NEW LAYOUT. i dont like it. but its the best one. i think. all the others look wierd. i cood try another one tomorrow. but rite now. i sleep.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😦



  1. i still like the old one

  2. wow, look, people listens to me!
    hey, i made a really cool banner i could send you, Lizzy-wa. i made it the other day, it’s got all the covers and stuff. i’ll email it to you today as soon as i get some time.

    i like this new layout idea….
    hope you try another.
    for some reason i want the HQ to be all blue and grey, it just seems like it should be.

  3. i like how the about us and members links are at the top, i likes them better.

  4. I like it. I like it. cool.

    Now back to reading Tithe

  5. oooh! ppls r reading tithe!
    wow allie-wa, your mom is letting you? thought she went all duct-tape on language and homosexuality and faeries and violence. good 4 u, the book rocks!

    hey lizzy, i sent you the prettyful banner i made, in case u want to use it.

  6. its cool. i cant decided if i liked the old one more or not… hm.

  7. my school librarian didnt like MIDNIGHTERS!!!!!!!! ***GASP!*** i know cuz we read so yesterday in book club (yes i am in book club. y arent u???) and today we were discussing it in the meeting and someone asked “does he [meaning scott-la] hav any other books??” and i was like “ya he wrote the uglies trilogy and the midnighters trilogy–” and the librarian (who doubles as a book club leader and the schools sorry tech support) was like “i didnt care for that one as much.” i didnt really say anything but in my head i was like “OMG WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!! MIDNIGHTERS IS THE BBBEEESSSSTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” >:O
    anywho…. interesting discovery. the end.

  8. well, school librararians are lame.

    my school doesn’t have a book club.

    hmmm…one thing that bothers me about this template is that it says “comment by” before your name. who said it?! i have to look two words farther?!

  9. Yeah. I volunteer at my library (which basically means I read for 2 hours and get Beta club service points for it). So I read Tithe today. And she doesn’t know about it. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Okay, I know that’s really bad. But still.

  10. it’s not bad, it’s awesome. dude, i’m a bad influence. but tithe = great!!!!

  11. i like the banner, but the old layout looked better. maybe you could try a different layout but with the same banner

  12. yea, i like the old layout, but with different colours

  13. yeah. im gonna try sompthin else…but i think all the others are boring…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  14. grey and blue…

  15. woah, i havent been on here for 5 days. the whole layout like totally changed, it is so cool. i think its more midnighters like.

  16. hey! i got comment 13!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  17. What do you mean ?

  18. i mean i got comment 13…ya no…like. i was the 13th person to comment. ya no?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

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