NOT REALLY CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES RELATED….but its foolio. so i just have to say it.

 but first i need to say sorry to Allie-wa. cause i promised that i wood post chapter 4 next. but i will post it next. after this…

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Hey Lizzy-wa and Serafina-zanes (and any other teen bloggers out there). Yalsa is looking for teen bloggers. If you are interested I put the link in my name to their blog and all the info is there.

Cool thing you have going on here!


fawesomeness huh? i think im gonna apply…

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NON-CHAPTER RELATED. so. i have been requested to post. a lot. i have also been requested *cough* Serafina-la *cough* to not post more chapters. to do sompthing different. so this post has nothing to do with chapters. or darklings. or even contests. it has to do with tridecalogisms…ok. so it kinda has to do with me. but its mostly tridecalogisms.

 i wanted to tell you of all of my tridecalogism experiences. well, not all of them. that wood take to long….

 as most of you no, i get very bored in math. so. as most of you also no. i rite on myself. rite? well, 13/13 times, im riting tridecalogisms on my arms. you shood see the looks i get. i mean, its just ballpoint pen! and there just big words. whats rong with big words? i like big words! you?

so i usually rite at least 13. its always a multiple of 13. but exactly how many i rite just depends on how bored i am.

so the day before we got out for break….wensday?…i was EXTREMELY bored. why? well, because instead of only having to pay attention a little bit to the random math stuff that is actally important, i didnt have to pay attention at all. cuz we were watching ELF. ELF! i mean, yeah its a good movie an all. but that guy just gets on my nerves after a while. not to mention HE was sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. and i coodnt see the screen without leaning all the way to the left or all the way to the rite! and even then HE was still in the way. so i decided not to look at the screen. if it ment looking at the back of HIS disgustingly greasy hair for an hour and a half, thats what i was going to do.

so i got out my assorted colors and began riting. i soon realized that my left arm was full. and i coodnt rite on my rite arm becaus my left hand is highly uncapable of riting to the point where you can read it. i looked at the clock. there was still 20 minutes. i glanced at the screen, but HE was in the way. laughing his head off like a choking howler monkey. no, sorry. a DYING choking howler monkey. if only he was one….

i had to do sompthing! if i got to bored, i wood look at the screen again. i frantically searched the room, looking for sompthing, ANYthing to occupy me. when my eyes came in contact with HIS.

he had turned around to say “HAHAHA DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!!” i gagged. he looked confused and frustrated. SHOOT! i had looked at him again! i felt like i was going to seriously puke! i tore my eyes from his. i had to find sompthing to do!

i rolled my pants up and began riting. faster than i had ever written before. i was just suprised i cood even read the words. but i kept going. suddenly the lites came on. my eyes slammed shut, stinging with the sudden pang of lite.

i blinked away the spots as i rolled down my pants, put on my jacket, and packed up my stuff. i was out the door before the teacher could tell us Merry Christmas.

when i got home later that afternoon, i counted the words on my legs and arm.

there were 507.

507!!! i didnt even know i knew that many tridecalogisms! i was stunned! and pretty proud. if i mite say so my self!

that nite, i had several dreams about Midnighters and tridecalogisms. and several nitemares about ELF. so….yeah.

for the next week, i was getting strange looks and questions. hehe.

anybody else have any wierd tridecalogism experiences?

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YET ANOTHER, BETTER LAYOUT. i kinda like this one. i dont no if i like the orange, but anything else doesnt show up…foolioish rite?

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NEW LAYOUT. i dont like it. but its the best one. i think. all the others look wierd. i cood try another one tomorrow. but rite now. i sleep.

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BRAND NEW HQ! (hehe. it rimes)

HEY PEOPLE! this is the official hq of the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. it involves everything and anything having to do with Midnighters, Darklings, Werewolves, or the new book Scotts gonna rite. im gonna try to figure out how to make it so Serafina-la, the co-prez of the club, and Sophie-la, the prez of Darkling and Midnighter resources, can post on here. if they want.

 if you wanna join, just say the word, and i’ll make a page that says the members and there position. were gonna talk all about Midnighter, Darklings, Werewolves, and what should happen in the fourth book. so COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

by the way. i picked this layout cause i think the girl looks like Dess. and i just love Dess.

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