NON-CHAPTER RELATED. so. i have been requested to post. a lot. i have also been requested *cough* Serafina-la *cough* to not post more chapters. to do sompthing different. so this post has nothing to do with chapters. or darklings. or even contests. it has to do with tridecalogisms…ok. so it kinda has to do with me. but its mostly tridecalogisms.

 i wanted to tell you of all of my tridecalogism experiences. well, not all of them. that wood take to long….

 as most of you no, i get very bored in math. so. as most of you also no. i rite on myself. rite? well, 13/13 times, im riting tridecalogisms on my arms. you shood see the looks i get. i mean, its just ballpoint pen! and there just big words. whats rong with big words? i like big words! you?

so i usually rite at least 13. its always a multiple of 13. but exactly how many i rite just depends on how bored i am.

so the day before we got out for break….wensday?…i was EXTREMELY bored. why? well, because instead of only having to pay attention a little bit to the random math stuff that is actally important, i didnt have to pay attention at all. cuz we were watching ELF. ELF! i mean, yeah its a good movie an all. but that guy just gets on my nerves after a while. not to mention HE was sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. and i coodnt see the screen without leaning all the way to the left or all the way to the rite! and even then HE was still in the way. so i decided not to look at the screen. if it ment looking at the back of HIS disgustingly greasy hair for an hour and a half, thats what i was going to do.

so i got out my assorted colors and began riting. i soon realized that my left arm was full. and i coodnt rite on my rite arm becaus my left hand is highly uncapable of riting to the point where you can read it. i looked at the clock. there was still 20 minutes. i glanced at the screen, but HE was in the way. laughing his head off like a choking howler monkey. no, sorry. a DYING choking howler monkey. if only he was one….

i had to do sompthing! if i got to bored, i wood look at the screen again. i frantically searched the room, looking for sompthing, ANYthing to occupy me. when my eyes came in contact with HIS.

he had turned around to say “HAHAHA DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!!” i gagged. he looked confused and frustrated. SHOOT! i had looked at him again! i felt like i was going to seriously puke! i tore my eyes from his. i had to find sompthing to do!

i rolled my pants up and began riting. faster than i had ever written before. i was just suprised i cood even read the words. but i kept going. suddenly the lites came on. my eyes slammed shut, stinging with the sudden pang of lite.

i blinked away the spots as i rolled down my pants, put on my jacket, and packed up my stuff. i was out the door before the teacher could tell us Merry Christmas.

when i got home later that afternoon, i counted the words on my legs and arm.

there were 507.

507!!! i didnt even know i knew that many tridecalogisms! i was stunned! and pretty proud. if i mite say so my self!

that nite, i had several dreams about Midnighters and tridecalogisms. and several nitemares about ELF. so….yeah.

for the next week, i was getting strange looks and questions. hehe.

anybody else have any wierd tridecalogism experiences?

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:


ELIZA 8:15am

ELIZA 8:15am

The halls of West Seattle High were packed. They always were on the first day of school. Kids pushed and shoved, trying to not be late for their first class of the year. It was almost impossible to make it to your locker without being shoved, elbowed, or stepped on. The lights overhead flared brighter than the sun. She had to squint to see anything.

Not that it mattered. Eliza couldn’t see anything but the back of the cheerleader in front of her, chatting away on her cell phone about the mall. It made her want to slap that girl straight. She took out her trig book and held it up. Something rammed into her and she was shoved into her locker. “Damn,” not fast enough. She turned around and pounded on the door until it popped open. Lockers weren’t her thing. School wasn’t her thing. Midnight was her thing. Besides, first days of school always made her head hurt.

She put her jacket in her locker. Then everything went dark. She realized she was standing in the shadow of the football quarterback and captain. Not this again. Why couldn’t people just learn to leave her alone? Quivering, she looked up at him.

“Brian, is it?” She said it as if she was a poor little nerd trying not to lose her lunch money.

“Yeah, it is. Look goth girl. Give me your lunch money. Or else.” He seemed to think he was the king of the jungle. So what if he had two feet on her, he was just a big dumbo who didn’t know what two plus two was.

Eliza tried to sound innocent. “Sorry, but I don’t eat lunch. I hope there’s something else I can give you to make up for it. Perhaps some free tutoring in math. We have to make sure you maintain that C average.”Kids started gathering around, completely forgetting about being late to first period. Brian’s friends were starting to get antsy. She smiled as smugly as possible.

“Look freshmeat,” he countered, probably thinking he sounded clever. “Give me all the money you have, just like a good little girl.” He ruffled her hair.

Gasps came from the surrounding mob. At West Seattle, goths didn’t like to be touched. Eliza wasn’t goth, but she hated it when people touched her hair, especially when it was tied back. Besides, she was a junior.

It looked like she was getting a chance to use her trig book after all. She pointed behind Brian. “Oh look! A nerd!” He turned his head to spot his next victim, and she prepared to her trig book.

The running back was the only one that noticed. “Brian! Look out!”As Brian looked back at her, she swung the book. A loud crack rang though the halls as he fell to the ground. Finally the stupid boulder was worth something other than a pillow during math.

The two minute bell rang. Everyone left the football team to help up their captain. When he stood, Eliza saw blood on the floor. She glanced up and smiled when she noticed his nose was crooked. He looked back at her with a glare. She raised her trig book again and the whole team was gone faster than you could say idiosyncratic. Eliza was almost alone in the hall.

She turned around and started digging in her locker while she listed the perfect squares. Numbers always helped calm her down, and her head hurt more than it had when she first walked in. She got to 529, but lost track when a guy slammed into the locker to her left. It swung open. Impressive.

“Hey. Nice techni–” she sputtered to a stop. He was covered in tridecagrams and metal. She almost choked trying to hold in her laughter. Apparently the Midnight Chasers were back in town. Second time this month. They didn’t think Sean could handle it himself. They were so bogus. Thinking they were all cool and in charge just ’cause they saved the world a couple of times. It made her sick.

Eliza looked at the sense-missing guy and put on her slyest smile. “I’m Eliza. Follow me.” She turned around and waited a second. He wasn’t following her. Facing him once again, she said, “Look. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.” He didn’t budge.

She took his arm and yanked him into the crowed before he could object. He started struggling out of her grasp, his expression resembling the look of someone who had just seen something die. Eliza shook he head. They always chose the hard way.


the end of chapter one!

hey Serafina-la…im about to email you my email so you can email me your chapters to post on here. if anyone else wants to do the same, just tell me.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

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