last name for Dess? i was gonna use Fuse, but she’s got to come after Rex, which mean’s it’s past Greene. so a last name starting with H-Z. any input?
    i considered Youngblood but it just doesn’t fit. i actually liked how Fuse worked…Desdemonda Fuse.
    help and i’ll get it out sooner…

  10. i am trying to write a short story about a new generation of midnighters. the main character is the child of rex and melissa. i need to come up with a name for it as well as a gender.

    the guy names that i have are:
    Adian- help, little fire
    Aland- bright as the sun
    Alexander- protector of mankind
    Durriken- fortune telling
    Latimer- interoreter
    Sterne- seriuos minded
    Heller- sun
    Argus- bright, watchful
    Nestor- travler, wisdom
    Theron- hunter
    Ala- defending men
    Alpha- first letter of the greek alphabet

    Some of the girl names are:
    Dawn- dawn
    Lainey-sun ray
    Jarvinia- keen intelligence
    Jenell- knowledge, understanding
    Marlene- child of the light, bitter
    Aglaia- wisdom, glory
    Alcina- strongminded
    Calypso- concealor
    Eleni- light or torch
    Elina- pure, intelligent
    Layna- light, truth
    Neoma- new moon
    Pandora- taltented one
    Selene/Selena- the moon
    Sybley- prophetes
    Sibyl/Sybil- wise, prophetic
    Csilla- torch, birght light
    Cybil-female prophet
    Eldora- gift of the sun
    Electra- shining
    Elysia- struck by lightning
    Horatia & Horacia- hour, time
    Ilona- torch, bright light
    Kalapso- concealer

    the kids talent is a mindcasting- seer. its friends are a daughter of jonathan and jessica. she is a flying flame bringer and her name is Elysia Ilona Electra Martinez.the other friend is a son of dess and a person who has a language talent. his name is Durriken Theron Latimer Buffalo.
    Help me pick out a mane and i will post the whole story.
    (sorry this post is so long ) 🙂

    Answer me this time, and i mean it. 🙂

  11. neoma

  12. Today, we had a band concert, and my french horn bit me, and I’m now in a cast. It stinks.


  13. hey, i anserwed last time. someone help ME!

    Pandora Csilla Greene.

  14. okay i got a sudden brain surge and came up with a name that sounded really good. and i am going to post the story. here it goes……

  15. kk

  16. i don’t see nothing.
    if it’s really long, it won’t fit in a comment.
    do yous have a blog or something?
    you could also ask Lizzy-wa to post it by emailing you and sending it to her.

  17. My name is Calypso Jenell Greene and I am a mindseer. I am the first of a new generation of Midnighters. My name means concealer of knowledge. My dad is Rex Greene who is famous in the Lore for being turned into a Halfling which is half darkling, half Midnighter. He also came up with the plan that saved Bixby from plunging into Midnight forever. I inherited me Seeing from him. He can See the Focus on Midnighters and traces where darklings and their prey, humans, have been. I can see all that as well as darkling werewolves. When my dad was teaching me to read the Lore he said that is did not mention any other Midnighters like me or my friends. My mom, Melissa Greene, said the same thing after she sifted through all the thoughts of generations of mindcasters. She says that I can control my thoughts better than any experienced mindcaster. This is true because I was born in Midnight when mindcasting thoughts are the clearest. When I was was born my father and his friends, Dess, Jonthan, and Jessica, were fighting darklings that were trying to kill me because I would change the way that they lived forever.
    My closest friend in both the normal daylight time and Midnight is Elysia Ilona Martinez who is a flying-flame bringer. She can shoot bolts of lightening from her hands, a talent she got from their mom and she can fly as well. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Jessica Martinez. Another one of my best friend 25/7 is Theron Latimer Buffalo. He is poly-language. He was born knowing every language in the world including animals and darkling. He can also convert any measurement into another instantly.
    The three of us make up a new generation of Midnighters. The times that we live in have become dangerous. There are new types of monsters that we must fight. We are the new hope of the world, we are half-bloods.

    hope that you liked the story. took me a long time to write. tell me if you have any sugestions to make it better. 🙂

  18. coolio story, which i’ve already commented on.

    writing more graduation now….

  19. please do. i luv graduation :mrgreen:

  20. i do. i just have to write one more part that goes in the middle of the new section, and then i’ll post it. probably on my lj today.

  21. love it Kim-la. but as a suggestion…i LOVE the overall thought and concept. like, the whole thing. ya no? but…you should like, use this you just, i don no, base your story off of. like, explain all of this through different parts of the story. altho i must say you have to keep in the last four sentences. ya no…

    “The three of us make up a new generation of Midnighters. The times that we live in have become dangerous. There are new types of monsters that we must fight. We are the new hope of the world, we are half-bloods.”

    altho i dont see what “halfblood” totally means…..but i love it. never thought of mixing talents…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  22. well i guess halfblood just means that they’re half and half talent.

    i sort of agree with Lizzy-wa, or i see her point.

    feel free to take it, Co-Prez.

  23. im about to. but i have to read it first. ya no. make sure it doesnt suck or whatever. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  24. huff. i take offenses to that.
    though it might suck. i’m paranoid about things like that.
    but it has Dess and triple tridecalogisms. it must be good.

    wierd, westerblog just ate and spit out like 20 comments.

  25. and all you guys who read it (by clicking my name) leave comments! i wants to know whats you think. and if they’re anonymous, just put whatever name u use here in the subject line if you want to.

    Misunderstood Supernumary Mathematician OUT!

  26. fawesome name…just dont steal my siggie. i have it copyrited. its true…hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  27. isn’t it fawesome?
    and i was mocking your copywrite with my legally distinct signature. too lazy to keep typing it though.
    did u read graduation? comment, all of you! i wants to know!

  28. im about to post your second chapter…but i need a title. so…whats the chapter’s name? cause its kinda a different chapter than Graduation rite?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  29. there is a second chapter. awesome. cant wait to read it. and lizzy, you posted at exactly 11:59 pm. that is almost so cool!

  30. fawesomeness… 8)

  31. the dad of the poly-language kid is Alpha Beta Buffalo.

  32. ummmm…i don’t know. i was just calling it more Graduation. cuz i’m sort of using Graduation as the title, b/c this a fourth midnighters that does NOT involve darkling werewolves (sadly, but it would mess it up if i tried to put them it). maybe just part two or something like that
    or I Have No Idea What To Call It, I Just Write It.
    i do stuff like that when i give my friends drafts of my stories and don’t have chapter titles.

  33. hehe. ok. i’ll post it rite now.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

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