NONELECTRICAL- um… not electrical. (congrats to the 99% of you who beat me to that definition)


so back to the OHMYDARKLING thing. ok the last time i posted on this site was all the way back in 2008 which is really really wierd and… lame. and the last comment was posted all the way back on MAY 20 at 9:57pm by rbsguy. lets give them a round of applause! (i say let US because i’m hoping i dont end up being the only one who reads this. cuz really wouldn’t that just be so sad?)

before i continue i just wanted to remind you guys that my name is Lizzy-wa. ok now that that part of the brain has been refreshed, we can move on:

see i was checking my email and deleting all of the stupid forwards and riddles that have been filling up my inbox for the last couple of months when i saw this thing from WORDPRESS. i was alll ‘oooh important!’ and i clicked. turns out it was just a ‘please moderate so and so’s comment cuz they wanna worship Midnighters too’ email. so, being the used-to-be-decent but currently-sucky site manager that i am, i clicked the link to approve the comment. i barely even recognized the website. i havent been on here in so long! and the dashboard (the place where you moderate stuff and keep things under control) was about as foreign (ok im pretty sure i didn’t spell that rite but i just tried it out like eight times and it looked the best) as… um… an alien? oh wow i cant even come up with a good comparison anymore.

so i approved the comment and started exploring the dashboard. did you know i can actually put polls on the site now? i guess tomorrow im gonna try to figure out how to do that. cuz really who doesnt love polls?

oh and a couple months ago i found like all of the duct-tape related comments i could find on this blog and Scott-la’s blog and made this shirt on microsoft publisher. hehe the things i do with my free time…

so yeah i hope somebody actually reads this! *fingers crossed*

-Co-Prez OUT! 😀