She saw the figures from a distance. They were flying, somehow, rising and falling with ease and in a distinct rhythm, like the beat of a song. She watched them as she sat down on the too-wide windowsill. Her feet were dangling over the side, dangerously high up. Then the figures reached her. it was a guy and a girl. They stood on the ground outside her window. “Kay?” The guy called up to her, “I’m Jonathan, and this is Jessica.” He gestured to the girl beside him. “We’re here to help you. Just hang on – I’ll be up there in a second…”
       But Kay didn’t need him. She inched her way to the very edge of the windowsill…
       …and pushed off the side of the building just as Jonathan flew into the air. To her delight, she shot up into the air, away from the hospital. Freedom. It had never seemed so good.
       “Hey!” Jonathan shouted, trying to redirect his path in mid-flight. But Kay watched as he slammed into the building in his efforts. He pushed off, heading straight toward her. He covered the distance quickly, and grabbed her hand as he passed by her. But when he made contact, he stopped. In midair. They were stuck. In midair.  They were in midair! It was as if they had turned into stone. Like everything else. Kay noticed for the first time the small dark shapes surrounding all the trees. They were leaves that had fallen off in the last gust of wind. But they hadn’t made it to the ground.
 Then Kay let go of Jonathan’s hand. They flew off in opposite directions. God – she would end up back in that dreaded hospital room if she hit anything at this speed. But the air in front of her was clear of obstacles and she slowed and dropped to the soft grass. Jonathan and Jessica were holding hands again, Kay noticed as she looked over at them. She could catch bits of what was being said. Something about acrobats. Then Jonathan jumped again, with Jessica, and landed right in front of Kay. “Are you crazy?” Jonathan shouted. He looked, and sounded, ticked. “Maybe so. That’s what the local news has been saying about me, right?” Kay kept her voice calm and level. “Yeah…but I didn’t believe it until you jumped out of your window!” “That was – never mind. I think I have a lot more questions than you do,” Kay said, “Starting with – what on earth is going on? Jonathan half-smiled at Jessica, as if sharing some private joke. “We’ll explain later.” Jessica said, speaking for the first time, “But I think we need to do something first…” she pulled her right hand out of her sweatshirt pocket. It sparkled a soft, blue color and the were sparks like static electricity coming from it. It reminded her of…”Lightning?” Kay said, puzzled. “Yes. I need you to touch it. Just grab my hand.” Jessica extended her hand toward Kay, who backed away. “No way. I’m not exactly all that enthusiastic about getting struck by lightning.”Jessica sighed. “It won’t hurt for long – I promise. We’ve done this before.”“And the sooner you do this the sooner we can explain what’s going on.” Jonathan added.Kay grabbed Jessica’s hand and closed her eyes, resisting the urge to pull away, to be rid of the pain that shot up her entire arm. The seconds seemed like hours. Eventually the pain subsided, as if being drained from her body. “Good.” Jessica said, and let go, “Darkling proof and ready to go. For now, at least.” She put her hand back in her sweatshirt pocket. Jonathan was bouncing on his feet, jumping only inches off the ground, and said, “Then let’s go.” Jessica grabbed Jonathan’s hand again. They were about to jump, but Kay stopped them. “Wait – what about me?” “We’ll see you tomorrow night, hopefully. You need to get back to your room.” Jessica said, sounding more than a little irritated. “Oh – and you’ll need this.” Jessica took a small chain out from her sweatshirt pocket and dropped it into Kay’s palm. “It’s name is Unprecedented Nonscientific Identicalness. Wear it in the blue time. and remember its name.” And without any further explaination, she grabbed Jonathan’s hand again, and they jumped, leaving Kay behind. There was no way Kay was going back into that hospital. She knew where she was going. She jumped. She followed the two of them, making sure to stay out of their sight.  It wasn’t before they slowed down. It took all of Kay’s concentration to keep up with them during their high jumps, so the change in speed came as a relief to her. They were walking now. Kay noticed they were heading in the general direction of the grocery store. She watched from a distance as they got in an old, beat-up car sitting alone in the parking lot. They didn’t start the engine. They were together. Talking and laughing, as if the world hadn’t just flipped completely upside down, as if this happened every night. Kay looked away when they started kissing. They deserved a little privacy, after all. And as she turned away, the world returned to its normal colors. When she looked back at the car, Jonathan was starting the car up. Alone. Jessica had disappeared. 

And Kay knew that these kids were no ordinary people.


lovely isnt it? i personally LOVE it.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😀



  1. i am loving the fact that jessica can make people darkling proof with her bracelet full of lightning. pretty fawesome

  2. very fawesome.
    i may have mentioned my incredible love of lightning. and people who can control lightning.
    and i am irrationally thrilled with the image of the blue time and the grocery store parking lot and the beat-up car and jessica and jonathan and then just jonathan. that is the stuff i lives for.
    lol, love how kay just totally ignores them, jumps around.

  3. coolio

    i luv it

  4. Yay!!!!!!!

    Why’s it so small?

  5. because darkling have hacked the HQ and made the type confusing and small and off-to-the-side-y.

  6. wHOA! as i predicted, when i finished vaccuming, the HQ has totally changed.

    i loves it though. especially that banner. whoever could have made it?

    red and black reminds me of my blog.

  7. hehe. yes. who was the GENIUS that created that LOVELY work of art? its a total mystery…hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  8. so…is this good? cuz im kinda getting tired of changing the look everyday.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  9. It was me. duh.

  10. this’ good.

    and yeah, of course it was you Allie-wa. except for the part where it was me.

    i’m cool with this layout.

  11. you should add my LJ to the blogroll, Co-Prez.

  12. ooooooh……the thing being at the bottom was bothering me, but i just realized that if i close the little favorites thing on the side, it goes to the right. which is awesome.
    yeah, i know that makes no sense.
    moral of story—layout = love.

  13. must…comment…b/c…there’s 12 and that’s unlucky.

    dude, the HQ’s been around since october 8th. that’s only like less than three months. seems longer. and we’ve got our 6000 something hits. bet 80% of those are me though.

    ahem. yes. sorry.

    Oh, alright. It wasn’t me. I’m just silly, silly, silly (quote from Frosty the Snowman. That’s what having a 5 year old sister does to you.)

  15. ummm…i think that’s Lizzy’s work, not wordpress’.
    it might be, but that seems like a Lizzy thing to do.
    ha ha only child.

  16. Don’t brag. it’s not nice.

    Well, it could be Lizzy’s work. But that would just be silly, silly, silly.

    Well, I got an error message the other day when my computer wouldn’t load the fcking page because its so fckn slow, and there was a smiley face on the error page. The one that says “looks like you’ve already said that”. 😛

  17. this layout is foolio! luv the banner :mrgreen:

  18. bragging’s nice when it’s me doing it. jk, i’ll stop.
    it is pretty though, isn’t it?

    i duuno, it does seem like lizzy would do that though.
    uggghh…hate it when wordpress is joyful when your stopped up.

  19. oh god, i did that thing that i hate when everyone else does.
    said your instead of you’re.

  20. humph. i see no mr.smiley. humph.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😡

  21. I hate it when people do stuff like that. I’m a grammar freak.

    Your instead of you’re
    then instead of than
    I instead of A
    do you get the point?

  22. i get edgy over “a” and “an”

  23. well, those things are annoying, but the Your/You’re thing bothers me the most. because people seem to do a lot of those other things by accident. but people don’t seem to realize that one is wrong. and it bothers me irrationally.

  24. yea. it only bugs people with brains

  25. lol, lotti-wa.

  26. Hmm…wish I had a better place to put this…oh well.

    Serafina, you said the wiki logged you out? wow. Well, um, I can’t really do anthing about that. but you can email and ask them if they can change your password. I’m not even sure they’re able. but it’s worth a try. If you do be sure to tell your username on the wiki (Serafina zane), the wiki it’s on (chasingmidnightwerewolves).

    wow I sound bossy.

    Can’t believe I’m on here on Christmas. 😛

  27. i would like somwe more.

    Merry Christmas

    i am on my new laptop.

    so coolio


  28. i’ll probably try that sometime.

    and i know, i’m a loser. but it’s not like i’m skipping out on family time, my dad’s off…somewhere, i don’t know, and my mom’s cooking. still, i spend too much christmas-time on the intermonet.

  29. You don’t spend as as much time as me. Actually, I’ve been on the internet today more than I have been for like the past 3 months (since school started).

    It feels like summer [break] again. Except for all the Christmas decorations. But other than that, it could be Christmas. 😛

  30. because it is christmas?
    really, tommorrow is the first day of my actual break. and i’ve already made writing progress! *cheers*

    yes, i keep myself happy with the incentive that there are people out there more obsessed than me. somewhere.

  31. haha. I think at at the very top of the “obsessed” list. All Wikipedia admins are.

  32. as i promised, here is my christmas persent to all of ya’ll.
    here we go:

    At the stroke of Midnight, when Aya and Fizz were watching Nana Love cut her giant pink cake. Aya was tense with excitement, already planning what her new story was going to say. Then the big moment arrived. Nana picked up the knife covered with jewels and gently slid it into the cake. With a giant splat, the cake exploded as everything turned blue. Aya looked around and saw globs of pink cake suspended in midair. She also saw all of the other people at the party frozen stiff. “Hello?” she called hesitantly. Then she heard a crashing and howling through the trees. Then a huge gray wolf ran into the courtyard. As it came closer to her it transformed into Tally Youngblood. “Aya-la? I heard you yell? Where are you?” What is she saying, thought Aya, I am right here. She looked down at her hand, but she could not see it! “I’m over here Tally-wa,” she called. “Oh, there you are. I see you now,” she said. “What do you make of this, Tally-wa?” asked Aya. “I don’t know,” answered Tally. Just then three people came floating into the courtyard. “Welcome,” one of them said, “my name is Calypso Jenell Greene and this is Midnight.”

    Hope that ya’ll like it. commet to make it better. 🙂

    Bis dann!!! 🙂

  33. pretty fool, it’s just the beginning, where it says at midnight when aya and frizz were watching nana love cut her cake, shouldn’t it be without the when?

  34. Yeah. Inoticed that too. But other than that it’s pretty good. 🙂

  35. *already commented on story in two other places*

  36. well i just commented on the story over at westerblog, but again, i likes it!

    and (a little your vs. you’re story) once the varsity volleyball team decorated the girls locker room b/c it was their coach’s birthday (their coach is the gym teacher) and painted “YOUR #1” on the door to her office (which is also in the girls locker room). i got out a sharpie and corrected it. of course, the paint washed off, but my apostrophe and “e” didn’t
    lol. didn’t get caught though.

    another grammar thing i hate: when people confuse “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”

    my cousin came to visit a few days ago and had me proofread her essay. there were about 15 misuses of “your” and “there”.

  37. lizzy-wa, you can post my story if you want to. i’m not saying that because i am boastful just that everyone seems to like it.

    that did not sound like i wanted it to. :l

  38. i gotcha, kim-la! lol that rhymed. but yeah, i know what you mean.


  39. you don’t sound boastful kim-la. and it’d be cool if lizzy posted it, more people would probably get to read it then.

    lol, you’re.
    yeah for getting away with vandalism!

  40. yea, go grammatical vandalism!

  41. go comment 39! i almost had it but i didn’t!

  42. oh, i hadn’t noticed. who got comment 13?

  43. if she wants to post it she can fix all the grammatical errors.

  44. oh rite, it was you, serafina zane-la

  45. i don’t know—oh was it me? probably, i’m on here way too much. it’d be nice if Lizzy could mess with it to get these comments numbered. be useful.

  46. I’m writing more of this! finally. Even tho I think it’s terrible. I have like…5 paragraphs done. and now I’m stuck.

  47. awww…writers block no fun. don’t give up though, this part was fawesome so i bet it doesn’t suck.

    i’m writing too, original stuff though. describing a character’s collection of geeky t-shirts.

  48. i am so bored. i want more of every ones story. i can’t write more of my current story cause igot a new laptop 4 christmas and it does not have microsoft word. soooo bored!!!!!!

    a new post please……..

  49. i really should write some more Gradution. like, i know what’s going to happen i just haven’t done it. as of now, i have exactly as much as is posted.

  50. hey Lizzy, you should post again. should post something. i dunno what. something not chapters related for a change. maybe some fanart. or the covers. or i dunno.
    or the wierdness of the lasceux caves. there’s lots of midnighters fanfic on my flickr page. i’m Joy From Manhattan.
    or do something completely different.
    or another contest.
    or something cool.
    or post that random thing i wrote about how they ACTUALLY MENTION WEREWOLVES IN MIDNIGHTERS. hmmm, let me find that. i wrote an awesome post, you could post that.

    wow, i sound self-promoting in this. i’m not.

    or you could post links, like to that fansite or the midnighters quiz or i dunno.

    should just post something new, something different for a change.

  51. btw, here is a replica of the Lasceux Caves Darkling Wierdness
    said by me a few months ago….
    “my french teacher was out today so we watched some movie on the lascaux caves and it reminded me SO MUCH of midnighters stuff. like prehistoric darkling-fighters and the lore and stuff, totally.
    for instance—they described two animals that might have been “female lions”. SINCE WHEN DO THEY HAVE LIONS IN FRANCE? so not lions. such darklings. u know they are.
    AND they found a symbol that looked just like THE ROMAN NUMERAL FOR THIRTEEN! they even described it as that. come on. THIRTEEN. like XIII. (maybe. not good at numerals) u know that’s anti-darkling protection myths getting written there.
    and, for my final proof i offer this creepy-ass picture. if that doesn’t say halfling, i don’t know what does.alternatively, it is the CREEPIEST UNICORN IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. it’s apparently supposed to be a human too, somehow. *shiver*”

  52. and here’s the canon darkling werewolves too

    “i’m rereading The Secret Hour cuz i’m a loser midnighters freak (and i finished all the library books in the house: wildwood dancing and almost done with maddigan’s fantasia. timon! you’re so cool yet evil yet creepy yet awesome!) but any-way….i’m reading Midnighters 1. and there’s this little exchange on page 230, which i recount here.

    “”And that means,” he [Rex] said slowly, “that they only hunt about once a month. Like a werewolf in mythology.”
    “Exactly. That must be where the whole full-moon thing comes from. Except darklings hunt once every 3.571429 weeks, not every four. But who’s counting?””

    see that? DARKLING. WEREWOLVES. and they’re CANON! CANON DARKLING WEREWOLVES! they have a whole paragraph. they deserve to have a whole book. a fourth midnighters book. with darkling werewolves. it’s already been proved that darklings are the source of werewolf myths. let’s get a little more literal.

    and, you know Mr. Westerfeld, there’s this secret meaning to the word “trilogy” i’d like to inform you of.”

  53. i posted on my blog 4 the 1st tiome in somewhat months.
    there is my 1st chapter of my midnight werewolvs.
    and a werewolf comes in at the end it is so fawesome

  54. so go and read it

  55. freaky idea, darklings in france. but nice anti-darkling protections myths

  56. where did u get this background? i want it for my blog!

    by the way GO AND COMMENT MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 PRETTY PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 how come we have no new posts on here? can we all post on here? yes no mabye so?

  58. post the link to your blog.

  59. kk here it is

    idk if that worked if not copy and paste


    WoRd 😉

  60. ya it did

    now Every one go and comment!!!!!!!!!!!

    and just to ket u know i have tryed

  61. to post on here but it wouldn’t let me!!!!!!!!!


    sorry about the tripple post!!!!!!!!!!
    WoRd 😉

  62. yay it worked!! will go back and post now.

  63. i dunno where Lizzy got the template.

    ooooooh, fic.

    yeah, is that not freaky????

  64. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. ok, i will post on your blog rite now, please post on mine too!!

  66. I remember those comments! About the caves…that’s freaky.

    Still stuck.

    And now my hands smell like wine.


  67. yeah, i reposted em.

    why do your hands smell like WINE????

    and i’ll be on your blog, Sophie-la, just as soon as i get a minute, i’m on the verge of getting kicked off the computer. and i’m always on Lotti-wa’s.

  68. foolio

    comments on my blog!!!!1
    Lizzy-WA i want a new post on this page
    it has been on here for like EVER!!!!!!!!!


  69. what the hell!?!?!?! i log off and go to take a shower and somehow my computer has logged me out of everything! i have to re-log-in on LJ, my names have been wiped from here and westerblog, what’s up???

    goes to finally read sophie-la’s fic and comment.

    i think Lizzy-wa is currently on vacation and without posting access until sunday at least.

  70. Yeah. They smelled like wine. idk why. My dad drinks wine, but i never do.

    I’m pissed.

  71. Why r u pissed?

    WoRd 😉

  72. yea, how come you’re pissed? 😕

  73. hello?

    i am so hyper

  74. what’s up, Allie-wa?

  75. Ok, sorry about that.

    my parents are just going all duct-tape again, like not letting me read books I want to, not letting me see I Am Legend, not letting me do practically anything. They just want me to be the type of kid that babysits all the neighbors’ kids, goes to the youth group at church twice a week, and wears pink, preppy clothes and a bow in my hair.

    I’m sorry. I’m just not like that.

    And it’s really really annoying, the way they expect me to be perfect.

  76. i hate it when my parents do that

    he he

    WoRd 😉

  77. ok so how come no one has posted any thing on this blog in ever???????????

    my parents don’t let me have a life so all of the blogs i go to r my life.

    i want a new post

    idk how to write it my self but oh well if u know how to write a new post on this blog here plz tell me

    so bored

    bye bye bye

    WoRd 😉

  78. duct-tape girl. i hate it when the parents get like that. mine do all the time, but they’re starting to give up. because i am the most stubborn person you will ever meet

  79. i want to see i am legend as well. it looks good

  80. i saw it yesterday

    it was so fool. we loved it.

    it was scary and sad at the same time

    i jumped like 13 times

    and then i cryed at the end


    WoRd 😉

  81. Oh yeah. They don’t want me on here any more. or on scott’s blog, either…:(

    That’s the original reason I think I said I was pissed.

  82. y don’t they want u on here or scotts blog?

  83. that sucks allie-wa. *sympathy* duct-tape just sucks. as do parents with crappy, unrealistic expectations.

    i would like to see I Am Legend as well.

  84. so bored

    WoRd 😉

  85. NIght My Peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be staying up till midnight!!!!!!!!!!1 but my laptop is out of batery.

    WoRd 😉

  86. sadness, allie-wa. happy new year, peeps!

  87. Happy New Year!!!!!! I am now officially 1 hour and 26 minutes into January 1st, 2008!!!!

  88. well i plan on staying up, but as i stayed up til 2 am last night and then got up before 9, i might pass out.
    i think my laptop needs charging too :mrgreen:

    are you there Allie-wa?

  89. Soooo bored…………………………………………………………………………. Pandas Rule…………………………….And so do Darkling Werewoves……………………………………………………………………………SO bored……………………………………………………………………………need a new post………………………………………….is there anyone other than me on here?

    WoRd 😉

  90. i want to see i am legend!!!!!!! it looks soooo awesome!!!!!! but i’m not too good with scary movies…i’m very easily paranoid…and i know that if i see i am legend, i’m going to be freaked out until the day everyone gets wiped out in the movie is. i don’t know if u could understand that, but i think u get the idea… I SAW NATIONAL TREASURE 2 YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! it’s soooooo awesome!!!!!!!! riley just gets funnier!!!!!! i’ve been waiting for them to make a second national treasure for a long time!!!!!!!!!! anyway, nothing else for me to say. happy new year!!!!! random thought here: how fun would it be to be a midnighter on new years??!?! especially in new york!!!!! 3…2…1…HAPP- confetti frozen everywhere!!!!! that would be awesome!!!!! 😛

  91. click on my name to see the new special circumstances!

  92. lol. that would be cool.

  93. happy new year everyone!!!!!

    Bis dann!!! 🙂

  94. Greetings from the future to all of you who are not in 2008 yet!

  95. click on my name to see the new post on the New Special Circumstances!

  96. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. y have my comments on this thread been eaten?

  98. Good question. Maybe wordpress doesn’t like you. 😛

  99. whenever i start a blog, it gets hungry for a while and eats everyone’s comments until i figure out what the hell i did wrong. has anyone seen the New Special Circumstances members page?

  100. wow. so much comments. i’ll try to post sompthing…after i update the ranks.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  101. hey, it came back.

    that’s probably them requiring moderation the first time they’re posted, lotti-wa
    *goes to see members page*

  102. yepyepyep.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙂

  103. Fawesomeness!

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