YET ANOTHER, BETTER LAYOUT. i kinda like this one. i dont no if i like the orange, but anything else doesnt show up…foolioish rite?

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😕



  1. Halloween-ish. Or should I say Samhain (sp?)? Cool!

  2. Must. comment. At midnight.

  3. ‘kay, no more comments for me.

    But the only thing I don’t like is that you have to go back to the homepage of the hq to get to the about us and club members page. kinda annoying. but otherwise, great!

  4. where’s the members pg?

  5. i like it!!!

  6. very pretty. bit too orange for my tastes, but awesome

  7. stupid school blocked this too, being lame and lamerer.

  8. i like the layout. i thought that was red, not orange. oh well. i must be color-blind. now that i go back and look at it, it is orange. my eyes are weird…

  9. i love the layout. i really want the new book covers, fawesoemness.

    Its ok serafina, my school blocks everything. and if you try to go on the website it sends an email to the teacher!

  10. yeah, but it was blocking ridiculously. like, blocking basically everything. including the stuff we were supposed to be using for the assignment.
    and creative writing exists solely to surf on the internet, whatever am i supposed to do instead? ah well, i’m switching to ceramics next month anyway.

    yeah…amy-la, it’s pretty darn orange.
    “Your eyes are funny.” lol.

    still think my banner would be cooler…

  11. yeah i no. i dont like orange. but its ishish rite?

    hhhmmmm…that switch to the homepage thing cood get annoying…oh. and theres no numbers. ok. time to try another one…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  12. coolio

  13. wow, fooloo!

  14. yea, fawesomeness!

  15. hmmm…this is prettyful, but the comments and post titles and names being on the side thing instead of on top is freaking me out.

    i do like all the stuff at the bottom though.

    think we’ve really gotten 6,200 hits?

  16. i wasn’t here for the orange phase, i guess, so this is pretty much irrelevant for me but w/e.

    my school actually doesn’t block scott’s blog, but it blocks this one. idk how they do that. yeah, last friday my friend was finding a picture for her art interpretation essay (i always do photos by todd weinstien, but she likes paintings), and she found a pic of starry night off google. so she clicked on it, and what comes up but “ACCESS BLOCKED by (insert school name here)”

    it’s CRAZY now. my school is going insane w/ all the new rules. like you only get 15 minutes of email access, but with the school’s SLOWER THAN DEATH dial-up connection that’s not enough time to print out an essay/lab report!

    but luckily, i have gmail, and for whatever reason they aren’t able to block it w/o blocking google.

    and i think we’d assassinate the interim principal (the new one comes in jan., after break) for that.

  17. hhmmm…this site has been blocked at my scool for as long as i can remember. and Scotts. donno why.

    yeah. the things on the side are kinda wierd, but overall, it is blue and black. thats what you wanted rite Co-Prez-la?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 💡

  18. school is out!!!!!!

  19. i do like blue and black. they be awesome.

    i still have school 2day and 2morrow!

    and i’m really late for today!~!!!

  20. the comment names on the side is bugging me. plus, where did the pretty covers go?? if you bring them back i would like this layout the best

  21. i want to write another fanfic about midnighters. please help me come up with a new one and what it means and your def of metallurge, like mentioned in book 2 in chap 17.

  22. i ment new talent

  23. hhhhmmmm…dont no of a new power. im not creative like that…

    it wont let me put a banner on it! it stinks!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  24. my school lets these sites in. i even update my blog at school sometimes… (like the one post about the no teacher thing)

    I don’t really like the new layout…

    i cant think of a new talent.

    i like in the first midnighters on page 140 it says: “hey Rex, maybe she’s an acrobat,” Dess said.
    “yeah, a replacement,” Melissa joined in.
    rex glared at her, and then put his glasses back on. melissa’s face went a little blurry as the rest of the world sharpened, and then he turned away to stare out the car window.
    “we dont need an acrobat.”
    “sure rex,” dess said. “but wouldnt a full set be better?”
    he shrugged, not taking the bait.
    “collect ’em all,” melissa added.

    uhh… that last line sounded like pokemon. Gotta catch them all!

  25. hehe. i hate pokemon.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  26. the other day in math a bunch of guys were playing pokemon…like they had the ancient nintendo thing and all, it was so funny…they’re like “red charizard or green pikachu?” idk if there’s even a green pikachu (or however you spell it) but yeah it was so weird…i’m like “ok, most of you are in 10th grade. why are you so fascinated?” but they were just like “b/c it’s awesome!” and i was like “well, i’m a freshman, and i’m not nearly as engrossed as you!” and they just said “whatever…”

    yeah, most of the 10th graders were taking the PSAT that day, so they weren’t in class and we got a study hall

    it’s been far too long since i’ve used a smilie…i like spelling things with “ie” instead of “ey”

  27. haha. my brothers are 10 and 7, and even they arent as obsessed with pokemon.

  28. yeah, and there i was talking to 15/16 year olds it was kinda ironic.

    i didn’t like pokemon even when it was popular though, so i guess it’s a guy thing…

  29. well, some of the pokemon are actually really cute and stuff. im not saying that i like pokemon or anything, but yeah.

  30. i get it…which is even more reason why 15/16 year-old guys should be past that! lol, i guess it’s “retro” or something

  31. haha. “retro”

  32. please think of something and as my christmas present for all of you will be a short storyof our 2 favorite books by scott-la.

  33. wow, so many new layouts… anyway, sorry about the lack of comments on my blog, it was really hungry for a while and started eating everyones comments

  34. yeah. everyone sayd they commented, and then there was no comments. spooky-making…

    hehe. howd we start talking about pokemon?

    sorry Kim-la. i still dont have any ideas.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  35. ummm, metallurge in my opinion is like teliing apart different metals just by feeling them and smelling them, and they sort of call to you so you know where they are.

    for different talents, just think of superpowers, like being an acrobat is flying and mindcasting is reading minds. so… how about super-strength? so you can lift heavier steel, and fend off darklings and stuff?

  36. hehe, pokemon. i still don’t have an xbox or a playstation, but i have a pokemon yellow nintendo that’s really really old

  37. hhhhmmmmm…i like it Lotti-la. hhhmmmm…super strength….how about invisibility? super speed? no. that doesnt sound very midnightish. hhhhmmmmm…im totally gonna use that invisibility thing…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 💡

  38. g in g to use the invisibility because that sounds like one of the characters that i am going to make a midnighter.

    Can any one guess who?

  39. The new layout’s pretty sweet, with the black/white/neon blue theme. ❤ There’s no header banner on this theme though.

  40. aaaakkkkk…format has no lines between the comments so they all blend together. confusing when i read them.

    i think metallurge is like, how you could put your hand on the ground and be like, yo, there’s a vein of iron ten feet down.
    new talent…darkling werewolf! jk. ummm…magnetism? that would actually be pretty cool, i came up with that as a joke. like, as part of the metallurge talent.

    i don’t know anyone who still likes pokemon. it was big when i was in, like, kingergarden.

  41. all of my creativity has been drained already from art class, so i can’t really help w/ the whole “new midnighter talent search.”

    my apologies.

    and lotti, that’s the kind of game system that they were using! like the really old model…it was red. but then another kid pulled a blue one out of his backpack but they didn’t use it since there was only one copy of the game.

  42. vin-tage.

  43. my mum won it in a competition when i was like five, and i never told her what a nintendo was when she entered so she was quite disappointed. but i was not

  44. i dont like it

  45. I never liked Pokemon. Ever. I had friends in kindergarten that liked it, but I tried watching it once. It sucked. I wanted to like it. I tried to like it. But it was stupid and boring so I turned it off. 😛

  46. dude, i was just really confused when i logged on here and it was still this template. i think i had a dream where the HQ had a different template and expected that one. dude, i need to spend less time on the internet–dreams about blog layouts. i. am. a. loser.

    seriously, this layout’s okay, but the having stuff on the side takes some getting used to. the only thing i really don’t like is the lack of lines or spaces between commments. it makes it hard to read them.

  47. dude, that blog stats thing is freaking me out. have there really been a hundred hits since the last time i was on here?

  48. I’ve had 2 dreams about the hq now. One was just last night.

    They lay all snug in their beds
    While visions ofCHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES danced in their heads.

    hehe. That’s stupid but w/e. :mrgreen:

  49. what was your dream about the HQ about?

    lol, lame but funny.

  50. I think it was…I don’t even remember. lol. I think I was walking on the comments. b/c I was like in cyberspace or something and it was 3D. And I was alone. Then ppls materialized out of the darkness and it was all dark and spooky because this layout is all…dark and spacy.

  51. scary thought. i actually had a dream about pretties last night, you know the ones with the beautiful princess who lived in a tower and was gaurded by a dragon and rescued by an ugly prince? shame i didn’t have the one with shay in it…

  52. new talent manes!!!!! please???? 😦

    do ya’ll want me to tell ya’ll whothe 2 characters are some ya’ll can come up with new talents better??

  53. sorry. when i am mad i type badly. i ment names not manes who the not whothe.

    now that that is taken care of, ya’ll can come up with new talent names, right?!?!?!? 🙂

  54. i came up with some talents on westerblog. seriously though kim, that’s a hard question.
    what about telling the future? that’s very midnightersish.

    wow, we dream about this sort of stuff way too much. once i had a dream about reading city of ashes while silmetaneously watching a movie they’d made of it, projected on a big wall. i was sad because it didn’t have much Jace in it. he got sent to like Tibet or something.

  55. okay i am in a nice mood. i will tell ya’ll the 2 other characters that i am going to make midnighters.

    Tally & Aya.

    if you read my other fanfic posted several posts ago. it will include thoes people too.

    now maybe ya’ll can come up with talents better.

    Bis dann!!!! 🙂

  56. hey, i totally came up with a talent in the post right above you, and on westerblog.

  57. i like the talent that lizzy wa came up with, invisibility

  58. i kinda like the psycick one tho…hhhhmmmm…

    i had a dream one time where everybody in the club was at Scotts house in Aussieland eating tea and really bad homemade Scott Pie. hehe. ok now im hungry…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  59. awww, now you make me hungry too…

  60. hehe. must find some leftover pie in the freezer…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  61. i wish my freezer had leftover pie.

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    I made on photoshop anime myspace pics.
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