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so. is anybody doing NaNoWriMo? i am. but i have NO idea what to rite about, and its already one day in.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, and you have to rite 50,000 words (or 175 pages) during the month of November. that means that you have to start… yesterday (hehe) and be completely finished with your book by midnight on November 30th.

the website for it is so if you want to look into it more, you can click on that link. it has forums and stuff… and you can sign up for it so you can have other people read yours… i think…

but i still have no idea what to rite about. the site doesnt specify what you have to rite about, so i guess you cood do a fanfic thing, but im not very good at that. so i need ideas!

or you cood keep your own ideas and do NaNoWriMo with me. wich ever.

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. I was thinking about doing NaNoWriMo, but I know I’m not going to have enough time with school and stuff. If It were over the summer, then I’d definitely be doing it, but with my newspaper deadlines, speech and debate club tournament stuff, and Key club stuff, I generally don’t have much time to write during the school year. Last year I only advanced about ten thousands words from August to December, though last summer from the second week of May to June 30th I completed 47,394 words. (I’m actually surprised by that number. I know I wrote a lot, but until I just checked, I never knew it was that much.) Anyway, since there’s not much of a chance I can complete NaNoWriMo I’m going to attempt to make it NaReWriNoMo (National Rewrite a novel month) since I really need to finish rewriting the second draft of the novel that I finished after writing the last 47,394 words last summer. I’m been trying to get myself to finish rewriting it for a couple of months, but things keep getting in the way. I’m going to finish it by the end of November though. I’m making it my goal. Then I’m going to attempt to set a new record and get at least 40,000 words written in my new novel over winter break.
    Good luck to everyone attempting to complete NaNoWriMo. Have fun writing!

  2. wow Mistranslated-la. you are insane! ive NEVER written more than like, a couple thousand words in a book/story. i always start another one or forget about that one or… yeah. im INSANELY impressed. and jealous!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😛

  3. i would do it except we has exams now, so…

  4. Thanks, Lizzy-wa. Actually that novel was the first novel I’d ever completely finished. (The final word count on the first draft was actually about 96,000 words, though that number keeps changing a little bit as I rewrite) It took me a year and half to write the first draft. It was the first book I’d ever gotten more than about ten thousand words finished on. Until then, I was like you, only finishing a couple of chapters before I moved on to the next story. Again, good luck with NaNoWriMo. Maybe you can get farther this time.

  5. 96000!!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?


    wow. um… how old are you again?

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😕

  6. woah

  7. I’m only a sophomore in high school. I actually started it when I was in the eighth grade. When I started out it was hopefully going to be maybe 60,000, (that was my goal, (actually when I started out I expected it to never get finished)) but when I got there I still had so much more to tell. Then I aimed for somewhere around 80,000 words. (Around the length of most of Scott’s books,) and I was actually shocked when I saw the final word count. (Okay, not completely. I had been watching for the past couple of weeks, but I never expected it to be that long.) I’m actually now about 8,000 words into the sequel to the first book, and 30,000 words into another book I’m working on that has nothing to do with the first one. (I procrastinate on the rewriting I know needs to be done, and sometimes write. After I get away from the first book for a little while I can see what needs to be done with it.)

    And I get comments such as “wow” and “woah” a lot, though I pretty sure you guys are the only ones who actually understand the importance of word counts and such. (I carry a binder with the whole thing around with me most of the time so I can do editing, and that can sometimes draws a lot of questions, especially when one of my friends decides it’s time to point out to some random person, “Hey, you see that binder with all the paper in it? That’s the novel she’s writing!”)

  8. hehe. okay. i dont feel as suckish anymore. im only in 8th grade, so i still have a chance to catch up to you. but i probably wont. hehe. im more of a short story kind of person.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😉

  9. Oh my god, I haven’t been on here in FOREVER. I lost my bookmark and just found the page through Google again…
    And I’m doing NaNo! Yes! I am! Because I am insane! Even after spending August + September doing what was essentially half of a NaNo (50K in two months instead of one) I apparently crave crazy goals so yeah. I am doing NaNo.
    At 12K so far! *is pulling an all nighter*
    Wow I’ve missed you guys…

  10. hehe. hey Sera-la! im kinda sucking at coming up with ideas for NaNo. i only have a couple thousand words so far. i just cant think of anything!

    -Co-Prez OUT 😦

  11. Whoa…has this post seriously been up since November 2nd? How did I NOT notice it?

    I’m not doing NaNoWriMo. *tear* I have come up with a lot of novel ideas this month, though, now that it’s on my mind. I might write a few of them down. *shrugs* It depends.

    Good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo! 🙂

  12. I have a foolproof strategy when I hit writer’s block. I just have one of the characters say “Who do you think would win in a fight? [Blank] or [blank?” And then they rave for pages about werewolves and the Legion of Superheroes and goblins. It’s all good fun.
    Who needs a plot anyway?

  13. My writer’s block strategy is very simple. I keep a running page of what different people will think of the book. Most (okay, all) are very, very depressing comments about how the book should be burned, but after I’ve distracted myself with this for a long time I skim back over my work and figure out where it stopped working. One example was when I had hit a wall, an actual wall. My characters were trying to get over this wall, and I realized I was having writer’s block because it was unrrealistic for them to be able to get over said wall without being caught.
    Then I went back and rewrote the chapter.
    Really, though sometimes I don’t believe it, the best way to get through writer’s block is to write. Sometimes this doesn’t mean continue to write on the story your working on. Starting on something else can also be extremely helpful. I have a story entitled, “the story that I started while I was writing my other novel.” I also go back over my printed out manuscript and see if I made any notes about different ideas. I was able to solve one really annoying writing problem by going off of a small note I had made on the edge of a page about an idea for a character.
    Of course, I am not the queen of getting rid of writer’s block. I have a newer novel I’m working on that I’ve been writing and deleting sentences on for a couple of weeks now. Good thing is that it’s not my main priority novel at the moment, and hopefully I’ll come up with someway to fix it soon. Or, I could go with Serafina Zane’s idea which would make the story sound something like this:
    The doctor was about to put more of the knock out drug into my IV. I didn’t want her to do that again. Everyday for the past week when I had woken up she had kept me awake just enough time for my head clear before knocking me out again. It was driving me nuts. I’m pretty sure the doctor had escaped from a mental hospital before she was assigned to me. She seemed a little drug happy. What could I do to stop her?
    Suddenly I had an idea of how to distract her. I would keep her taling. That’s it. I looked up at her and asked, “Who do you think would win in a fight, a vampire or a zombie?”

    Though that’s just rough sketch of what the scene would look like, though it could work. Anyway, sorry for the extra long post. I’ve been dealing with writer’s block on and off since I started writing my first novel. Anyway, sorry for the long post. Hope everyone’s having a good beginning of the week.

  14. I like long posts. I usually end up writing long posts. A bit odd, though, seeing how little I actually talk in real life. I like editing my words before having people see/hear them.

    I’ve written some weird stuff whilst stuck on a main story…like, um, I was working on a fanfic once and ended up writing a totally unrelated scene involving an Egyptian goddess and Greek soldiers.

    I just noticed the pun in my above post. heh. Novel ideas.

  15. I’m a sophomore…and I cannot write a freakin novel. I try, but i either end up with no plot or INSANE writers block. so, i have many beginnings of stories and one ending, but nothing resembling a plotline. I even tried to write one for NaNoWriMo, but it didn’t make it past the first page….and I think i may change the point of view…
    okay i’m done ranting now. 😀

  16. wow, that avatar thing next to my post matches the mood of my rantings…

  17. hehe. your avatar is fawesome. hehe.

    who dosnt like long posts? i dont like RITING long posts, but i love reading them! id rather take my big posts and turn them into ten normal sized ones, so that i can see my name and my avatar a lot! hehe.

    egyptian goddesses, greek soldiers, wall-climbing, and character fights. hhhmmm… i’ll keep that in mind. hehe.

    im still only on the second page! what the heck!? this is NOT working! ive changed my book NINE TIMES already!!!! UUUUUUHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😦

  18. I think the biggest thing about NaNo is that you have to kind of not care what you’re writing, just stick with it. Which is harder than it sounds. Because it’s hard to write 50K of crap…and to be honest, I’d rather rather 10K of “good” writing.

  19. im definitely attempting nanowrimo next year. i think i know what ill write about. it starts like 5 days after my bat mitzvah, so ill never have a period where im just doing nothing…but i love thos periods. how do i sign up and stuff? i have NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!

  20. I want in.

  21. omg!!!! ive been so busy with school and stuff that i have not been on here in forever!!!!!!

    hi to everybody.

  22. hay! i 4got about this page! why hasna nobody commented on the member page in months? cough cough *allie* cough cough.

    and why has NEITHER of our mysterious co-preses commented ANYWHERE in MONTHS? cough cough *lizzy-wa and sERAFINA zANEs * cough cough

  23. hey. how r u?

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