INSUSCEPTIBLY HYPOTHESISING GLASSBLOWINGS– masses of molten glass forming a hypothesis that are incapable of being influenced/affected


while our tridecalogisms today have absolutely NOTHING to do with the following post, they are completely relevent!!! in some sort of freekish, twisted way.

take a moment. notice the post’s dominating title. (hehe. i dont think i cood ever use that phrase more literally). if you are a frequent visitor to the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB MEMBERS page, then you will already have known about the topic of which i speak. if you haven’t been there in a while, here’s the scoop:

once upon a time, there was a beautiful, fawesome, Scott-obsessed genius of a girl. her name? Lotti-la! or shood i say Lotti-sensei. this girl was so much of a genius girl, she came up with a BRILLIANT thot:

“it occurred to me a few days ago that if scott-la ever wanted to take over the world, he would have a huge army of rabid fangrrls at his command. seriously, he could totaly do it. oooh, imagine a world ruled by scott-la! international uglies day!”

GENIUS OR WHAT?!?! i think so. and, noing me, this gave me an idea:

*drumroll pleese*


this is the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES HQ’s SECOND official contest. what’s it about?

basically, you get to design Scott’s new world. you see, in the year of 2015 (155*13), Scott will take over the world. (hypethetically of course. everybody nose that we’re all gonna die on December 21 of 2012. theres 3 twelves hidden within that date. UNLUCKY!) so, that’s basically it. here are the guidlines:

  • When Scott takes over the world, he would of course need to change the name of the world. i mean, come on! Earth? pleese. what would this name be? you decide.
  • In order to convince the world to let him rule there unworthy minds, he will need some assistance. Who will help him? *translation* Who will make up his fawesome army? be as specific as you want. tell us the exact people by name, or just tell us certain groups. (ex: Justine Larbalestier, Maureen Johnson, and Holly black; ex #2: the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB; ex #3: the United States of America). Whoever you choose, you must be sure and tell exactly how many people will make up his army. Just to give us a good mental picture.
  • All empires have capitals. *translation* Where all the planning and ruling takes place. Where will this be? Will he keep the name or change it?
  • He will no doubt need a holiday to celebrate his reign. What will this fantastical day be named? When will it occur? Is it anual? Or does it happen every second Tuesday? And what is to happen whenever this fantastical day occurs? A parade? Fireworks? The giving-away of free books?
  • And of course he will have to make some laws. Name three.

i no this is a lot to take in, but seriously people. world domination is no fun and games. hehe. ok. well this is, but still. so. to simplify the above rules for those of you that dont understand:

  • Rename the now Scott-owned world.
  • Decide his loyal followers/army, including the exact number of people that will make up his loyal followers/army.
  • Decide the new world’s capital and name.
  • Create a holiday celebrating the new world. Include its name, date, and activities.
  • Make three new laws for the new world.

have fun, and try not to overwork yourself. enter as many times as you want. just enter your entry (hehe) into the comments and i’ll post a voting thing like last time. yes, you will all vote for your favorite new world. and there will be a winner. and only one winner.

oh! i almost forgot! PRIZES:

  • Top Spot on the facerank list for two weeks
  • Official and eternal title of choice (unless of course you win another contest in the future).
  • Bragging rights

ENTER AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. THATS FREAKING BRILLIANT!! i seriously could never come up with this stuff… good job, i dont think i could do this though because i have no creativity what-so-ever…! toodles!

  2. how do i post my ideal scott-la ruled world?

  3. you just post it in the comment. shood i post an example?

    ok. heres the example: (but im not entering the contest just yet)

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  4. Scott’s new world will be named Scottopia.

    its capital is the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which he will rename Scottlanta, Georgescott.

    his loyal followers will be the members of the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB. all thirty-one of them. with Lizzy-wa and Sera-la at the lead.

    he will create a holiday named EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exclamation points are indeed part of the title). it will be held every year on October 2nd, and on this day it will be law that everyone give someone else a brand new book in mint condition. there will also be a giant parade through the streets of Scottlanta consisting of floats for each of his books, exactly 2197 dancing and cheering rabid fangrrls, and a giant inflatable balloon version of each of the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club members.

    three laws will be:
    1. on EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! each person on earth *couch* i mean Scottopia will be required to give another person a brand new book in mint condition.
    2. twilight is not to be talked about in an OVERLY-positive way. positive is ok. overly-positive=rot in prison.
    3. three hours of each scool day for all ages must be set aside for reading, talking, and blogging.

    and that’s Scott-la’s new world!!! (i mite actally enter this. but for now its just an example.)

    -Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:

  5. but what if someone is reading this and they steel some of the other people’s idea?

  6. fawesome!

  7. Wow

  8. awww, thank you, thank you. *bow, bow*

    for my entry (like i haven’t planned it for years):

    Scott’s new world is named Scott-la-land *instead of ‘Gondwanaland’*

    it’s capital shall be Manhattan, New York, but renamed as Rabid Fangrrl HQ

    his massive ARMY will consist of:
    The chasing midnight werewolves club
    Everyone who posts on westerblog, except the slammers
    Justine Larbalestier and followers
    Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy and Opshop (we needs music too!)
    Some book-loving friends of mine who read Scott-la’s books
    and me, of course
    in other words, about 200?? rabid fangrrls and some freakishly good bands

    The new holidays (yes, more than one) shall be:

    taking place April 13-16, it will be the biggest music festival EVA! all the world stops work/school to veiw concerts by the greatest bands of all time!

    taking place on september 9th (Tally’s birthday), it is a celebration of freedom. again, no work, and everything is free. if you want it, you grab it. just like a hole in the wall. because when scott takes over, there’ll be no more problems with poverty and stuff

    taking place on october 31st, it is basically halloween of today, except at midnight, and everybody has to dress as a character from a book (preferably scott’s), and that means EVERYONE. even your totally dull teachers and parents.

    taking place on december 31st at midnight, it is a HUGE celebration of all things scott for the incomming year. and at midnight, there’ll be massive fireworks displays, like in New Pretty Town.

    Three new laws:
    3. lastly, it really annoys me when teachers tell you off for reading in class. under your desk. because dude, i’ve FINISHED MY WORK! so reading in class is now totally legal

    i like scott’s new world :mrgreen:

  9. hehe. LUUUUVVVV it! but…where is the other submissions?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  10. ello mi fellow scott luvers!

  11. Hey this is for the contest! Ok the the world would be called Scottland(hehe) his followers would include the whole wide world 9.1 billion people. The capitol would be Midnightersville, Scottland. Holiday- Saint Scotts Day on every Friday at midnight would include worldwide gigundo fireworks, parades, parties, and of course lots of fool food. Laws- Must dedicate one hour of every day to praise Scott, stay up til 12 am everynight, and be ICY 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. mine coming as soon as the world stops being SO BUSY!

  13. ok… world name: Westerfeldville
    army: everyone that reads scotts blog! (hundreds)
    new world capital(s): (there are 2) Sydney, Australia will be Justineland and New York City will be Scottland!
    holiday: EVERY 13TH OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! (called Prettyminded Midnight) We will celebrate by dancing at 1 pm (thats 1300 for the military) and fireworks at midnight!
    3 laws: have to talk in pretty, have to read at least 2 scott westerfeld books, have to find your midnight power!

  14. Thats fool!…hehe

  15. hehe. nice!!! except, arent there only like, 6.5 billion PEEPS in the world? i dont no, just wonderin…

    -Co-Prez OUT! ❓

  16. i heard 8 billion????? lol

  17. seriously?! oh well. im confuzzled…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  18. okay. here is my new world

    It will be named: SCOTTAGASCAR

    THe capital will be san diego,ca but it will be renamed:SAN SCOTTIEGO, CALISCOTT

    Followers will be everybody who will have read his books by then: 815,730,721(that’s 13 to the 8th power)

    The new holiday would be: SCOTT INDEPENDENCE DAY. It is to celebrate the day that Scoot took over the world (January 13, 2013) It is going to be all day long. There will be fireworks that can actually be seen in broad daylight, so there will be fireworks ALL DAY LONG. There will be music all day long blasting through your skintenna. And there will be a hoverboarding race that goes all over the worl and whoever wins gets to be Scott-la for a day. oh, and in case you havent figured it out yet, It is on january the 13!

    The new laws will be:
    1.You must never, ever, ever, EVER talk down about Scoot, Justine, or their books.
    2.You have to read all of his books at least 13 times every 13 years
    3.You must obey all the laws.

  19. lizzy-wa- when is the contest over??? just wonderin. oh and by the way I likey ur word confuzzled!!!!!

  20. The world would be called westerworld the capital will be new york new york renamed peepsville, scottstown. followers would include all 8 biilion peeps, 6 billion stiffs, all of chasing midnight werewolves club, and 7 trillion rabid fangurls!!! The new holiday would be Special Day celebrated on the New 13th month created just for scott. The new month shall be called Scottstember. it shall be 39 days days long. There will be TONS of FireWorks, parades, and crazy scott fans running around everywhere. There will be a giant poster of scott on every house in the world. The new laws will be
    1) Read one of Scott’s books every month
    2) Hoverboard for at least 7 hours a day
    3) Dedicate the 9th hour everyday to SCOTT!

  21. nice Vicky-la. hehe. Scottagascar. hehe. so nice.

    Rex-la, i LUUUUUUUVVVVVVV it!!! like seriously, mite be my fave…but im not sure…

    im wating to see how many entries we get, but it’ll prob be the 26th…probably…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  22. still planning on entering when i have time…

  23. ooooh, me likey TONS!

  24. hehe. cant wait to see Sera-la’s…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  25. oops. i put one of my holidays sayignthat scott was going to take over the world in 2013, but then i read the contest thingy over again and it said scoot was going to take over the world on 2015. oops

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally gotten away from the killer ductape. Lizzy ur luck they made u a shrine they made me bulid the shrie. lol. i have been so busy and parents putme on lock down because i lied tothem about hangng out with my Friends.
    ok so my friend marina set me up for a date with her boyfriends best friend, because he thought i was cute. and my mom and dad ont let me date at all concerding i am only 12 (13 on june 27th) let alpone a boy in 9th grade. (im in 7th.) and so we lied saying we were going to the movies just us, me and her. and well we werent. and so my mom and dad didn’t belive me so they sent my bro there to make sure i wasn’t lieing. and so we were caught right as my date showed up with Marina’s boyfriend my brother came into the movies and saw Marina huging her boyfriend and introding meto my date. lets just say i was draged out of there after my brother cussed out and threatened my date. not fun. so i have just now been put ff of grounding. so ya.



  27. Anyone else remember this:

    Guess who’s in the lead?

    SCOTT WESTERFELD!!! Of course. 😀

    That sucks, Sophie-la. But I’m glad you’re back!!!! I don’t know what my parents would do if I dated, ’cause I always say no to people who ask me out.

  28. Howdie!!!!!!

  29. do you guys believe maghan la on scott’s blog when she said she ran away cause i dont. when she said she was running away she posted on may 14 at 8:27AM. and when she said she got back she posted on May 14 at 11:30PM. that was only 15 hours. she ran away to iowa from illinois. how would she have been able to get there and back within 15 hours without going on a plane(they airline usually doesnt let unaccompanied minors on a plane) she is such a liar.

  30. yeah i know!

  31. im bored!

  32. shes back? hmph. didnt no that. spose i shooda come on here instead of doing homework…hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  33. wow… i need to come on here more often… hmm…

  34. i probably shood come on here less!

  35. who is back?

  36. meghan-la

  37. oh i thought wut who is back! Thanx 4 clearin that up….. major brain fog today!….. and every single other day!

  38. meghan-la is so wierd. did you see her other comment about her and her friends “making out” with guys and stuff? she is really wild. and she is only 12!

  39. *finding i cannot stay away*
    meghan-la is pretty weird. did you hear her latest obvious lie? “my sister is dead”. that’s a really bad thing to lie about. and there is no way she could have run away, and then the next day her sister dies?? as if

    ok, i feel like a total bitch now

  40. vicky-la yea i heard. So not fawesome…. lotti-wa ur not a total bitch… lol J/K ur not at all!

  41. yeah. lets stop talking about meghan-la now. she is so annoying

  42. wow, i miss things when i totally only hang out on the Last Days spoiler page.
    and like, LJ and 3 Evil Cousins/Maelstrom, of course.

    i am entering this contest tommorrow. really. i will.

    mmmm, zeppolis

  43. the deadline is the 26th. i think

  44. thats wut lizzy-wa told me!

  45. zeppolis?…

    running away, sister dying….so sad so sad. 😥


    -Co-Prez OUT! 🙄

  46. whatever. i dont belive one minute of it. she is such a liar

  47. Yeah, I don’t believe it one minute either. If she ran away and her sister died, then I have a pet pterodactyl named Fred who gives me and my friends free rides to Australia. I need to get onto the comments of Scott’s blog more often. I miss all the latest news. It’s summer though, so I’ll have more time to get on. Also, I promise I will enter this contest tomorrow. I promise. Finals are over, so I should have time to come up with a good entry for this contest.

  48. i need to come up with a more creative entry than my example up there. humph. what to do what to do…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 💡


    seriously, i have four exams to study for, two huge assignments and another one next week, AND i have do do a 500 word essay for english, analysing the poem ‘tarantella’

    and this is only our mid-years! god only knows what the NCEAs will be like! someone save me!

  50. wuts mid-years?

  51. mid-year exams. they hurt

  52. ooooh, sorry lotti-wa.
    i’m all happy cuz i’m done with my end of year bio exam, but i’ve got another batch of quarterlies before i can go be on summer vacation….
    wow, this whole hemisphere thing is wierd, eh?

    zeppolis, you know, fried dough carnival food covered in sugar?

    entering soon. really. gotta empty dishwasher now.
    …or finish novel.

  53. That’s too bad lotti-wa. I’m done with all that stuff, though the past week I was swamped with a million different assignments. You know how teachers seem to realize a week before school’s over that there are like seven assignments that they forgot about so they have to assign them all at once. I got to write a three page paper for drama about how I have grown in theatre. So exciting, not. Also, we had to finish reading Macbeth and do an analysis on that. At the same time we had our finals for French and our course assessments for English (An essay, first draft, editing, final draft, and prewriting all in under two hours. I barely finished and it wasn’t very good) I also had my portfolio due for Creative Writing, and finals for all of these classes, and our class play along with character analysis for drama. Plus my French teacher decided that around the five finals we already had for her, that we needed to write books in French to. What fun. Oh yes, so exciting. I’m so glad it’s over, and I survived it all.

    Good luck trying to finish everything lotti-wa.

  54. i only have 3 days left!

  55. i only have 17! *begins to sob* 😥

    hey Lotti-la, i was listening to the song Tarantella when i read your post. hehe. funny-making. have fun with the tests and whatnot.

    our teachers are like totally laid back for the last week of scool. i’m talkin crossword puzzles in language, wordsearches in geography, karaoke in algebra, and heres the big one: coloring in science. oh…yeah…

    -Co-Prez OUT! 8)

  56. mine r all totally uncool

  57. sucks for you.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  58. Hey, i am kim and i am back!!

    sry 4 not being n here 4 so long. had other stuff 2 do.

    do yall want an update on my dad?

  59. Lizzy-wa wow thanx for that uplifting comment… lol
    kim- wut about ur dad?

  60. anytime Rex-la. anytime…

    so Kim-la. whats the scoop?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😐

  61. I have two days left of school and then the two and a half hour “day” for awards
    Scott-la would definately give all of his obsessive fans a place of power…or would he?
    Wouldn’t he sorta be a king? What with the YA mansion and everything?
    What about your dad?
    I’m confuzzled

  62. I think the big one would be the karaoke in algebra
    what am I doing in algebra?
    two days of make-up exams that I don’t have to take!

  63. that YA mansion thing is foolio.

    i like your avatar Netta-la!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  64. yea so do I ………….

  65. hehe. your all thinkin hard an whatnot. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  66. thank you for all the supportness! i am finished my science assignment, and started on my english assignment, so now i am procrastinating diligently.

    i has just seen the best uglies fanfic ever on fanlib! its the funniest thing i’ve ever read, plus it has a lot about shay, so it is good. its called shift, but i’m not giving away anymore that that.

  67. yay shay!

  68. I’m half way done with making cascarones so I’m supposed to be doing my participation calendar
    hence the procrastination
    Everyone loves Shay!
    how can you read my avatar?
    I only know what it says because, well, I put it on here

  69. It says theres always a light at the end of a tunnel just pray its not a train. I can read it!

  70. BUT HOW?

  71. IDK? It shows up when u post????

  72. but the words are so small

  73. i cant remember what i told yall about my dad, but here i go:

    my dad had surgry and they found out that he has non-hodgkins lymphona. the cancer was in the first stage. he had his first chemo 3 wks ago. his hair has started to fall out. he is showing no other signs that the chemo is bothering him besides being a little tired. his next chemo is tues the 28.

  74. oh well i hope he gets better!

  75. so he’s okay, right?

  76. yeah, he is okay. he is just not feeling well.

    i mean after he had his surgry he had problems where he was in the hospital 4 times in 1 month. but he is better now.

    i feel a whole lot better that it is non hodgkins than hodgkins.

  77. er…I don’t know the difference really

  78. World Name: Scottmerland

    Army/Followers: Well, you know, all of his obsessive fans would be his army which is, like, what? 100? And then the members of the YA mansion, so now were at about 120? then all of Scott-la’s friends. I’m gonna say he has like, 50, maybe? So, 170? Stephenie Meyer and some other YA authors. So, about 450 total.
    But his advisors and people who help him rule would be (Obviously) Justine and the residents of the YA mansion.

    Capital: Scottmerland would have two capitals (King Scott-sama doesn’t want to have winter in his capital!!!!) New York City, New York and Sydney, Australia. They would be called New Novel Town, New Westerfeld and Youngblood, Scottland (hehheh like Scotland?)

    Celebration: Westerdays, celebrated from the 5th (Scott-la’s birthday in May)to the 25th each month, most VICs (very important cities) would have parades on the day King Scott-sama could visit them, and all cities with an army member (us!) would have a party on one of the days for them, Bixby would have a ginormo firework show every night, King Scott-sama would chose a new way to celebrate every day (such as, on the 13th of each month this year I will be writing a book, therefore, my army will control the celebrations, or, on 7ths of every month this year, the army members will have pie with me, or, on the 21st of each month this year, I will hand out new books to the army, or, on the 15th of each month this year I will throw a big party for my advisors, army, pie cooks, family, and those who read this year’s award winning number (any number King Scott-sama choses, 13, 507, 65, etc.) of books.
    Most cities only celebrate 3 to 5 days, but King Scott-sama has to have time to make it to the cities and if he’s busy then it’s us, the army, that must make it to all the VICs

    1. Everyone capable of reading must read at least one of King Scott-sama’s books each year
    2.Reading is the number one priority of Scottmerland and if it weren’t for the no punishing your children (unless the army says so) law, then it would be illegal to tell them to stop reading(which is totally a punishment)
    3.Anyone caught damaging a book purposely in any way will be sent to jail, or for more drastic damage, the army will decide punishment.

  79. Okay, my entry:

    It would be called Westerlestier Land, because there is no way he’d leave Justine out of it.

    His army would consist of all of his rapid, over obsessive fans, the members of the YA mansion, all of Scott-la’s various friends, anyone who has ever read any of Scott’s books or any of his friend’s books, all of the nerdfighters, and here’s the best part, there will be a machine invented that brings all of his characters to life, so he’ll have an army of the Cutters, Midnighters, Peeps, etc.

    Capital: Of course there would be two capitals, one would be New York, New York which Scott-la would conviently rename New Scott City. The five boroughs would be renamed after each of his books, starting with The Peeps instead of the Bronx, Prettieslyn instead of Brooklyn, Midnighthatten instead of Manhatten, Uglies instead of Queens, and So Yesterday Island instead of Staten Island. The second capital would be Sydney, Australia, whci Scott-la would give to Justine to do what she pleased with. If any of you have read Justine’s blog, then it is obvious that she would call it Quokkaville, and quokkas would roam the streets. Actually Scott would probably give the whole contenent of Australia to Justine. She would most likely keep Australia as the name, since she loves Australia, then she would do with it what she pleased. Another important city would be Bixby, Oklahoma. Right now it is a small town, but when Scott-la rules the world it will be a huge tourist attraction. There will be a museam there dedicated to midnighters, and each house really will have a tridecalogism on it. Street names and location names will be changed to reflect the books, and the route that the book follows will be marked out on a map that you receive when you first arrive there. Furthermore, their will be cars parked in certain marked off areas with dummies placed inside so it looks like people frozen in midnight. There will be statues of darklings and slithers everywhere, and there will be reinactments of scenes from the books every hour at a desinated location. There will be people roaming the streets dressed up as characters from Midnighters.
    Another city that will be important is a new city in Washington (the rough location of Uglies) that will be designed like Tally’s city. LIke Bixby their will be people dressed up like the characters roaming the streets. There will also be reinactments of scenes from the books. There will be museums dedicated to Uglies around the city.
    Disneyland, Disney World, and the entire Disney cooperation will now be owned by Scott and the theme parks will re-open as being dedicated to Scott-la’s books. There will be a huge roller coaster like the one in Uglies with cars that look like hover boards kind of. There wil be people dressed up as Scott characters roaming the parks and instead of having the huge mickey head made out of flowers at the entrance, there will be a huge picture of Tally. Disney channel will play shows made off of Scott’s books and only shows and movies that Scott’s army likes.

    New Holidays (yes, more than one): We would still celebrate Halloween, though it would be called Samhain, and at midnight everyone would go outside dressed all in black carrying flashlights and go “searching” for darklings until sunrise. During this time their would be grand parades of people “searching for darklings”, bonfires would be made, and fire works would be set off to fend off the darklings.
    May 5th would be a huge celebration of Scott-la’s birthday. There would be huge author conventions across the globe, and everyoen would have to send Scott a gift of some sort, more appropriately something related to his books. Their would be a parade in every city across the globe, and no one would do anything on this day but celebrate.
    The anniversary of the days that his books came out would be celebrated by a mass reading of whichever book was released that day. At the end of the day fireworks would be set off and a celebration that was themed off of whichever book it was would be held.
    At least once a week on midnight each household would get up and hold some sort of a celebration to comemerate midnighters.
    There will also be a celebration on every Friday the 13th. On this day everyone must dress up as a character from midnighters. Everyone would then spend the rest of the day in character.
    Memorial day would become international Mourning of Zane’s Death Day. This day would be spent with everyone rereading Pretties and/or Specials. There would be memorial services across the world to remember Zane.
    There will be random stop, drop, and read times. These will be announced over loud speakers through out cities, on the radio, and on all television stations. At this time everyone will stop whatever they are doing and read until it is stated that they may stop.

    Laws ( I kind of have more than three, sorry. I got carried away. If that’s too many than you can only count three of them.):
    1. You must have read all of Scott-la’s books if you are able to read.
    2. You must read all of Scott’s books at least once a year.
    3. You must celebrate all holidays.
    4. You must carry around some sort of metal with a thirteen letter name or a thirty-nine letter name at all times.
    5. You must be able to answer any question about any of Scott-la’s books when asked by any member of Scott-la’s army.
    6. You must read for at least an hour a day.
    7. You must always have a book on you, because you must always be ready for the stop, drop, and read time.
    8. Book stores must feature Scott-la’s books on the bestseller’s rack in the store.
    9. Each book store must have a full stock of Scott-la’s books at all times.
    10. Everyone must own a copy of Scott-la’s books. If you can not afford them, then a set will be provided for you.
    11. You must always be able to name at least thirteen tridecalogisms when asked by a member of Scott-la’s army.
    12. You must travel to both of the capitals at least once in your lifetime.
    13. You must state the Westerlestier Land pledge every morning, it goes as follows:
    I pledge alligiane to Scott Westerfeld, and to the army for which he stands. One group of book lovers, reading books, and worshiping Scott, with reading and good books for all.

    This would be Scott-la’s fawesome world.

    (I’m sorry that I kind of added some extra stuff than what was required. I hope that’s okay. I kind of go into it, plus I’m kind of bored.)

  80. I hope your dad’s feeling better kim-la.

  81. Is today when the contest is over?

  82. I keep 4getting 2 sign in….. Just in case u didn’t know rexroxmysox and Rex-la r the same person… MEEEEEEEEEEE

  83. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my thingy that i saved on ms word 4 wen i new how 2 post it got deleted! and i 4got most of the stuff!! ok, dont freak out, danielle. ill just rerite it. after all, skools out, i gots plenty of time, rite? ok, this is my new version, not as good as original. if i find it in cyberspace, ill post it.

    name-SCOTTLANDIPITY -serendipity means good things that just fall into place b/c of f8. there4, good things fall into place here all the time.

    army-leaders CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB! other people- any1 else who is a fan of him, especially other authors.

    capital-(ok, hold on. im argueing w/ my mom about a dress. i rarely where dresses[have 2 b 4ced 2] and this dress is ORANGE! with POLKA DOTS!! eww eww eww.
    CAPITAL-where bixby, oklahoma is. renamed MIDNIGHTERVILLE

    holiday(s)-SCOTT-LA DAY!!! must b capital, must hav exclamations. takes place on scott-las bday, every1 must b kind and nice(except 2 siblings)every1 must give each other books [which MUST b in good condition. dont hav 2 b perfect, just good] fireworks all nite. except fireworks that dont keep little kids that need sleep awake. parents must let kids do whatev they want, as long as it isnt dangerous 2 themselves or others.
    INTERNATIONAL BOOK DAY-every1 dresses up as a book character. every1 may get 1 free book from a bookstore, if the want.
    SPECIALCIRCUMSTANCES-takes place on decmeber 21st. every1 thinks about special circumstances all day
    UNLUCKY DAY- takes place on december 12th. ugh ugh ugh! every1 stays in bed and hides all day
    LUCKY DAY- takes place on jewish leapyear. in that year, we add a month, not a day, so on the 13th day of the 13th month, we all celebrate having a lucky day and talk in 13s whenever we can

    1-absolutely NO FITING! if u fite, kill, steal, u name it, u get loked up in jail 4 the rest of ur life.
    2-no criticing books. unless there nonfiction. can only critic sad fiction books. and really bad 1s. but scott-la has 2 approve bad 1s as bad 1s.
    3-when they turn 10, or whenever they can understand them, every1 MUST read scott-las, justines, stephenies, and many other good authors books. YA r only required.

  84. non hodgkins is cureable while hodgkindss is not able to be cured.

    just to clear that up for all those who are confused.

    about school i have this week, monday of next week , and the rest of next week is finals. i wouldnt really count those becuase i get to exept all my finaly but every day i have to go for 40 min.

  85. sorry for you kim-la, i hope your dad feels better soon 😦

  86. oooooooooooooooooooooooh
    now I get it
    I was lke
    what? wouldn’t the other one be just as bad? I DON’T NO WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!
    But I’m better now

  87. yea me too!

  88. i hope your dad gets better Kim-la!

    ive decided to extend the dedline to the 31st. just in case more people want to put in some last minute entries. got that? midnight of May 31st. well, midnight of the site. thats five o clock for me. i dont no about you guys.

    i didnt have scool yesterday cuz of memorial day. and today i dont have scool cuz its a snow day makeup day thingy. and tomorrow im gonna be doing orchestra concerts all day. and then on thursday im gonna be doing more orchestra concerts, and when i get back im gonna be doing my elections thingy. so really i only have one day of scool this week. woopee!!!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  89. im running for secretary. but i need a slogan desperately considering elections are in two days. HELP!!! ive used “get busy vote for Lizzy” for the past two years. so thats out of the picture. any other suggestions?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  90. IDK let me think on that 4 awhile!

    Don’t be ditzy vote for lizzy
    Making the world a better place, vote LIZZY
    If you want the best, you have to vote for the best Vote LIZZY!
    What kind are u looking for????

  92. unique you need, vote for LIZZY
    Dang I suck at this!

  93. hehe. thats ok. my friends all just said “dont get frizzy, vote for lizzy” and then have 2 pics. one where im all freekin out with my hair frizzy that says “if you dont vote for lizzy” and then another one where my hairs all perfect that says “if you DO vote for lizzy”. im sorry, but thats just a little embarrassing.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  94. thats kewl…… wuts just a lil embarrassing?

  95. rex-la, i like the oone that you came up with:
    dont be ditzy, vote for lizzy!

  96. thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. where did u get ur avatar from lizzy-wa?

  98. wait! everybody freeze! this is a hold up!!!

    Rex-la, your rexroxmysox 2 rite? cuz im not entirely sure at this moment…

    hehe. sorry. but im just really confuzzled.

    i made the avatar! you like?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  99. lizzy-wa, yes i am. it just depnds on if i sign in or not and yes i luv the avatar!

  100. so…many…comments…

    I “read” them all. When “read” = skim. like, “real” cheese, when “real” = artificial. I hate false labels, especially on clothes. and people. labels = annoying. grrrrrrr.

    I’m feeling so random. So I’ll post something that :
    (this comes in after just random stuff we were talking about…)

    Friend: lol
    philisophical aren’t we?
    me: lol.
    of course. 🙂
    my sister refers to it as “writer’s brain”
    Friend: as always…not
    a writer’s brain?
    I think not!
    me: ???????
    Friend: Writers are not that cool, and you know it.
    me: Well, I have a right to deny reality and be optimistic, don’t I?
    Friend: We are simply those who string words together…it’s the readers who actually come up with the meaning
    me: ok, then, “reader’s brain” 🙂
    me: hmm. but usually readers are also writers….
    Friend: yes, but you can’t assume them to be mutually inclusive.
    me: so I guess when they read, they become philosophical, and when they write, they are trying to channel that feeling of higher understanding, but it’s more a feeling than anything else so no one else can understand it the way they do. But the reader comes up with their own philosophical way of interpretation, so everyone’s interpretation is slightly different because it’s a different feeling for everyone. But they are also all the same, because the words can only mean one thing.
    umm…did that make sense?

    Just throwing it out there to see if it makes sense to anyone else.

    Kim-la! I hope your dad gets better!!!!!!!!

  101. oh…when she says “but you can’t assume them to be mutually inclusive…she’s quoting Twilight. Actually, Eclipse, if you want to be specific. She does that a lot. *rolls eyes*

    And, while I’m rambling on and on about things of no consequence, I’ve been trying to play this game:

    It’s the most frustrating game in the world. And also very dizzy-making.

    OMG!!!! The. World. Is. Going. To. End.

    I just realized that I have lost every last bit of emoness I ever had. Well, whatever. All my personalities eventually fade. Some people’s personalities are permanent. Mine are more…transitory.

    I think my first recent obsession was spy-ness, like CIA and MI6 and stuff. I seriously wanted to be a spy *rolls eyes* That was back in the beginning of 6th grade. My personality was secretive, athletic, and very, very quiet. Then I was pretty much an amateur historian for a while. I knew every single fact I could about ancient times. My personality was that of a researcher, which means fairly quiet, intuitive, and extremely fascinated with whatever I was doing that related to history. Then I discovered Wikipedia, which lasted all last summer. So that means my personality revolved around computer geekiness. Then it was science fiction geekiness, with star trek and Stargate and stuff. Then it was my infamous emo time, back in December and January, when I read all those emo books and all Scott Westerfeld’s books, too.

    And now, I’ve transcended to an awesome, dreamy writer’s phase. With room for some of my past obsessions, of course, or I wouldn’t be here writing about it. Little Wikipedia left, little sci-fi left, little emo left…Fall Out Boy songs still give me chills whenever I listen to them. They are so awesome. And same for My Chemical Romance and everyone else I used to listen to.

    Good-bye, emo. *sighs* I wonder what could possibly be next. After the writer’s phase, I mean.

  102. right now i am in a life ruled by the internet and books! its scary! but i am not a freak, i haven’t been on in the past three days!

    i FINALLY figured out what pisses me off the most about tw******. it’s edwards mind reading ability! its so unrealistic. i mean, come on. mindcasting is realistic because its more of a curse than anything else, even though its useful at times. but edward can read everyones minds without going insane about the voices in his head? not likely. and alices future-seeing is just as bad. there is no WAY she can see everything thats about to happen without going insane with visions.

  103. i know what phase i’m in!

    apparently i’m ‘antisocial’ and ‘vague’.


  104. I know, that bothered me too. Apparently, he can choose to listen whenever he wants, but can keep the voices out of his mind if he’s not trying to listen. It’s like a buzz in the room, until he listens in. Which is awfully convenient and unrealistic, all things considered.

    And the same thing for Alice!! I thought it was just me, but I guess anyone who has read Midnighters and a lot of people who haven’t can probably see that, too.

    hahahahaha. Antisocial and vague works. Some people say antisocial and vague people are emo, but I just like to call it antisocial and vague. Because emo is a misinterpretation.

    That’s scares me, abut being ruled by the Internet. Not so much the books. But being ruled by the Internet = kinda scary. I had been thinking about that since January, in my loooong absence when I was grounded, and I actually tried to cut back on the internet. Then, that blog post of Scott’s, about that person…um…Emily Gould!! That was her name. That was scary. I mean, it’s not like I’m doing that sort of stuff on the internet, but still…some of the stuff she said, I can relate to. Like how comments and feedback from readers became more important than real life. That I could totally relate to. It doesn’t really mean much anymore. Which is why I’m not as obsessed with the internet as a whole anymore. What does it matter what people I’ll never meet are saying about me?

  105. im not really ruled so much as wanting to go on when i’m supposed to be doing my homework (like now), but i suppose thats more procrastination. and i’m not antisocial, but i daydream a lot, so i suppose the vague part is true. and people think im antisocial because i sit there with a glazed look on my face sometimes. i cannot help it!

  106. when is the contest over?

  107. well i am back again. i got grounded AGAIN! but this time it was because i stayed at the pool untill midnight. and even though my bro was there untill 11:30 i got in trouble. becuase one of the pool rules says anyone under 18 can’t be alone at the pool after dark. but my bro id 18 and he was there untill 11:30. so i don’t get it. and i wasmn’t even swiming! my bro had to go pick his girl friend up because she was spending the night, and left me alone for 30 minutes, and I GOT GROUNDED!? how was i suposed to get home?! WALK?! at midnight?! i don’t think so!!!! so stupid! urg!

    so in other news my best friend is being sent to CRAZY CAMP for the rest of this summer! they think she is messed up because she crys alot! and i mean hello! she is a girl and she is 13! how in the hell can she not cry?! ugh, what eva.

    so in other other news, i got intruble today because i didn’t clean my room, and my mom did. so my dad was all ‘YOU DON’T GET TO DO UN THINGS I YOU CAN’T CLEAN YOUR ROOM! YOUR GROUNDED!’ but my mom doesn’t care. because when i was suposed to be cleaning my room i was on my bike going to ingles to get her butter. so she doesn’t care!

    so ya! how is every one?


  108. you got grounded again? that is suckish!! i’m not exactly grounded, but i am sort of on home detention, because i’ve still got homework.

    i think the contest is already over. its june!!!! my birthday is on the thirteenth!!!!

  109. Fawesome!
    It’s on Friday the 13th!

  110. who won the contest?

  111. i am going to a concert on the 13th.

  112. who’s playing?

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