It happened in slow motion. The bullets slicing through the air, the target falling to the ground…it looked like something out of a movie. But it was all too real. Kay barely registered the fallen body on the ground before she turned and fled. She ran for her life. She ran until she collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily, but not seeming to take in any oxygen…

 Kay had been having the same dream every night for weeks now, ever since her mother’s terrible death. And the nightmare didn’t end when she woke up. She couldn’t help but think that it was her fault. She could have stopped the gunman. Couldn’t she have died that night? It would have been better than just barely living in this stupid hospital bed. The stupid doctors just wouldn’t let her go.

In the hospital for a week now, Kay thought. Her apparent “suicide attempt” had left the doctors questioning her sanity. But it’s not like she tried to go into shock after the incident. It wasn’t her fault she had fallen onto a sharp rock jutting out of the ground. And it certainly wasn’t her fault that she was stuck in this stupid hospital!

She couldn’t keep her mind from the one thing that she felt was her fault. She could have – should have – done something. The guilt came again. And again and again. Just when the world seemed a little brighter, Kay collapsed back into darkness with a sick feeling – guilt. It was terrible, worse than the time she had flown to her aunt’s house in London by herself after a fight with her parents. The night before her dad died in a car crash. It was much worse . This must be what it feels like to be depressed, Kay thought grimly.

But suicide was a whole different level of depressed-ness. Even after what had happened, Kay wouldn’t commit suicide. The doctors probably knew that, which would explain why they put her on the 6th floor with the window unlocked. They just didn’t know what to do with her. “That emo girl on the news” is what everyone called her now. Everyone in the city knew her name. But no one knew what to do with her. Being 16, she was too old to be adopted but too young to be on her own. No one wanted her.

Kay tried to roll over and go back to sleep. But she didn’t want to have the dream again. Sleep was torture now. Life was torture. Lying in this hospital bed was torture. Kay was about to cry – again. Let everyone think she’s emo. They had no idea what she had been through. They couldn’t have any idea how she had felt that night, watching her mother die.

 It’s not fair, Kay thought. A single tear trailed off to the side of her head into her hair.

And then it happened.

Exactly what happened was a mystery. As far as Kay could tell, the whole world had just turned…blue. And she seemed lighter, as if the earth had lost its gravity. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and stood up. The window was iced over, but the ice shone a strange blue color, as if reflecting a giant pair of washed-out blue jeans. Kay slipped off her uncomfortable hospital gown and pulled on a pair of jeans, a shirt, a jacket, and forced her feet into her old sneakers. She felt more like herself now, in her own clothes. She pulled the window up, expecting a blast of cold wind. But it wasn’t cold outside. That was weird. And the wind wasn’t blowing, either. Things were way screwed. 


thats the beginning of Allie-was first chapter of her verion of CHASING MIDNIGHT. only the biginning tho. ill post the rest sunday or monday. i personally think its fawesome. and she picked the cutoff. not me. very suspense-making dont ya think?

 -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. Yay!

    hmm..I think I should sign all my comments w. star wars quotes now. They are quite delightful, imo.

    crap…my dad’s yelling at me again to get off.

    “Don’t make me kill you.” ~Anakin.

  2. oops…floor should be ground in the italized intro. my mistake.

    “I’m weak” ~Darth Sidious

  3. hehe. i’ll change it for you.

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  4. thanx!

    “I loved you” ~ Obi Wan

  5. hehe. ok….

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  6. i like it. you guys are really into writing arent you

  7. grieving midnighters are a very popular trend it seems

  8. who doesn’t love greiveing midnighters? very cool story, Allie-wa. congrats on proper use of emo.

    and yeah, we’re into writing. midnighters fanfic = love!

    and dude, get better star wars quotes. or at least SOME good ones from the old trilogy. b/c, as i said in an eaten Westerblog post, ALL YOU NEW SCHOOL PEOPLE SUCK! THE OLD TRILOGY IS INHERINTLY BETTER, THOUGH THE NEW ONE IS GOOD, BUT YOU HAVE NO SOUL IF YOU DON’T AKNOWLEDGE THE OLD ONES AS BEING BETTER! also, this is the only way to refer to them
    A New Hope = the first one. never by title.
    The Empire Strikes Back = by title.
    Return of the Jedi = the last one, the third one, by title.
    The Phantom Menace = the sucky one, Episode 1, the bad one, the one that shall not be named.
    Attack of the Clones = by title.
    Revenge of the Sith = by title, also called the last one or Episode III.
    sorry. i am a star wars fanatic. ignore me.

    am i the only one for whom westerblog has totally disappeared? like, u click on the “blog” link and it gives a wordpress error, like, this account is missing or something else like that like, you’re not authorized? wonder if that means scott-la is moving it or administrating or somesuch. or if shiny new template and features are coming.

    cool story, but i want more! had barely any midnight at all!!! though lots of death. 🙂

  9. I did midnight. It was just sorta long. So I picked a cutoff.

    Yeah, I was doin quotes from the third episode, the one I was watching last night.

    Westerblog is working for me.

  10. sweet

    i luved it

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  21. i luved it

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    you always get the good times, Co-Prez.

  23. speaking of which, wouldn’t it be great to get the HQ a new blog template? this one is so green and flowery….
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    if i could run the HQ i would try!
    we would be tolerent if it came out prettyful. think about it.
    there’s a vacation coming up…lotsa free time.

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    you gotta admit it’d be prettier though.

  25. hehe, demandingness be good… demandingness be a tridecalogism!

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  28. hhhhmmmm…ok. let me look around…im gonna post the rest tomorrow ok Allie-wa.

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  29. i think u guys are all crazy- but i like it. totally not bogus.

  30. it is not 10:30am, its 7:30pm

  31. i think that chapter was ABSOLUTLY AWESOME (soz bout the cApiTaLs). i have never seen writing that well structures or descriptive from a non pro writer (not that ur not pro, just that ur not a published author) are you?. but anyway, fantabulous writing if u ask me.

  32. demandingness is a pretty cool tridecalogism.

  33. oooo, wow, such high praise. Thanks you Phoebe-la and everyone else! hehe.

  34. Ur a really good writer

  35. Wow. FAWESOME is all I have to say. Really awesome writing. I’ll read the next part right after I get home from church ;]

  36. hehe. demandingness…i like it!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  37. Will there be any characters from regular Midnighters here?

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