Jessica appeared out of nowhere. One minute she was gone. The next she was sitting in the front passenger seat. Kay blinked to make sure she was seeing things right.

“Jonathan…” Kay trailed off.

“It’s alright.” He said.

Jessica noticed Kay for the first time. “What’s she doing here?” She said to Jonathan.

“She wouldn’t go back…”

“You could have made her. She shouldn’t be here.” Jessica obviously wasn’t happy. And in Kay’s opinion, she was being a bit bratty.

“We’re saving time this way.”

“Whatever.” Jessica said, and stared out her window. There was an awkward silence.

Kay was about to ask what they were doing when Jonathan said, “I wonder where he is.” She bit back the urge to ask who “he” was. She just looked out the window, fingering her silver cross necklace. A present from her mother.

They sat in silence for a couple minutes (or what seemed like it. All the clocks had stopped working.) Then Jessica said, “Maybe Melissa was wrong…maybe she skipped over a few cities. Maybe she thought she sensed him but really didn’t. You know she was just learning how to mindcast over long distances. Maybe…” Jessica stopped when she saw a figure move in the bushes edging the parking lot. It could have been an animal. But it moved too…predatory for a suburban animal.
Kay and Jonathan had seen it, too.
“Darkling?” Jessica said, pulling her glowing hand out of her pocket. She flexed her fingers, ready to strike (literally). But then the creature stood up on two legs. Jessica lowered her hand a little, wondering if this was just the Midnighter after all. Then a dark sound rose up in the throat of whatever it was. It sounded like a cross between a growl and a howl. Then it made its way cautiously yet quickly towards the car.
Jessica didn’t know when she decided it wasn’t human. But the next thing she knew, her lightning had struck the figure, illuminating its features. She gasped when she saw it was a human. A guy, around 20 or so. She immediately stopped the lightning, wondering if he was dead. But he wasn’t even fazed by it. He looked down at the last charges of electricity in his body and howled. All three Midnighters froze at the horrible sound. His face was upturned toward the dark moon. He raised his arms up. They were covered in thick, black fur. His eyes were death as they flashed indigo. They were eyes that looked ready to kill.
Then he (or she, or it. Whatever.) charged toward the car. Jessica was startled into action. “God, Jonathan. Run!” She herself was opening the door, slamming it shut, and in the flash of an eye was standing next to Jonathan, then jumping off the ground into the safety of the sky.
She barely saw Kay make it out before the beast-human came down on it, scraping the doors with fingernails. It reached inside Jessica’s open window and ripped the seat fabric. Jessica shuddered and turned back around, focusing on flying.
What a nightmare.

Kay’s thoughts were pretty much the same. She had never seen anything like that before. She had gotten a closer view than Jonathan and Jessica. It looked like…a psycho dog-human. But it couldn’t be. Could it? Kay wasn’t sure she wouldn’t believe it. After all, two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have believed she would even be considering anything of the type. She pushed the thoughts aside for the moment and caught up with Jessica and Jonathan.
They all landed a safe distance away from the car. Jessica was obviously confused. And spooked. Jonathan’s expression was hard to read.
“What was that?” Kay asked. She hoped they knew.

“I don’t know. A new type of darkling?” Jonathan said, considering the possibility.

“What’s a darkling?” Kay asked. She obviously had a lot to learn.

“Ancient creatures that are trapped in the blue time – the hour at midnight. Most of the darklings were killed though, and I don’t see how one would have gotten this far out.” Jessica said, gazing at her shining hand.

“Then what is it?” Kay asked.

Jessica sighed. “If only I knew.”


much fawesomeness…

Β -Co-Prez OUT! 8)



  1. thanks for posting it Lizzy πŸ™‚

  2. Ohhh…. werewolfiness. That was fool πŸ˜‰

  3. yep

    ok so *DottieLove* or Tally&Zane want to join the Chasing midnight werewolves and i said it was ok with me so i will ask not if it is ok with every one else



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  4. OMG ALLIE-WA! i love you. srsly. you are my new favorite person. because trhat ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in case that didn’t get through, THAT WAS FAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love darkling werewolves!
    totally great image, and i liked the old-fashioned sort of movie-monster image i got of the black fur growing, and the indigo-flashing eyes, and the dark moon and the blueness…..
    omg, that rocked. and was freaky and suspenseful.
    (side note. do i not like sleeping? second really really freaky suspensful thing i read b4 going to sleep tonight)
    that. was. awesome.
    made. of. fawesome.

    and sure. Tally&Zane can join. she’s in the wiki already, put her up on the members page, Lizzy-wa.

  5. happy-making darkling werewolf fic has made my night.
    coupled with the fact that the other freaky-making thing was an excerpt from City of Ashes……
    what more does life need?
    darkling werewolves AND jace wayland?
    almost don’t mind i have school 2morrow.

  6. umm…i put her on like, three days ago…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  7. Thanks Serafina! That is SERIOUSLY high praise. It made my day. lol.

    Ha. I don’t like sleeping. There’s too much other interesting stuff to do. Well, I like sleeping when I’m tired…

    Why is there a vote thing for Tally&Zane? Why wouldn’t she be able to join? I don’t get the vote thing…w/e.

  8. what Lizzy, you act like we actually *read* the members page or something, Co-Prez. i don’t.
    i think there was only “voting” b/c Lizzy didn’t respond and she wanted to ask and whatever, i dunno.

    dude, Allie-wa, you deserve it. no joke. DARKLING WEREWOLVZ!

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  20. yeah, have to take em four times a year instead of midterms and finals, and they’re worth 20% of your marking period grade. no fun.

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  36. fanart! ooooh, i wants to see it…..someone has a blog. someone could post it….

  37. i am like soooooooo bored. all of u that can draw ared lucky because you have drawling abilitys i only can write. i tried to draw my own version of the peeps cover and it looks horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will post that soon……… but i am like sooooooooooo bored…. new post lizzy-wa plz


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