TRIDECALOGISM– a 13 letter word that means “13 letter word”


so. a while back…ok. a long time ago, Serafina-la suggested doing a tridecalogism every post thingy. so i thot i’d try it. so from now on i will start off each and every post with a tridecalogism. and the definition of course. see? very fawesome.

Β i will try to post more…and visit more…and be a better Co-Prez. im REALLY REALLY sorry!!! ive been sick for the last week with a fever of 101…if that makes it any better…everytime i try to get on the computer, i go check out Scotts site for about two minutes, one of the foreverly-cursed-with-paranoia parental units catches me, and im sent back to bed. how lame is that?! but nobodys home rite now. so i thot id take the opprotunity.

Β once again: REALLY sorry about not visiting or posting for…threeish weeks…i no you guys are getting bored…i can tell. we need another contest i thinks. any ideas?

-Co-Prez OUT! πŸ’‘



  1. awww.poor you you’re sick. so when are ya gonna be back at school/ we got new seats ya know. i sit right next to you again. uuugh. just kidding. i like my new seat. you sit in the little desk you know, the one that’s right next to the one that jonny sits at. well, actually you sit sort of in front of him. but oh well. we sit in the waaaaaay back. like the last row. jonny sits at the loner table. which is right next to yours. poor you, you had to sit by him 2 times in a row. i guess im not making you feel much better by telling you all of this, it probably makes ypu want to stay home forever, but i just had to tell you. man this comment is very long, even longer than the post. well, not yet, but im not done writing.

    okay, so i had ice show pracice today right? well, i did. and we were in our dressing rooms and half of us were changing. cause that is what we do in dressing rooms. okay, so half of us were changing and PAUL, the guy with the skinny jeans in case you didn’t remember, walked right in. WHILE WE WERE CHANGING! he was like, ” O my God! I’m so sorry!” and so he left and a little while later, like 15 minutes later, he walked in AGAIN! but luckily, nobody was changing. And he is like 16 years old. he was so embarrassed, but so were we. and so the coach lectured him about knocking before he comes into ANY room.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Paul…*shakes head and chuckles*. were you changing? i wooda smacked ‘im!!! hehe. with my trig book of course.

    are you serious?!??!?!?!?! i sit in THE DESK?!?!?!?!??! THE DESK is SUCH a sucky name by the way…in front of JONNY?!?!?!?!?!? god. hes gonna be coughing on me AGAIN?!?!?!?!? I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!!!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😑

  3. he he he…… i am guessing this jonny kid is alwys sick or something?……

    i am like so bored of being sick……

    i am going to write more of my story so ceck it out on my blog

    um how bout some thing like

    we pick 4 judges
    and we all have to (if u want to) write a new little addition to one of scott’s books ….. here would be the rules
    1. has to be in between 507 (13×39) and 1690 (13×130) words
    2. has to be an addition to one of scotts books
    3. has to have any title
    4. has to be something you have been working on
    5. only one entry per person (makes it easyer for judges)
    6. you have to state what book you are continuing before you put your story or it will be discallifayed
    7. Have fun!
    1. you can’t submit an entry
    2. you have to vote based on how good the stories are not on what they are about/who wrote them
    3. you’ll have to try and get on as many times as you can so you cand judge the new entrys. (or you could give us your e-mail and we could e-mail you our entrys)

    if you win you get the top face rank on here for 3 months. 2nd face rank on anyones blog on the blog roll for 2 months. your choise of what ever name you want. AND i you choose to continue yor story you will have posting privileges.

    do you like my idea?

    it would be very fun

    he he he

    Word πŸ˜‰

  4. xD that story is funni!

    And yeah, I hate being sick too.

  5. wow Sophie-la! WAY to many privelages!!! hehe. plus. it HAS to have to do with Midnighters remember? CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES. midnight. not Scott. see? hehe. i like the idea…but i think four judges is to many…mabey we can do what we did last time with the voting…hhhhmmm….

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ’‘

  6. ooooooohhh, i been sick too. got sympathy.
    still should post more. πŸ˜‰ and, you know, get better.

    my tridecalogism of the day is “weaponize”

    and i dunno about another contest… about a little bit of non-contest stuff first.

  7. meine vater ist krank.

    i finally got my sister to read midnighters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ the funny thing is when my sister and i were taking a theory test my sister brought midnighters 1 with her to read on the way home and while my mom was waiting she read modnoghters and said that it was a good book. so i got 2 poeple to read midnighters!!!! πŸ™‚

  8. we’ve got this awesome calander and today it’s random words for things being shaped like things.
    i found like three that were tridecalogisms, but now i’ve gone and forgotten them.

  9. see we need judges because before everyone was voteing like over and over again…..

    but mabye like 2 or 3 judges…….

    but we\

    Word πŸ˜‰

  10. Ah! Ever since you ya’ll changed the site it makes my head hurt. Its too messy…..
    Like Uh i dont no but it bothers me.

  11. it seems like no one ever gets on here anymore.

    Don’t feel like thinking response right now. ugh. whatever.

  12. ya no one is ever on there blogs any more


  13. i’m on here all the time, dude.

  14. oh well then…. w/e

    Word πŸ˜‰

  15. So bored

    Word πŸ˜‰

  16. i just finished with my ice show. For Today. i still have three ice shows to do left. i feel like i just walked about a mile in high heels. im so sore.

  17. ok srry i havent been on been insanely busy anywho has anyone emailed , suggested this book to scott-la because i really hate how blue noon ends its so sad!

  18. hey guys, check out the contest Lotti-wa’s having
    (well, has been having for a while….hey, i been busy.)
    seriously though. rewrite the last page of either Blue Noon or Specials to make it more sequel-having. and no crazy-short word limit.
    i been meaning to enter for a long time. finally got around to it.
    but anyway, it’s looking a little lonely over there–only two entries!
    so come on down guys, it’s

  19. Yea geez, it’s getting so lonely…! Great entry by the way, sera zane!

  20. thx, lotti-wa! i was writing so much fanfic yesterday… gave meself a headache.
    and that’s why we gotta spread the word! tell the universe!

    tridecalogism of the day = nonironically

  21. i had been soooooo busy…. and still am…..

    So i probly can’t enter… Sry

    Word-La πŸ˜‰


    so iwas messing around with the wise anagram server ( and i found some very freaky anagrams that are so truthful…


    Tally Youngblood came up with:
    Global Duty Loony
    Gloat Doubly Only
    Gloat Bony Loudly
    Allot Nobody Ugly
    Loyalty Blood Gun
    Talon Bloody Ugly
    A Boldly Young Lot
    A Boldly Ugly Onto
    A Nobody Ugly Toll
    Dab Ugly Loony Lot

    Desdemona came up with:
    Dead Omens
    Moan Deeds
    Add Me Ones
    Adds Me One
    Ado Send Me
    A Ends Do Me

    and Shay-la came up with:
    Aha Sly
    Ha Slay

    scary, huh?

  23. the worst thing is, my school’s name came up with “genocide lodge well”, which is a bit nervous-making…

  24. niiiiiice. might want to be careful around that school.

    dude, some of those tally ones are pretty crazy—allot nobody ugly? a boldly young lot? global duty loony? srsly, it don’t get more tallyish than that.
    i like the first dess one too—dead omens.

  25. thats cool….


  26. hehe, i LOVE global duty loony. it’s so tally it’s spooky

  27. okay, so muy friend gia hy came up with a really funny song. okay here goes:

    when you’re sittin’ on the john, and the toilet paper’s gone.
    be a man, use your hands!

    okay, it might be kinda gross, but it also is kinda funny.

  28. hehe, it is kinda funny i guess…

  29. eew. That’s disgusting. πŸ˜›

  30. hehe yes it is… πŸ˜›

  31. i have a really icky and nasty cold. i had a fever of 102. uuuughhh. im so throat hurts, i have a runny nose, and my muscles hurt so bad that i could barely walk more than 5 feet. after that i would have to crawl. uuugh. i am so tired.

  32. thats just plain weird………………

    he he he he

    Sophie-La~~Mr. knocks you’ve found my rocket again!!!!! woooo whoooo!!!!! Spider pig Spider pig Does what ever a spider pig does!!!!! Jazz squares Jazz squares and crazy legs and cray legs!!!!! i’m a little tea pot short and spout!!!!! candy candy candy cane!!!!!!! Dooley Dooley bug or Dooley Bear??? Mrs. mary mack mack mack!!!!!!!!!!! Give me # 9!!!!!!!!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidousious!!!!!!!!!!! When i was just a lad!!!!!!!!! Under the Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so?????????????????????? Mr. PInchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he he ehe he he ehe he he he he he he he he hehe eh ehe he eheeheheehe eh eehje eh ehe he he he h ehenhe eh enehe ehe hehe he he ehe he eh ehe eh e ehe ehe ehen e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. you is hyper again sophie-la…
    hmmm, where is serafina-la?

  34. No, I don’t think Serafina-la’s parents are like that. not from what she’s said, at least. Maybe she’s just busy, or sick, or, or…hmm. idk. But she’ll be back…maybe. Don’t worry. I know.:twisted:

  35. crap. 😈

  36. finally posted!!! sorry.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  37. yay, people missed me!
    no, it wasn’t duct tape. thankfully.
    i was just doing….nothing in particular. watching Buffy and driving around town with old clothes and eating chips and doing homework.
    yes, the party NEVER STOPS.
    but now i’m back!
    and now i leave, cuz it’s late.

  38. hehe. nice.

    -Co-Prez OUT! πŸ™‚

  39. yes i always get edgy when you’re not here cuz if you aren’t, then who is?

  40. lo, yeah seriously (to lotti):) No one seems to ever be on here anymore…

  41. true. i’m, like, the only one.
    and ppl need to spend more time at the HQ!

    *goes to obsessively mention it over at Westerblog*

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