PSYCHOSOMATIC- pertaining to or involving both the mind and body…huh?


They did the ritual two days later, standing in the street in front of Rex’s house. Connor held a convenience-store notebook, full of copied lore symbols and numbers, and a box of sidewalk chalk. Rex took the sidewalk chalk, barely acknowledging the other seer.

It was 11:59.

Rex took a piece of chalk, bubblegum pink, and began copying the lore symbols, wincing in concentration as he interspersed them with The Aversion.

A year ago, he couldn’t even think it, let alone write it. Practice made perfect.

Made you stronger.

Next to him, Melissa chuckled dryly.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you…” she reminded his thoughts, and took the chalk from him, penciling in the rows of 13s herself. Rex moved to stop her, but realized it was probably best this way. This would wear him out either way. He didn’t need to waste his concentration.

Blue flooded the street, leeching color from the chalked-in circle.

Jessica Day appeared on the crest of the hill, a good twenty yards away, where they’d brought her last night. Jonathan had been leaning against the streetlight there, and now he leapt up, and they low-gravity-bounced down to the circle.

“What do we do?” Jess asked, sounding like a five year old at a doctor’s appointment.

“Get in the circle,” Rex directed. Jonathan went to go with her, and Rex shook his head. “We don’t know what’ll happen. Just Jess for now.”


Connor also stepped out of the circle, watching the scene. Tech and Dess were off to one side, talking in tridecalogisms. Listening to them gave Connor a headache.

“C’mere.” Rex directed, and Connor stepped forward with the notebook, the two of them going around the circle, sketching symbols.

“How is this supposed to work again?” Connor asked, because every answer he got made less sense.

“It’s preparation. We don’t know if it’ll do any good, but Dess said we should do it, and it can’t hurt.”

“So there’s really no purpose to all this,” Connor confirmed, flipping a page in the notebook.

“Pretty much none. When it all gets down to it, it’s up to me.”

This part Connor had heard about already. Rex had to tap into his darkling side, and they knew it was going to be dangerous. For the past year, he’d been trying to suppress it. Now, he had to use it.


Rex Greene took a deep breath, threading the 39 links of the silver chain linking his wallet to his belt buckle through his fingers. It hurt, but not the way it used to. More like a loose tooth you kept pushing. A dull ache you couldn’t leave alone.   

Connor was looking at him. Flyboy was too. Jess, with hopeful eyes. Melissa, looking scared for him. Dess and Tech, mildly amused. Everyone was staring at him.

Rex took another deep breath.

And another.

And then he reached inside his mind, to the dark little corner where the darkling lived now. Down to where he’d forced it.

You’re not strong enough, a voice hissed to him, you’re weak. You’ll fall to the beast. You can’t do it. You can’t save Jess. You can’t even save yourself.

Rex took yet another deep breath. His mind was a swirl of hunter and prey, hunts and Aversions and technology and blue.

And in there, was a skill. A memory of the time when they’d created the blue time. An arm in his mind he could reach with, and pluck things straight out of time.


Rex stood there for a long time, both fists clenched tight, knuckles white. Connor and the others watched, waiting, as the dark moon swung across the sky, and Rex didn’t move, just letting out the occasional, hissing, rattling breath.


Jessica Day screamed. It hurt. Everything. Like she was being torn in a million different directions at once. She reached her hand out of the circle, reaching out for Jonathan, who grabbed her hand, and turned on Connor.

“Do something!” he shouted.

“What the hell am I supposed to do?” Connor shouted back. He had no idea what was going on. Rex was still a human statue, eyes screwed shut, and Jess was doubling over in pain, screaming.


Melissa stepped forward, taking Jessica’s hand. Agony poured through her head, and she ground her teeth, biting down as hard as she could.

She turned to Jonathan, blood dripping from her lip.

“What’s happening?” he asked.

Melissa shook her head.

“I don’t know.”


A rushing sound filled the street. A roaring.

Midnight was ending.


Blackness fell on the scene, colors returning. The blue disappeared, replaced by streetlights and pale stars.

Melissa spun around, the hand that had been gripping Jessica’s closing on air, palms biting into her fingernails.

Jonathan Martinez was crying.

And laughing.

In the middle of the street, Jessica Day was crouched on her hands and knees, couching and choking.

“That was…” She broke down in a fit of coughing. “Psychosomatic.” 

            THE END




*says with british accent*

marvelous! simply marvelous darling!


hehe. i personally loved it! my fave part: “Jessica Day was crouched on her hands and knees, couching and choking”. hehe. COUCHING!!! thats my word!!! hehe. loved it. quick and to the point. yet totally suspensful. way to geterdone.




and by the way…i was just searching threw google, and i found this site:,M1


click on it. seriously. you can read the ENTIRE TOUCHING DARKNESS!!! online!!! its so FOOL!!! except page 321 and 322. i dont no why…


-Co-Prez OUT! 😀



PROCRASTINATE- to do anything other than what you are supposed to be doing. just so you dont have to do it. (hehe. i just made that up. im pretty sure you wont find that definition in the dictionary).


RETURN FROM THE MAN-EATING DUCT TAPE. *gasps for air*. this *gasp* is *gasp* the *gasp* story *gasp* of *gasp* why *gasp* i *gasp* was *gasp* gone! *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*!!!!!

ok. *gasp*. so i was walkin down the street. just mindin my own busness. not hurtin anybody. just takin a stroll and lookin cool. *winks and does that freeky finger point thingy to some random kid on the street*. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN…


out of nowhere, this gigantic roll of flying duct tape the size of montana just flys out of nowhere and smacks me in the head!!!

its all a blurr after that. until (what i later was told was 16 days later) i woke up in a dark alley. yes. A DARK ALLEY. and. surrounding me, were exactly 72 (never a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolles of duct tape! i used to LIKE duct tape! i thought duct tape was my FRIEND!!! but i guess i was RONG!!! for all of a sudden, i was SWARMED!!! i was so confuzzled! wich ways up?! which ways down?! WHERES THE NEAREST BATHROOM!?!??!!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

i was thrown upsidedown, sideways and threw a loop-de-loop. i was twisted and turned and smacked on the cheek! IT WAS MADNESS I TELLS YA! MADNESS!!!

before i new it, i was strapped to the wall. there was no way i was possibly gonna EVER get down. there had to be at leas 60 (still never a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolls worth of duct tape strapping me down to the wall! i looked to my left. i looked to my rite. yes. there were only 12 (still not a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolls of duct tape left. standing before me. watching with weary eyes. weary? i thot to myself. why the heck wood these…MONSTERS be WEARY of ME?!?!? when i was clearly not going anywhere anytime soon.

then i realized they were holding (yes. holding. dont ask me how) candles. the air was thick with the scent and taste of the candles. i opened my mouth. “tastes like…vanilla”, i said allowed. the duct tapes started murmering to each other. (again. i have no idea how that is possible). then i soaked in my surroundings. i looked down, and saw about 39 million (always a good sign) pictures of me. ME?! yes. me. along with *counts candles using photographic memory* 52 (again, a good sign) candles.

my brain slowly processed the information… “A SHRINE!!!?!?!?!?????!?!?! FOR ME?!?!?!? OH YOU SHOODNT HAVE!!!” the duct tapes nodded (by this time i was used to the freekyness of it all). and then they cut me down. this task alone took them an additional 22 days. (lots of duct tape. im sure if you have ever messed with duct tape, im sure you wood understand).

all the while they fed me these odd greyish (yet good) grapes that had an odd (but good) duct tapeish flavoring to them.

overall, it was an adventure i will never forget. but now i am back, safe, and i will post the continuation of IN HONOR OF MJ in a couple of days. unless all of you are over that since it was just so long ago and wood rather just move on. if so, pleese tell me, and i will gladly move on to another subject.

-Co-Prez OUT! 😉