INSUSCEPTIBLY HYPOTHESISING GLASSBLOWINGS– masses of molten glass forming a hypothesis that are incapable of being influenced/affected


while our tridecalogisms today have absolutely NOTHING to do with the following post, they are completely relevent!!! in some sort of freekish, twisted way.

take a moment. notice the post’s dominating title. (hehe. i dont think i cood ever use that phrase more literally). if you are a frequent visitor to the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB MEMBERS page, then you will already have known about the topic of which i speak. if you haven’t been there in a while, here’s the scoop:

once upon a time, there was a beautiful, fawesome, Scott-obsessed genius of a girl. her name? Lotti-la! or shood i say Lotti-sensei. this girl was so much of a genius girl, she came up with a BRILLIANT thot:

“it occurred to me a few days ago that if scott-la ever wanted to take over the world, he would have a huge army of rabid fangrrls at his command. seriously, he could totaly do it. oooh, imagine a world ruled by scott-la! international uglies day!”

GENIUS OR WHAT?!?! i think so. and, noing me, this gave me an idea:

*drumroll pleese*


this is the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES HQ’s SECOND official contest. what’s it about?

basically, you get to design Scott’s new world. you see, in the year of 2015 (155*13), Scott will take over the world. (hypethetically of course. everybody nose that we’re all gonna die on December 21 of 2012. theres 3 twelves hidden within that date. UNLUCKY!) so, that’s basically it. here are the guidlines:

  • When Scott takes over the world, he would of course need to change the name of the world. i mean, come on! Earth? pleese. what would this name be? you decide.
  • In order to convince the world to let him rule there unworthy minds, he will need some assistance. Who will help him? *translation* Who will make up his fawesome army? be as specific as you want. tell us the exact people by name, or just tell us certain groups. (ex: Justine Larbalestier, Maureen Johnson, and Holly black; ex #2: the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB; ex #3: the United States of America). Whoever you choose, you must be sure and tell exactly how many people will make up his army. Just to give us a good mental picture.
  • All empires have capitals. *translation* Where all the planning and ruling takes place. Where will this be? Will he keep the name or change it?
  • He will no doubt need a holiday to celebrate his reign. What will this fantastical day be named? When will it occur? Is it anual? Or does it happen every second Tuesday? And what is to happen whenever this fantastical day occurs? A parade? Fireworks? The giving-away of free books?
  • And of course he will have to make some laws. Name three.

i no this is a lot to take in, but seriously people. world domination is no fun and games. hehe. ok. well this is, but still. so. to simplify the above rules for those of you that dont understand:

  • Rename the now Scott-owned world.
  • Decide his loyal followers/army, including the exact number of people that will make up his loyal followers/army.
  • Decide the new world’s capital and name.
  • Create a holiday celebrating the new world. Include its name, date, and activities.
  • Make three new laws for the new world.

have fun, and try not to overwork yourself. enter as many times as you want. just enter your entry (hehe) into the comments and i’ll post a voting thing like last time. yes, you will all vote for your favorite new world. and there will be a winner. and only one winner.

oh! i almost forgot! PRIZES:

  • Top Spot on the facerank list for two weeks
  • Official and eternal title of choice (unless of course you win another contest in the future).
  • Bragging rights

ENTER AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen: