EMBELLISHMENT- An ornament or decoration


ok. so. as you can see, the word today has really nothing to do with the post…but i dont care. cuz i just realized today that its a tridecalogism and heck im gonna use it!

hehe. ok. so sorry i didnt post this on the 31st…or the 1st or 2nd or 3rd. but i was gone all weekend and i had dance and babysitting the last 2 nites. sorry. but im finally posting.

so this is where we vote. for the winners of the contest. basic same rules as the last contest we did.

you vote once. and only once. make it clear and ALL CAPS on who you want to win. try to only vote once and not change your votes around or anything, cuz it makes it really hard to count.

the winner will recieve (as you mite recall):

  • Top Spot on the facerank list for two weeks (or however long it takes me to update it) 
  • Official and eternal title of choice (unless of course you win another contest in the future).
  • Bragging rights
  • so, now for the entries:



    Scott’s new world is named Scott-la-land *instead of ‘Gondwanaland’*

    it’s capital shall be Manhattan, New York, but renamed as Rabid Fangrrl HQ

    his massive ARMY will consist of:
    The chasing midnight werewolves club
    Everyone who posts on westerblog, except the slammers
    Justine Larbalestier and followers
    Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy and Opshop (we needs music too!)
    Some book-loving friends of mine who read Scott-la’s books
    and me, of course
    in other words, about 200?? rabid fangrrls and some freakishly good bands

    The new holidays (yes, more than one) shall be:

    taking place April 13-16, it will be the biggest music festival EVA! all the world stops work/school to veiw concerts by the greatest bands of all time!

    taking place on september 9th (Tally’s birthday), it is a celebration of freedom. again, no work, and everything is free. if you want it, you grab it. just like a hole in the wall. because when scott takes over, there’ll be no more problems with poverty and stuff

    taking place on october 31st, it is basically halloween of today, except at midnight, and everybody has to dress as a character from a book (preferably scott’s), and that means EVERYONE. even your totally dull teachers and parents.

    taking place on december 31st at midnight, it is a HUGE celebration of all things scott for the incomming year. and at midnight, there’ll be massive fireworks displays, like in New Pretty Town.

    Three new laws:
    3. lastly, it really annoys me when teachers tell you off for reading in class. under your desk. because dude, i’ve FINISHED MY WORK! so reading in class is now totally legal


    REXROXMYSOX-LA (she rote 2. but a vote for Rex-la is a vote for ether one. they are seperated by a spacy thingy)

    Ok the the world would be called Scottland(hehe) his followers would include the whole wide world 9.1 billion people. The capitol would be Midnightersville, Scottland. Holiday- Saint Scotts Day on every Friday at midnight would include worldwide gigundo fireworks, parades, parties, and of course lots of fool food. Laws- Must dedicate one hour of every day to praise Scott, stay up til 12 am everynight, and be ICY 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The world would be called westerworld the capital will be new york new york renamed peepsville, scottstown. followers would include all 8 biilion peeps, 6 billion stiffs, all of chasing midnight werewolves club, and 7 trillion rabid fangurls!!! The new holiday would be Special Day celebrated on the New 13th month created just for scott. The new month shall be called Scottstember. it shall be 39 days days long. There will be TONS of FireWorks, parades, and crazy scott fans running around everywhere. There will be a giant poster of scott on every house in the world. The new laws will be
    1) Read one of Scott’s books every month
    2) Hoverboard for at least 7 hours a day
    3) Dedicate the 9th hour everyday to SCOTT!



    ok… world name: Westerfeldville
    army: everyone that reads scotts blog! (hundreds)
    new world capital(s): (there are 2) Sydney, Australia will be Justineland and New York City will be Scottland!
    holiday: EVERY 13TH OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! (called Prettyminded Midnight) We will celebrate by dancing at 1 pm (thats 1300 for the military) and fireworks at midnight!
    3 laws: have to talk in pretty, have to read at least 2 scott westerfeld books, have to find your midnight power!



    It will be named: SCOTTAGASCAR

    THe capital will be san diego,ca but it will be renamed:SAN SCOTTIEGO, CALISCOTT

    Followers will be everybody who will have read his books by then: 815,730,721(that’s 13 to the 8th power)

    The new holiday would be: SCOTT INDEPENDENCE DAY. It is to celebrate the day that Scoot took over the world (January 13, 2013) It is going to be all day long. There will be fireworks that can actually be seen in broad daylight, so there will be fireworks ALL DAY LONG. There will be music all day long blasting through your skintenna. And there will be a hoverboarding race that goes all over the worl and whoever wins gets to be Scott-la for a day. oh, and in case you havent figured it out yet, It is on january the 13!

    The new laws will be:
    1.You must never, ever, ever, EVER talk down about Scoot, Justine, or their books.
    2.You have to read all of his books at least 13 times every 13 years
    3.You must obey all the laws.



    World Name: Scottmerland

    Army/Followers: Well, you know, all of his obsessive fans would be his army which is, like, what? 100? And then the members of the YA mansion, so now were at about 120? then all of Scott-la’s friends. I’m gonna say he has like, 50, maybe? So, 170? Stephenie Meyer and some other YA authors. So, about 450 total.
    But his advisors and people who help him rule would be (Obviously) Justine and the residents of the YA mansion.

    Capital: Scottmerland would have two capitals (King Scott-sama doesn’t want to have winter in his capital!!!!) New York City, New York and Sydney, Australia. They would be called New Novel Town, New Westerfeld and Youngblood, Scottland (hehheh like Scotland?)

    Celebration: Westerdays, celebrated from the 5th (Scott-la’s birthday in May)to the 25th each month, most VICs (very important cities) would have parades on the day King Scott-sama could visit them, and all cities with an army member (us!) would have a party on one of the days for them, Bixby would have a ginormo firework show every night, King Scott-sama would chose a new way to celebrate every day (such as, on the 13th of each month this year I will be writing a book, therefore, my army will control the celebrations, or, on 7ths of every month this year, the army members will have pie with me, or, on the 21st of each month this year, I will hand out new books to the army, or, on the 15th of each month this year I will throw a big party for my advisors, army, pie cooks, family, and those who read this year’s award winning number (any number King Scott-sama choses, 13, 507, 65, etc.) of books.
    Most cities only celebrate 3 to 5 days, but King Scott-sama has to have time to make it to the cities and if he’s busy then it’s us, the army, that must make it to all the VICs

    1. Everyone capable of reading must read at least one of King Scott-sama’s books each year
    2.Reading is the number one priority of Scottmerland and if it weren’t for the no punishing your children (unless the army says so) law, then it would be illegal to tell them to stop reading(which is totally a punishment)
    3.Anyone caught damaging a book purposely in any way will be sent to jail, or for more drastic damage, the army will decide punishment.



    It would be called Westerlestier Land, because there is no way he’d leave Justine out of it.

    His army would consist of all of his rapid, over obsessive fans, the members of the YA mansion, all of Scott-la’s various friends, anyone who has ever read any of Scott’s books or any of his friend’s books, all of the nerdfighters, and here’s the best part, there will be a machine invented that brings all of his characters to life, so he’ll have an army of the Cutters, Midnighters, Peeps, etc.

    Capital: Of course there would be two capitals, one would be New York, New York which Scott-la would conviently rename New Scott City. The five boroughs would be renamed after each of his books, starting with The Peeps instead of the Bronx, Prettieslyn instead of Brooklyn, Midnighthatten instead of Manhatten, Uglies instead of Queens, and So Yesterday Island instead of Staten Island. The second capital would be Sydney, Australia, whci Scott-la would give to Justine to do what she pleased with. If any of you have read Justine’s blog, then it is obvious that she would call it Quokkaville, and quokkas would roam the streets. Actually Scott would probably give the whole contenent of Australia to Justine. She would most likely keep Australia as the name, since she loves Australia, then she would do with it what she pleased. Another important city would be Bixby, Oklahoma. Right now it is a small town, but when Scott-la rules the world it will be a huge tourist attraction. There will be a museam there dedicated to midnighters, and each house really will have a tridecalogism on it. Street names and location names will be changed to reflect the books, and the route that the book follows will be marked out on a map that you receive when you first arrive there. Furthermore, their will be cars parked in certain marked off areas with dummies placed inside so it looks like people frozen in midnight. There will be statues of darklings and slithers everywhere, and there will be reinactments of scenes from the books every hour at a desinated location. There will be people roaming the streets dressed up as characters from Midnighters.
    Another city that will be important is a new city in Washington (the rough location of Uglies) that will be designed like Tally’s city. LIke Bixby their will be people dressed up like the characters roaming the streets. There will also be reinactments of scenes from the books. There will be museums dedicated to Uglies around the city.
    Disneyland, Disney World, and the entire Disney cooperation will now be owned by Scott and the theme parks will re-open as being dedicated to Scott-la’s books. There will be a huge roller coaster like the one in Uglies with cars that look like hover boards kind of. There wil be people dressed up as Scott characters roaming the parks and instead of having the huge mickey head made out of flowers at the entrance, there will be a huge picture of Tally. Disney channel will play shows made off of Scott’s books and only shows and movies that Scott’s army likes.

    New Holidays (yes, more than one): We would still celebrate Halloween, though it would be called Samhain, and at midnight everyone would go outside dressed all in black carrying flashlights and go “searching” for darklings until sunrise. During this time their would be grand parades of people “searching for darklings”, bonfires would be made, and fire works would be set off to fend off the darklings.
    May 5th would be a huge celebration of Scott-la’s birthday. There would be huge author conventions across the globe, and everyoen would have to send Scott a gift of some sort, more appropriately something related to his books. Their would be a parade in every city across the globe, and no one would do anything on this day but celebrate.
    The anniversary of the days that his books came out would be celebrated by a mass reading of whichever book was released that day. At the end of the day fireworks would be set off and a celebration that was themed off of whichever book it was would be held.
    At least once a week on midnight each household would get up and hold some sort of a celebration to comemerate midnighters.
    There will also be a celebration on every Friday the 13th. On this day everyone must dress up as a character from midnighters. Everyone would then spend the rest of the day in character.
    Memorial day would become international Mourning of Zane’s Death Day. This day would be spent with everyone rereading Pretties and/or Specials. There would be memorial services across the world to remember Zane.
    There will be random stop, drop, and read times. These will be announced over loud speakers through out cities, on the radio, and on all television stations. At this time everyone will stop whatever they are doing and read until it is stated that they may stop.

    Laws ( I kind of have more than three, sorry. I got carried away. If that’s too many than you can only count three of them.):
    1. You must have read all of Scott-la’s books if you are able to read.
    2. You must read all of Scott’s books at least once a year.
    3. You must celebrate all holidays.
    4. You must carry around some sort of metal with a thirteen letter name or a thirty-nine letter name at all times.
    5. You must be able to answer any question about any of Scott-la’s books when asked by any member of Scott-la’s army.
    6. You must read for at least an hour a day.
    7. You must always have a book on you, because you must always be ready for the stop, drop, and read time.
    8. Book stores must feature Scott-la’s books on the bestseller’s rack in the store.
    9. Each book store must have a full stock of Scott-la’s books at all times.
    10. Everyone must own a copy of Scott-la’s books. If you can not afford them, then a set will be provided for you.
    11. You must always be able to name at least thirteen tridecalogisms when asked by a member of Scott-la’s army.
    12. You must travel to both of the capitals at least once in your lifetime.
    13. You must state the Westerlestier Land pledge every morning, it goes as follows:
    I pledge alligiane to Scott Westerfeld, and to the army for which he stands. One group of book lovers, reading books, and worshiping Scott, with reading and good books for all.

    This would be Scott-la’s fawesome world.



    name-SCOTTLANDIPITY -serendipity means good things that just fall into place b/c of f8. there4, good things fall into place here all the time.

    army-leaders CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES CLUB! other people- any1 else who is a fan of him, especially other authors.

    capital-(ok, hold on. im argueing w/ my mom about a dress. i rarely where dresses[have 2 b 4ced 2] and this dress is ORANGE! with POLKA DOTS!! eww eww eww.
    CAPITAL-where bixby, oklahoma is. renamed MIDNIGHTERVILLE

    holiday(s)-SCOTT-LA DAY!!! must b capital, must hav exclamations. takes place on scott-las bday, every1 must b kind and nice(except 2 siblings)every1 must give each other books [which MUST b in good condition. dont hav 2 b perfect, just good] fireworks all nite. except fireworks that dont keep little kids that need sleep awake. parents must let kids do whatev they want, as long as it isnt dangerous 2 themselves or others.
    INTERNATIONAL BOOK DAY-every1 dresses up as a book character. every1 may get 1 free book from a bookstore, if the want.
    SPECIALCIRCUMSTANCES-takes place on decmeber 21st. every1 thinks about special circumstances all day
    UNLUCKY DAY- takes place on december 12th. ugh ugh ugh! every1 stays in bed and hides all day
    LUCKY DAY- takes place on jewish leapyear. in that year, we add a month, not a day, so on the 13th day of the 13th month, we all celebrate having a lucky day and talk in 13s whenever we can

    1-absolutely NO FITING! if u fite, kill, steal, u name it, u get loked up in jail 4 the rest of ur life.
    2-no criticing books. unless there nonfiction. can only critic sad fiction books. and really bad 1s. but scott-la has 2 approve bad 1s as bad 1s.
    3-when they turn 10, or whenever they can understand them, every1 MUST read scott-las, justines, stephenies, and many other good authors books. YA r only required.


    so. one vote only. you are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR YOURSELF. i repeat. NOT ALLOWED!!! hehe. so. vote away!

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀