SEMICIVILIZED- Halfways civilized?


hehe. so i only used todays tridecalogism cuz my mom said i was acting like an animal today and that i was ‘completely uncivilized’. i protested saying that ‘i DID take a shower that morning. and i WAS wearing matching socks’. (altho not matching shoes). so she said that i was “semicivilized”. turns out its a tridecalogism! who new?!

now, on to business. the winner of the TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION competition, along with the top spot on the face rank list and a title of their choice is:

*drumroll please…………………………………………………………………………*


and by an ALMOST unanimous vote mite i add. GO MISTRANSLATED-LA! she must have SLAVED on that entry. wich by the way was this:


It would be called Westerlestier Land, because there is no way he’d leave Justine out of it.

His army would consist of all of his rapid, over obsessive fans, the members of the YA mansion, all of Scott-la’s various friends, anyone who has ever read any of Scott’s books or any of his friend’s books, all of the nerdfighters, and here’s the best part, there will be a machine invented that brings all of his characters to life, so he’ll have an army of the Cutters, Midnighters, Peeps, etc.

Capital: Of course there would be two capitals, one would be New York, New York which Scott-la would conviently rename New Scott City. The five boroughs would be renamed after each of his books, starting with The Peeps instead of the Bronx, Prettieslyn instead of Brooklyn, Midnighthatten instead of Manhatten, Uglies instead of Queens, and So Yesterday Island instead of Staten Island. The second capital would be Sydney, Australia, whci Scott-la would give to Justine to do what she pleased with. If any of you have read Justine’s blog, then it is obvious that she would call it Quokkaville, and quokkas would roam the streets. Actually Scott would probably give the whole contenent of Australia to Justine. She would most likely keep Australia as the name, since she loves Australia, then she would do with it what she pleased. Another important city would be Bixby, Oklahoma. Right now it is a small town, but when Scott-la rules the world it will be a huge tourist attraction. There will be a museam there dedicated to midnighters, and each house really will have a tridecalogism on it. Street names and location names will be changed to reflect the books, and the route that the book follows will be marked out on a map that you receive when you first arrive there. Furthermore, their will be cars parked in certain marked off areas with dummies placed inside so it looks like people frozen in midnight. There will be statues of darklings and slithers everywhere, and there will be reinactments of scenes from the books every hour at a desinated location. There will be people roaming the streets dressed up as characters from Midnighters.
Another city that will be important is a new city in Washington (the rough location of Uglies) that will be designed like Tally’s city. LIke Bixby their will be people dressed up like the characters roaming the streets. There will also be reinactments of scenes from the books. There will be museums dedicated to Uglies around the city.
Disneyland, Disney World, and the entire Disney cooperation will now be owned by Scott and the theme parks will re-open as being dedicated to Scott-la’s books. There will be a huge roller coaster like the one in Uglies with cars that look like hover boards kind of. There wil be people dressed up as Scott characters roaming the parks and instead of having the huge mickey head made out of flowers at the entrance, there will be a huge picture of Tally. Disney channel will play shows made off of Scott’s books and only shows and movies that Scott’s army likes.

New Holidays (yes, more than one): We would still celebrate Halloween, though it would be called Samhain, and at midnight everyone would go outside dressed all in black carrying flashlights and go “searching” for darklings until sunrise. During this time their would be grand parades of people “searching for darklings”, bonfires would be made, and fire works would be set off to fend off the darklings.
May 5th would be a huge celebration of Scott-la’s birthday. There would be huge author conventions across the globe, and everyoen would have to send Scott a gift of some sort, more appropriately something related to his books. Their would be a parade in every city across the globe, and no one would do anything on this day but celebrate.
The anniversary of the days that his books came out would be celebrated by a mass reading of whichever book was released that day. At the end of the day fireworks would be set off and a celebration that was themed off of whichever book it was would be held.
At least once a week on midnight each household would get up and hold some sort of a celebration to comemerate midnighters.
There will also be a celebration on every Friday the 13th. On this day everyone must dress up as a character from midnighters. Everyone would then spend the rest of the day in character.
Memorial day would become international Mourning of Zane’s Death Day. This day would be spent with everyone rereading Pretties and/or Specials. There would be memorial services across the world to remember Zane.
There will be random stop, drop, and read times. These will be announced over loud speakers through out cities, on the radio, and on all television stations. At this time everyone will stop whatever they are doing and read until it is stated that they may stop.

Laws ( I kind of have more than three, sorry. I got carried away. If that’s too many than you can only count three of them.):
1. You must have read all of Scott-la’s books if you are able to read.
2. You must read all of Scott’s books at least once a year.
3. You must celebrate all holidays.
4. You must carry around some sort of metal with a thirteen letter name or a thirty-nine letter name at all times.
5. You must be able to answer any question about any of Scott-la’s books when asked by any member of Scott-la’s army.
6. You must read for at least an hour a day.
7. You must always have a book on you, because you must always be ready for the stop, drop, and read time.
8. Book stores must feature Scott-la’s books on the bestseller’s rack in the store.
9. Each book store must have a full stock of Scott-la’s books at all times.
10. Everyone must own a copy of Scott-la’s books. If you can not afford them, then a set will be provided for you.
11. You must always be able to name at least thirteen tridecalogisms when asked by a member of Scott-la’s army.
12. You must travel to both of the capitals at least once in your lifetime.
13. You must state the Westerlestier Land pledge every morning, it goes as follows:
I pledge alligiane to Scott Westerfeld, and to the army for which he stands. One group of book lovers, reading books, and worshiping Scott, with reading and good books for all.

This would be Scott-la’s fawesome world.


hehe. that about tripled the length of the post. 😛

so just comment to claim your prize and your title. and do it soon, so you can see your beautiful new name on top!

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. wow, i haven’t been on here in a while. hello! congrats, mistranslated nonelectrical ornimentation-la!

    i also feel semi-civilized. it’s summer and i think i wore and slept in the same clothes all weekend. but, umm, anyway.
    ironically, i’m going to take a shower, actually.

  2. dude my avatar changed.

  3. Yay! I won! That’s so happy-making! Thanks for voting for my entry guys.
    I actually had a lot of fun writing that entry. Mainly it was because I didn’t fell like working on the writing I was doing at the time, so it really was just an act of procrastination. Still, it was fun.
    Again, thanks for voting for my entry.

  4. I also feel semi-civilized because it’s summer. I haven’t gotten up before eleven once in the past three weeks. Today I had to get up at eight, but that wasn’t my choice. I’m extremely tired because of this. I might actually have to go to bed before three tonight.
    I may be semi-civilized, but I must say that my desk at this point is not civilized what so ever. If anyone can find my school ID please tell me, and um, my calculator, and the first chapter of my novel, and my dictionary, and if possible, the pack of gum I bought last week. Maybe I should become fully civilized for a little while to clean off my desk. I just did it about two weeks ago, though. It doesn’t stay organized for more than one night of late night writing. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find my dictionary and calculator when school starts. At least I can use and an online calculator until then if I need one, which is very unlikely.
    I must say that I prefer being semi-civilized to being civilized. It’s more fun!

  5. hehe. civilization is for squares. 😛

    so what do you want your title to be Mistranslated-la?

    -Co-Prez OUT! ❓

  6. I’m not sure. Can I think about it for a day?
    Anyone have any ideas?

  7. yea! go mistranslated nonelectrical ornimentation-la!

  8. Congrats!

  9. Congrats!!!!!

  10. I’m totally going to use that word sometime.

    Congrats, Mistranslated! 😀

  11. Okay, I’m thinking Malevolent Midnighters Dictator. Is that okay for a title?

  12. Hehe I likey!!!!

  13. I wanna change my title to CRAZED rabid fangurl. Hehe don’t ask!

  14. i like it! hehe. ok. so Malevolent Midnighters Dictator. nice. your positive thats what you want?

    -Co-Prez OUT! ❓

  15. i think everyone is semi-civilized in the summer…

  16. Yeah, that’s the title I want.

    I agree, everyone is semi-civilized during summer, except my sister. She’s a perfectionist. She’s never semi-civilized, and it bugs her when I am, though her perfectionism drives me insane sometimes, so we’re about even.

  17. Im always semicivilized!

  18. I’m with RexRoxMySox. 😀

    I totally need to go to Hot Topic sometime…

  19. i’m semicivilised all the time.

    no we do not have pens! meh!

  20. I need some people to join my site. I need admin. authors, contributors, etc!!!

  21. I’ll join! Where do I go?

  22. and click on my page join for more info!

  23. *sighs*

    I hate FanLib. Seriously. *stabs FanLib* FanLib should die a slow and painful death.

    Why is it shutting down all of a sudden? *sighs* Without an explanation, too. Not a single word in explanation, only speculation. *growls* *impales FanLib*

  24. Nobody gets on here anymore.

  25. WHY IS FANLIB SHUTTING DOWN!!!!!!!!!?????????

  26. Fanlib is shutting down? Why is it shutting down?????!!!!! Arrghh!!!

  27. I just read all the comments about Breaking Dawn on, and all I can say is…


  28. sorry if I

    a) got a little annoyed
    b) spoiled the book for you, and
    c) sullied this site with the garbage that is BD

    but I had to say something


    I read BD. It was absolute trash. I pretty much assaulted it when Bella became a vampire. I thought it was so stupid and soooo Mary Sue when she wasn’t even affected by being an out-of-control newborn. That’s just…stupid. And the pregnancy was poorly explained. It reminded me of a bad fanfic I read once. 🙄 And I didn’t like that Charlie became involved. That’s nice and all, but where’s the angst?? Bella didn’t have to give up anything. wtf?

    The “climax” was disappointing. All the time, she was building up to this great climax where all the Cullens’ friends would help them defend Renesmee against the Volturi…and then they didn’t even fight. I think a fight would have made the book ten times better (though most of it was still…less than desirable.) A big fight scene against the Volturi would have been awesome. Maybe enough to save the whole book. But no. Everything is solved peacefully. I was at least expecting Bella and Edward to sacrifice themselves for Renesmee.

    I thought it was pretty funny that it only has an average of 3 stars on Amazon. 😆 hahahaha.

    All Lotti’s apologies apply to me, too. Sorry!

  30. Also: it is so not worth reading. Save your money

    (I didn’t have to buy mine…my mom bought it. 😀 She actually read them and liked them.)

    I promise, no more BD crap. It’s not worth talking about.

  31. yes. i shall change the subject. leviathan is almost done!!!

  32. um, just a comment on bd. i thought it was..ok. i mean, it rapped up the series well. but i thought there wud b a fite cn. and i wanted one. i didnt have 2 buy mine either! it was my ‘bday’ present. cuz my bdayis the 12th! yay! but bd was ok. i will say that. i mean, personally i luved parts of it, got depressed at others. i didnt like the part with the point of view of jacob. that was blah. i liked the closet. i dont really like clothes or shopping, but i luved bellas emotions. that was hysterical. i was rofl.

  33. o, i 4got. congrats n good job, mistranslated non-electrical ornementation-la! i luved ur idea. o, btw, when im a genius going 2 gt w./ my bff (who will also b a genius) n i have figured out a machine like ur talking about, then i will let u no, and we shall make the world a possibility!

  34. *squee*

    Is it really almost finished?

    I haven’t been to his blog in a while…actually, no, I just read it last week. I missed the Leviathan update, though.

    That’s awesomeness. 😀

  35. Leviathan is almost finished? Well, that’s happy-making. I”m not in the best mood right now, because my cat is really sick and in the animal hospital. I’m really worried about him.

    Anyway, I read BD. (This is the only thing I’m ever going to say about it, so don’t worry, I’m not going to go on about it.) It was okay. It wasn’t great. Then again, that’s what I thought about the whole series. It was entertaining reading, but I’m not a big fan. Scott’s books are much better. (Though Stephenie Meyer’s one adult book, The Host was pretty good), I would recommend reading it even if you didin’t like her other series) Now, that’s all I’m ever going to write about Stephenie Meyer’s books on here ever again.


  37. ok, i keep seeing about leviathion and hearing about it on scott-las blog n here, but the only thing i can figure out about it is that its a book scott-las riting about some air vehicle.

  38. I just found out something very interesting. I was looking at some vocab words for World History, and I figured out why Scott calls the book Leviathan (or at least I think I did). Thomas Hobbes was this English political thinkers in the 1600’s, and he wrote a major treatise on political thought which he called Leviathan. He referred to Leviathan as being the “mortal god.”
    Did anyone else know that? I think that’s why Scott calls it Leviathan, though I could be wrong. I just found it to be interesting, and finding that information made my history homework much more interesting.

    By the way, he’s finished writing Leviathan! The bad part, it probably won’t be out for about a year. I can’t wait!

  39. I always thought Leviathan was like a sea monster or something.

    *shrugs* I used to be obsessed with mythological monsters, what can I say…

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