Jonathan was about to pull out the parking lot when Kay knocked on the window. Jonathan, startled, looked over to see her standing outside. He cursed under his breath as he rolled down the window.

“Why did you follow us?” Jonathan asked, mad at her. Again.

“I can’t stay there.” Kay said, standing firm.

“Yes you can. Go back before they realize you’re gone.”

“No! I can’t. I don’t belong there. I don’t even belong here anymore.” Kay felt more tears in her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall this time.

Jonathan sighed, but he understood. “Fine then. Get in the back.”

Kay said nothing as she opened the door and strapped herself in. Only after the seatbelt clicked did she remember the childhood warnings about getting in cars with strangers. But Jonathan seemed safe. Safe enough, anyway. Jonathan pulled out the parking place and then shifted gears into drive as he pulled out the parking lot. They turned onto familiar back roads out to highway. They drove farther and farther away from the city. Farther and farther away from Kay’s old life.

They were on the highway all day. They stopped once to eat at a McDonald’s (cheeseburgers from the dollar menu, and two sodas, grace of a broken drink machine). They were quiet the whole way, too. It seemed like a spell hung in the air, fragile as a spiderweb, and the slightest breath could break it. Jonathan tried turning the radio on once, but they were too far between cities to pick up any clear radio signal.

After hours on the road, Kay finally fell asleep. Well, half asleep. She was still kept in subtle consciousness by the movement of the car and the sound of wind whistling past the barely closed window. She didn’t notice when the car started to slow as they got off on an exit to a new city.
Kay woke when the car stopped. It was dark outside. Her vision was blurry. Kay blinked her eyes and the world jumped into focus. The green illuminated car clock read 11:23 PM. Kay had slept through the whole afternoon. Jonathan wasn’t in the car. Kay noticed they were in another grocery store parking lot. What was his obsession with grocery stores? Kay sat back in the tan leather seat, wondering what she was supposed to do now. She decided just to wait for Jonathan.

He came back at exactly 11:57. He was carrying a bag of groceries and threw it carelessly into the back. It almost hit Kay in the head before it hit the seat, its contents spilling out.

“Hey! That almost hit me!” Kay sat the bag up and put the food back in.

“What? Oh! sorry. forgot you were there.” Jonathan said as he got in the car and shut the door.

Kay rolled her eyes and dropped the bag over the seat. He looked sincere, though, so she didn’t complain further. mom never liked complaining. The sudden thought of her mother brought tears to Kay’s eyes.

She pushed the thoughts away and said, “So what now?”

Jonathan was eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. After her chewed the last bite, he said, “We wait.”

Then he made another sandwich.


 i personally thought it was lovely…for the record, the other two chapters were called HOSPITAL and FLYING. just to let ya no.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😀



  1. hehe. i like the “and then he made another sandwich” part. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  2. yayz, first comment!!!!

    very nice, allie-wa. i likey

  3. not first comment 😦

  4. Ha, I liked the sandwich part too 🙂

  5. hehe. sorry Lotti-la. i have an atvantage. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  6. omg, love it!!!!!!!
    best chapter so far, in my opinion.
    esp. the making of sandwiches.
    and the “oh, i forgot you were there”
    very very excellent fic. me likey.

    dude, i should work on Graduation some more….

  7. hehe. i agree. the complimenting and Graduation. both. get riting Sera-la!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  8. i is writing! soon i will have new section. and then only one more and graduation be done.
    speaking of which, i should go back to writing,
    “never seen a psychokitty before, have you?” dess asked Tech.

    mu ha ha previews

  9. hehe. love that name. Tech.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  10. me 2.

  11. So what is this chapter called?

  12. Highway, i believe.

    MORE GRADUATION IS UP! ON MY LJ (click my name)
    check it out!
    u could post it if u want Lizzy-wa, but i say u should leave Allie-wa’s up for a while, because it is made of awesome and lots of people should read it.
    strange how my fic is so Rex-Greene central. i didn’t like him that much before. now i do though.

  13. 13 yeah

  14. oooh, just missed lucky thirteen.

    dude, i’m just wondering court-la. on the secret hour cover, what’s the text over it on your icon. is it “me no reccomend eyeball tattoo. it hurtz”?
    because if so, 9 kinds of kick.

  15. neway. i liked it. this section wuz neat. koolio. i need 2 right more *saddened by math homework that she just finished that stopped her writin

  16. Thanks! To everyone 🙂

    I read Serafina’s yesterday!! It was SO FAWESOME!!! Especially when Dess said fawesome. That was really funny.

    I really really really really want to read the end of it!!!

    Anyone read mine on fanlib?

  17. I DID!!!

    im totally gonna post more of yours next. do not worry.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  18. hahaha. Did you find my email? Or are you just posting it from fanlib? I think I made some changes on Fanlib…typos and stuff.

    I really hate all the chapter titles. I was in a rush and couldn’t think of anything. Better no named.

    Serafina’s is just so much fawesomer than mine. 😦 Can never compare…mine sucks so bad.

  19. allie-wa, yours is totally awesome. and i like the chapter titles, they be cool. seriously.
    i totally loved this part, it was full of fawesome. the picture of sad, lonely Jonathan was sad-making and haunting and great. really.

    Dess is ahead of the curve. she knows what’s fawesome.

    nah, i’ll probably wait for Lizzy-wa to post it.

    all the “oh i suck compared to you” is tres flattering though. even if it’s not true.
    which perhaps makes it more flattering, if it’s from someone who also writes awesome.

    homework taking up time no fun.

  20. yea it iz me no reccomend eyeball tattoo it hurtz. when did u post that comment cuz i posted one explainin it a cuple u days ago and if we posted at the same time w/ those 2 things that wouls b really weird

  21. ummmm…..i think i posted that a couple days ago. and you mentioned it like yesterday.
    i’m fairly sure it was ttly after i posted.

  22. ok

  23. i didnt even read that question wen i posted it i looked at my icon, and i wuz bored, so i commented about my icon

  24. it wuz the day after

  25. i like dess! she rox

  26. wait i cant find urs allie-wa fanlib looks neat i think ill post all my fanfictionynessness

  27. lovely. yeah. im really pissed off right now because of my used-to-be best friend. she is acting like such a self-centered, little b****. i now have a new best friend. and lizzy, i dont care if you tell her im pissed off at her, so go ahead tell her if you want to. me and amy(my other friend) are really mad at her. so yeah.

  28. uuummm…Vicky-la?…its not like she really did anything…did she?

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  29. arnt you wonderful vicky-la

    PS be careful what you put on the internet (you cant take it back)

  30. yes. so wonderful…

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  31. that freaks me out sometimes—the idea that you could come back in ten years and conversations you had on blogs and stuff are still there. frea-ky.

  32. hehe. very frea-kay indeed…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😯

  33. why is kailey on here. or is it kailey? she hasn’t read all of the midnighters. actually not even a single one.

  34. Dess really rocks! \m/

  35. hahaha like the enthusiasm KArl. and the random capitals.

    Co-Prez OUT! 😀

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