UNCATEGORIZED- im too lazy to actually define it. but im pretty sure its a common-knowledge word hahaha


OOOOH my goodness. i love comments. and again, i apologize for not posting for two months. but HEY! it wasnt two years so at least its not THAT bad (:

first of all, i must refer yet again to my favorite spammer and their brand new comment:

”Why have you deleted my post? It was very beneficial information and i assure at least 1 person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this website. I’ll post it again. Sick and tired of getting low amounts of useless traffic to your site?……”

hehhehehe SO FUNNY! i know that this is probably a generic comment they post when the first one goes through as spam, but i still think its hilarious. thanks random spammer for insulting the rest of the comments on this site. IIII personally think you guys have very useful and awesome comments. hehehe

so i see that my previous post ACTUALLY gained some visitors!!! *hold for applause* wooo! i was happy 😀 hopefully you guys haven’t all left and will check this site yet again. whether motivated by old bookmarks, early childhood nostalgia, or just plain boredom, i love you all and welcome your company!

moving on to NANOWRIMO. …………..







i have about 4000 words. and yes, it is about eleven o’clock at night on NOVEMBER 30th…. hehehe GO ME! yes. i procrastinate. and yes, i do have a life filled with… well, ya no… school and crap. i don’t know about you guys, but i am in all the AP classes my school offers for sophomores and um… it sucks. i have so much homework i think im about to burn my binders. they make you keep it all! it doesnt make any sense!

but i’m getting off topic. i started my NOvel at a good pace, two thousand words a day. sadly, i didnt start til the 7th because i forgot… and then i kind of… forgot two days after that… and then um. yeah. 4000 words.

it would have been decent but, i spose i’ll just have to see how it goes next year. i just wanted to give all you guys who actually DID it a big old THUMBS UP!!! you are brave souls. mind telling us what you wrote about if you participated? maybe i’ll post a few snip-its.  i think it could be fun.

so yeah. i just wanted to post again. talk about NANOWRIMO and get a little up to date.

speaking of which….

IT WAS MY 16TH BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! :mrgreen: just sayin… hehhe

i ate chocolate cheesecake and my friends ambushed me at school. it was definitely high up their on the memorable birthdays list.

so please comment! and this time i will actually reply and keep all up to date! how was your thanksgiving? did you go shopping the day after? are you looking forward to winter/christmas break? i want details hehhe

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen: