NON-CHAPTER RELATED. so. i have been requested to post. a lot. i have also been requested *cough* Serafina-la *cough* to not post more chapters. to do sompthing different. so this post has nothing to do with chapters. or darklings. or even contests. it has to do with tridecalogisms…ok. so it kinda has to do with me. but its mostly tridecalogisms.

Β i wanted to tell you of all of my tridecalogism experiences. well, not all of them. that wood take to long….

Β as most of you no, i get very bored in math. so. as most of you also no. i rite on myself. rite? well, 13/13 times, im riting tridecalogisms on my arms. you shood see the looks i get. i mean, its just ballpoint pen! and there just big words. whats rong with big words? i like big words! you?

so i usually rite at least 13. its always a multiple of 13. but exactly how many i riteΒ just depends on how bored i am.

so the day before we got out for break….wensday?…i was EXTREMELY bored. why? well, because instead of only having to pay attention a little bit to the random math stuff that is actally important, i didnt have to pay attention at all. cuz we were watching ELF. ELF! i mean, yeah its a good movie an all. but that guy just gets on my nerves after a while. not to mention HE was sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. and i coodnt see the screen without leaning all the way to the left or all the way to the rite! and even then HE was still in the way. so i decided not to look at the screen. if it ment looking at the back of HIS disgustingly greasy hair for an hour and a half, thats what i was going to do.

so i got out my assorted colors and began riting. i soon realized that my left arm was full. and i coodnt rite on my rite arm becaus my left hand is highly uncapable of riting to the point where you can read it. i looked at the clock. there was still 20 minutes. i glanced at the screen, but HE was in the way. laughing his head off like a choking howler monkey. no, sorry. a DYING choking howler monkey. if only he was one….

i had to do sompthing! if i got to bored, i wood look at the screen again. i frantically searched the room, looking for sompthing, ANYthing to occupy me. when my eyes came in contact with HIS.

he had turned around to say “HAHAHA DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!!” i gagged. he looked confused and frustrated. SHOOT! i had looked at him again! i felt like i was going to seriously puke! i tore my eyes from his. i had to find sompthing to do!

i rolled my pants up and began riting. faster than i had ever written before. i was just suprised i cood even read the words. but i kept going. suddenly the lites came on. my eyes slammed shut, stinging with the sudden pang of lite.

i blinked away the spots as i rolled down my pants, put on my jacket, and packed up my stuff. i was out the door before the teacher could tell us Merry Christmas.

when i got home later that afternoon, i counted the words on my legs and arm.

there were 507.

507!!! i didnt even know i knew that many tridecalogisms! i was stunned! and pretty proud. if i mite say so my self!

that nite, i had several dreams about Midnighters and tridecalogisms. and several nitemares about ELF. so….yeah.

for the next week, i was getting strange looks and questions. hehe.

anybody else have any wierd tridecalogism experiences?

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. intresting u hate HIM that much. i h8 when people r oblivious 2 ur h8. its like u angrily glare at them and they just smile and wave.

  2. btw have u clicked my name???

  3. thats weird u cant click my name

  4. I’ve had a few tridecalogism moments. There was this one time this one girl was telling me how much she liked this one bracelet I had on, and I told her that it’s name was electrocution. She gave me a weird look before walking away. I’ve also written tridecalogims on my arms before when I was bored in class, though not that many. 507, wow! Amazing!

    Once in math we had this free day thingy and my friends and I had nothing to do. (Well other then my friend who was reading the third midnighter book for the first time, and was ignoring the rest of us) so I got a dictionary out and started searching for tridecalogisms. Then another one of my friends, (who hasn’t actually read the books, I’m working on it) also started looking them up, and so did another friend of mine, and the one who was reading the third book started shouted tridecalogisms at us that were from the book. In less then 20 minutes we got a list of over a hundred going. All the while my math teacher was looking at us sceptically trying to figure out why we were reading the dictionary probably.

  5. dude, we had to watch Elf in my French class. i think i drew fanart instead. Tithe, not Midnighters

    well, during GEPA testing (while stuck in a room full of wierd stoners and shortly after getting the idea for a great and my favorite story, which always puts me in odd moods) last year, when i was rereading Touching Darkness, i kept finding tridecalogisms. like “St.Patrick’s Day”, “Happy Birthday” and the number of symbols (counting copyright and stuff) on my pencil. plus the name of the paper-towel company. ect. it was kind of wierd and mainly psychosomatic.

    i am liking this post, Lizzy-wa. tridecalogisms rock. you should start every post with a tridecalogism. that’d be cool. like a tridecalogism of the day/post. and post more!
    wow i’m demanding.
    but hey. laseux caves. canon darkling werewolves. other things are surely out there.
    hey! i drew a fawesome pic of Kirby yesterday. you can post that too.
    we don’t want to get into a fanfic rut, though that IS awesome.
    all things in moderation.

  6. hehe. reading the dictionary is one of my fav hobbies!!!!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  7. hehe. Kirby. hehe. love that name.

    i like the whole tridecalogism of the day thingy…i think i shall do that…

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ˜€

  8. uh… i dont like writing on myself. tatoos, pen, marker, if its on my skins is just so… *shivers*… ick. but if it makes you happy go for it. wow, 507. is that a multiple of 13? well, lets hope.
    serafina-la i’d love to see this kirby you speak of. he sounds pretty fawesome.

  9. Kirby…….i will probably scan the picture when i finish it. look on the wiki, it’ll be there. and i’ll send it to Lizzy if she wants to post it. cuz it’s preeeettty. and a fawesome name.

    writing on self is fun. i drew lightning bolts on myself today.
    and, inspired by this, made a long list of tridecalogisms i could think of or found. i got….27. only one away from a multiple of 13! that’s nothing compared to some of your people and your lists though.

    i also drew one of my characters and it came out cool and made me happy.

  10. o yeah i remember! i have another tridecalogism story to share.
    so my two favorite bands are The Racontuers and the Arctic Monkeys.
    think about it.
    T-H-E R-A-C-O-N-T-E-U-R-S
    13 letters!!!! (because the The is part of thier name) and
    A-R-C-T-I-C M-O-N-K-E-Y-S
    and it’s also 13 letters!!!!!!!! (becuause they don’t have a The)
    is that not awesome? great band names.
    though if you go by The Last Days they’re horrible. you could be both a Raconteur and an Arctic Monkey.
    but really, The Desk isn’t a tridecalogism so they win.

  11. has any one read Cyrano de bergranc?

  12. nope.

  13. lizzy, i cant believe that you actually wrote 507. you arent serious are you. cuz i kinda dont beilieve you can fit 507 tridecalogisms on your leg. yeah, i know im spoiling your moment but, oh well.

  14. well it is about this guy who has a really big nose and he is in love with his cousin but he thinks that he is to ugly for her. then he finds out that she likes another person in his troops but that person gets tounge tied when he talks to women so he talks for him and they get married. but then they have to go off to war. then cyrano writes letter to his cousin from the guy that she loves twice a day. then she comes to see the guy. the fighting then starts and her lover is the first to die. they then go on and fight ect. ect.. the story then jumps to 15 years later where cyrano’s cousin has taked=n up residence at a covent. cyrano then dies because someone drops a peice of wood on his head.

  15. Him? The Nameless One?

    Ink is toxic. I draw on my hands every time I go to church, but, well…that’s different.


    btw, 507 is a multiple of 13. by 39. In case you didn’t know.

  16. i have a really good story about something thaat happend to me that has to do with tridecalogisms.

    ok so i was the first of my friends group to read Midnighters and the day after i read all of them (this was a weekend. now it is monday and i am @ school) we had big time tests. and i finsh tests fast so i had nothing to do, so i took out 13 sheets of paper (i ment to do this) and started writing tridecalogisms on the lines. and after each test i grabed the papers and just wrote some more. And after my last test (6th period) i finaly finshed writeing 13 pages front and back of tridecalogisms. so then the bell rang i walked ito the hall and went up to my group of friends and said “look at this!!!!! 13 pages FRont and back of tridecalogisms!!!!!!!!! so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and all of my friends looked at me like i was talking berber or something.


    WoRd πŸ˜‰

  17. multiples of 13 rock. crazy u do that unconciously, Co-Prez.

    HEY GUYS!!!!
    i need advice. i got two fawesome silver rings, and i need ideas for what to name them. not sure if i should do single or triple tridecalogims.
    but not lists of tridecalogisms plz. just cool names. and if you’ve got any cool triples i can steal, well that’s awesome.

    hey i posted my pic of Kirby on the wiki. feel free to steal it and post it if you want, Co-Prez.

  18. multitudinous

  19. co-prez, whata time were you born at?

  20. 8:57 local time.

  21. um go to LIzzy-Wa’s blog and look at her list of tridecalogisms…… i think it is lizzy-wa blog…………………..

    WoRd πŸ˜‰

  22. wait. i think it’s Lotti-wa’s.

  23. Yes, it is mine. I am so glad to be back in a place with internet connection!

  24. it is disturbing how much i love my computer

  25. Silver kills werewolves. in case you didn’t know that. So silver rings are fawesome.

    There was like this dude in this story sometime somewhere and he would hunt werewolves with a gun filled with silver bullets. I’m gonna add that to my fanfic. πŸ™‚

    I’m a midnighter. almost…if the clocks in the hospital were wrong, I’m not.


  27. i lives for my computer access.

    and i did know that—double lucky.
    i wrote a story about a doctor chick who took a silver bullet out of a werewolf guy in a flight jacket who showed up at her house and ran away for english last year.
    so surprised i didn’t get sent to Guidance for that. and other stories….


  29. now i have finished reading extras, and i have to say that i was pretty sad. i mean, come on. why does tally get face rank no.1, and shay’s stuck in the two hundreds? is there no justice in the world? but apart from that, pretty fawesome. my favourite line is “don’t say ugly – tally might eat you”

  30. fawesome. would suck to be forced to wait that long.
    lol, that is kinda funny about Shay.

  31. im bored. to anyone who read my midnighters fan ficwhile it was in crap mode, read it again i fixed it (and added more)
    luv ya toots
    ps thanx for the smiley lizzy-wa

  32. i like that part. idk my fave. i like the part where their tryin to get through the cameras and dont no bout the rep. bubble
    someone says somthin long the line of how do we get through?
    “glitter bombs?” sugested fausto
    “nanos!” cried shay

    wow shay and nanos they’re funny but i bet no one else likes the pair(idk if thats the right spellin)

  33. oh that reminds me soon enough ill have an extras fan fic up on my site. im already writing!
    click my name to see my site!

  34. wow, wierd post.

  35. shay and nanos just go together so well

  36. i love shay-nano jokes. they make my life happy.

  37. btw THE SECRET HOUR has 13 letters….

  38. one of the chapter names in extras is a tridecalogism, i just can’t remember which

  39. where is lizzy she hasnt been on the blog for about 2-3 days. i wonder…nah. im gonna get the new midnighters. well not new, but with the new cover, they look so cool. aWeSoMe!

  40. did u no that Truth-Slanting (out of extras) is a tridecalogism.

    last night when i was re-reading everything i looked at every big word in pretty talk. and i found like 5 others i just don’t remember

  41. ya what happened to Lizzy-Wa

  42. hmmm…..maybe Lizzy got eaten by duct tape.

    really? tridecalogisms rock.

    i want the new covers too.,..

  43. lizzy. where are you. you havent been on for 3 days.

  44. Maybe she had to go into the Whitness Protection program………….
    Because she saw the duct tape eat someone………………..

    Crazzy i no………………….

    Me sad……………….

    WoRd 😦

  45. help us, i thought the duct-tape epidemic was over! take cover…

  46. i saw Lizzy had been on westerblog though…perhaps she chews through her duct-tape cucoon even as we speak!

  47. hehe. sorry. im back. if you mite have heard me say before, i have too much of a life and i need to get rid of about half of it. *sigh*.

    hehe. nanos rule. and i no what ya meen. Tally-wa gets all the credit even tho Shay-la did everything.

    i was born at 5:43pm. how lame is that?

    yeah. i no ink is poisonous. but i do it anyways. i used to use sharpie, but my dad had this two hour lecture about how im a very stupid person whose gonna die of ink poisoning. so now i stick to ballpoint pen. but i really dont care if its poisonous. dont no why.

    and yes. i fit all 507 on my legS AND arm. not just my leg. but BOTH legs and left arm. and i was riting really small. so yeah. i did fit all of them. no repeating. pretty dang fawesome if ya ask me.

    yes. HE is the Nameless One II. excuse me while i break sompthing.

    hehe. im gonna start trying to come up with a bunch of tridecalogisms.

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ˜€

  48. oh. and yes i did no that 507 was 13×39. how lucky is that?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  49. pretty lucky.

    lol, the “i should get less of a life” thing amuses me. like, stop doing things in real-life and spend more time on the internet!
    ha, i’m one to talk. i’ve only left this couch for meals and bathroom and laptop, pretty much, for the entire weekend. i is a loser.

    hey….should post again…..i gave lots of post ideas in the last comment thread……
    actually, it’s Scott-la who should really post again. just announcements about covers, and like 25osomething comments already.

  50. So bored…………………..
    LIzzy-wa u need to lose ur life and i need to get onw……………………….
    BUt i am NOT allowed to have a life…………….

    SO BOred

    WoRd πŸ˜‰

  51. u know what u really should post 2, Co-Prez?
    the wiki. because it is so very low profile and needs friends. this page gets more hits……

    remember, it’s
    and it is full of awesome and wikiage and midnighterstastic and i posted a pic of Kirby……

  52. I posted A small part of my current story on my blog………….

    GO and Check it out

    WoRd πŸ˜‰

  53. hehe. ok. i’ll check that out. and i’ll post now.

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ™‚

  54. kkk

    WoRd πŸ˜‰

  55. wow, lizzy-wa, that was just interesting!! i haven’t had any experiences like that, thankfully. i don’t write on myself unless it’s homework, or something i have to remember to do. or when my friend draws smiley faces on my thumb. but that’s just amazing how you know 507 tridecalogisms (spell check, please) off the top of your head!!! i know like, 3.

    and for those of you who haven’t yet, read twilight!!!!!! i just finished it today and it’s amazing!!!!!!! 500 page book in 5 days!!!! woohoo!!!! go me!!!!!! i’m like, falling asleep right now. cya peoples!!!

  56. btw

  57. oops i guess u already knew that

  58. dude. i read Twilight in under a day.
    like, between coming home from school and just after dinner.

  59. Whoa. Even it took me 2 days to finish Twilight. You read fast Serafina-Zane!

  60. Yeah, I just wrote like a couple of tridecalogisms on my hand, and my friend looked at it, and was like .”WHAT THE HECK?” And I’m like, “They’re thirteen letter words.” And she looks at me as if I’M the one whos sanity-challenged.

    Hehe… rhandomness πŸ˜€

  61. i do indeed read freakishly fast.
    one of my problems, because then i’m always running out of stuff to read.

    i read pretty much everything in about a day. even TSFT. well, i got that after dinner, then was up til 1, then up again at 11, then til 1 in the afternoon.for 800 pages.

  62. I’m always running out of stuff to read too, books are my friends, so when I don’t have anything to read, I feel lonley πŸ™‚

  63. I’m working on a poster with tridecalogisms on it, and its taking so long to finish! I’m also writing really small, so that doesn’t help… but its going to be freakishly fawesome when I’m done!!! πŸ™‚

  64. TSFT?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  65. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, third in her trilogy that started with A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels.

  66. hhhmmm…are they god?

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ™‚

  67. WO, ROK ON TWILIGHT! i red all 3 in 6 days, and that was the 1st week of school. u no how THAT can b. i cheated and red under my covers at nite. wow im bad. and finally, some1 else reding libba brays books! my mom and i r reding them, and were finally on TSFT. thank gods. and yes, i said gods. greek mythology fan.

  68. lol. everytime i am reading a book now and i come across a long word- i count it. it usually becomes a 15 or 12 letters long but i do come across 13 letter long words! i have to read this post because it seems like u guys arn’t talking about tridecalogisms! O g2g my cat is in the bag again- literly she is like missing half a brain- she can run on the walls and she loves sitting in plastic bags… yep thats my cat- coco! oh and she weiighs like 100 lbs! she is insainly fat! its so funny when she tries to jump on the counter to get her food, b/c she cant and she falls off! its so funny!

  69. whoa- what time zone/place is this? its 9:40 am

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