Jessica appeared out of nowhere. One minute she was gone. The next she was sitting in the front passenger seat. Kay blinked to make sure she was seeing things right.

“Jonathan…” Kay trailed off.

“It’s alright.” He said.

Jessica noticed Kay for the first time. “What’s she doing here?” She said to Jonathan.

“She wouldn’t go back…”

“You could have made her. She shouldn’t be here.” Jessica obviously wasn’t happy. And in Kay’s opinion, she was being a bit bratty.

“We’re saving time this way.”

“Whatever.” Jessica said, and stared out her window. There was an awkward silence.

Kay was about to ask what they were doing when Jonathan said, “I wonder where he is.” She bit back the urge to ask who “he” was. She just looked out the window, fingering her silver cross necklace. A present from her mother.

They sat in silence for a couple minutes (or what seemed like it. All the clocks had stopped working.) Then Jessica said, “Maybe Melissa was wrong…maybe she skipped over a few cities. Maybe she thought she sensed him but really didn’t. You know she was just learning how to mindcast over long distances. Maybe…” Jessica stopped when she saw a figure move in the bushes edging the parking lot. It could have been an animal. But it moved too…predatory for a suburban animal.
Kay and Jonathan had seen it, too.
“Darkling?” Jessica said, pulling her glowing hand out of her pocket. She flexed her fingers, ready to strike (literally). But then the creature stood up on two legs. Jessica lowered her hand a little, wondering if this was just the Midnighter after all. Then a dark sound rose up in the throat of whatever it was. It sounded like a cross between a growl and a howl. Then it made its way cautiously yet quickly towards the car.
Jessica didn’t know when she decided it wasn’t human. But the next thing she knew, her lightning had struck the figure, illuminating its features. She gasped when she saw it was a human. A guy, around 20 or so. She immediately stopped the lightning, wondering if he was dead. But he wasn’t even fazed by it. He looked down at the last charges of electricity in his body and howled. All three Midnighters froze at the horrible sound. His face was upturned toward the dark moon. He raised his arms up. They were covered in thick, black fur. His eyes were death as they flashed indigo. They were eyes that looked ready to kill.
Then he (or she, or it. Whatever.) charged toward the car. Jessica was startled into action. “God, Jonathan. Run!” She herself was opening the door, slamming it shut, and in the flash of an eye was standing next to Jonathan, then jumping off the ground into the safety of the sky.
She barely saw Kay make it out before the beast-human came down on it, scraping the doors with fingernails. It reached inside Jessica’s open window and ripped the seat fabric. Jessica shuddered and turned back around, focusing on flying.
What a nightmare.

Kay’s thoughts were pretty much the same. She had never seen anything like that before. She had gotten a closer view than Jonathan and Jessica. It looked like…a psycho dog-human. But it couldn’t be. Could it? Kay wasn’t sure she wouldn’t believe it. After all, two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have believed she would even be considering anything of the type. She pushed the thoughts aside for the moment and caught up with Jessica and Jonathan.
They all landed a safe distance away from the car. Jessica was obviously confused. And spooked. Jonathan’s expression was hard to read.
“What was that?” Kay asked. She hoped they knew.

“I don’t know. A new type of darkling?” Jonathan said, considering the possibility.

“What’s a darkling?” Kay asked. She obviously had a lot to learn.

“Ancient creatures that are trapped in the blue time – the hour at midnight. Most of the darklings were killed though, and I don’t see how one would have gotten this far out.” Jessica said, gazing at her shining hand.

“Then what is it?” Kay asked.

Jessica sighed. “If only I knew.”


much fawesomeness…

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Jonathan was about to pull out the parking lot when Kay knocked on the window. Jonathan, startled, looked over to see her standing outside. He cursed under his breath as he rolled down the window.

“Why did you follow us?” Jonathan asked, mad at her. Again.

“I can’t stay there.” Kay said, standing firm.

“Yes you can. Go back before they realize you’re gone.”

“No! I can’t. I don’t belong there. I don’t even belong here anymore.” Kay felt more tears in her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall this time.

Jonathan sighed, but he understood. “Fine then. Get in the back.”

Kay said nothing as she opened the door and strapped herself in. Only after the seatbelt clicked did she remember the childhood warnings about getting in cars with strangers. But Jonathan seemed safe. Safe enough, anyway. Jonathan pulled out the parking place and then shifted gears into drive as he pulled out the parking lot. They turned onto familiar back roads out to highway. They drove farther and farther away from the city. Farther and farther away from Kay’s old life.

They were on the highway all day. They stopped once to eat at a McDonald’s (cheeseburgers from the dollar menu, and two sodas, grace of a broken drink machine). They were quiet the whole way, too. It seemed like a spell hung in the air, fragile as a spiderweb, and the slightest breath could break it. Jonathan tried turning the radio on once, but they were too far between cities to pick up any clear radio signal.

After hours on the road, Kay finally fell asleep. Well, half asleep. She was still kept in subtle consciousness by the movement of the car and the sound of wind whistling past the barely closed window. She didn’t notice when the car started to slow as they got off on an exit to a new city.
Kay woke when the car stopped. It was dark outside. Her vision was blurry. Kay blinked her eyes and the world jumped into focus. The green illuminated car clock read 11:23 PM. Kay had slept through the whole afternoon. Jonathan wasn’t in the car. Kay noticed they were in another grocery store parking lot. What was his obsession with grocery stores? Kay sat back in the tan leather seat, wondering what she was supposed to do now. She decided just to wait for Jonathan.

He came back at exactly 11:57. He was carrying a bag of groceries and threw it carelessly into the back. It almost hit Kay in the head before it hit the seat, its contents spilling out.

“Hey! That almost hit me!” Kay sat the bag up and put the food back in.

“What? Oh! sorry. forgot you were there.” Jonathan said as he got in the car and shut the door.

Kay rolled her eyes and dropped the bag over the seat. He looked sincere, though, so she didn’t complain further. mom never liked complaining. The sudden thought of her mother brought tears to Kay’s eyes.

She pushed the thoughts away and said, “So what now?”

Jonathan was eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. After her chewed the last bite, he said, “We wait.”

Then he made another sandwich.


 i personally thought it was lovely…for the record, the other two chapters were called HOSPITAL and FLYING. just to let ya no.

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           She saw the figures from a distance. They were flying, somehow, rising and falling with ease and in a distinct rhythm, like the beat of a song. She watched them as she sat down on the too-wide windowsill. Her feet were dangling over the side, dangerously high up. Then the figures reached her. it was a guy and a girl. They stood on the ground outside her window. “Kay?” The guy called up to her, “I’m Jonathan, and this is Jessica.” He gestured to the girl beside him. “We’re here to help you. Just hang on – I’ll be up there in a second…”
       But Kay didn’t need him. She inched her way to the very edge of the windowsill…
       …and pushed off the side of the building just as Jonathan flew into the air. To her delight, she shot up into the air, away from the hospital. Freedom. It had never seemed so good.
       “Hey!” Jonathan shouted, trying to redirect his path in mid-flight. But Kay watched as he slammed into the building in his efforts. He pushed off, heading straight toward her. He covered the distance quickly, and grabbed her hand as he passed by her. But when he made contact, he stopped. In midair. They were stuck. In midair.  They were in midair! It was as if they had turned into stone. Like everything else. Kay noticed for the first time the small dark shapes surrounding all the trees. They were leaves that had fallen off in the last gust of wind. But they hadn’t made it to the ground.
 Then Kay let go of Jonathan’s hand. They flew off in opposite directions. God – she would end up back in that dreaded hospital room if she hit anything at this speed. But the air in front of her was clear of obstacles and she slowed and dropped to the soft grass. Jonathan and Jessica were holding hands again, Kay noticed as she looked over at them. She could catch bits of what was being said. Something about acrobats. Then Jonathan jumped again, with Jessica, and landed right in front of Kay. “Are you crazy?” Jonathan shouted. He looked, and sounded, ticked. “Maybe so. That’s what the local news has been saying about me, right?” Kay kept her voice calm and level. “Yeah…but I didn’t believe it until you jumped out of your window!” “That was – never mind. I think I have a lot more questions than you do,” Kay said, “Starting with – what on earth is going on? Jonathan half-smiled at Jessica, as if sharing some private joke. “We’ll explain later.” Jessica said, speaking for the first time, “But I think we need to do something first…” she pulled her right hand out of her sweatshirt pocket. It sparkled a soft, blue color and the were sparks like static electricity coming from it. It reminded her of…”Lightning?” Kay said, puzzled. “Yes. I need you to touch it. Just grab my hand.” Jessica extended her hand toward Kay, who backed away. “No way. I’m not exactly all that enthusiastic about getting struck by lightning.”Jessica sighed. “It won’t hurt for long – I promise. We’ve done this before.”“And the sooner you do this the sooner we can explain what’s going on.” Jonathan added.Kay grabbed Jessica’s hand and closed her eyes, resisting the urge to pull away, to be rid of the pain that shot up her entire arm. The seconds seemed like hours. Eventually the pain subsided, as if being drained from her body. “Good.” Jessica said, and let go, “Darkling proof and ready to go. For now, at least.” She put her hand back in her sweatshirt pocket. Jonathan was bouncing on his feet, jumping only inches off the ground, and said, “Then let’s go.” Jessica grabbed Jonathan’s hand again. They were about to jump, but Kay stopped them. “Wait – what about me?” “We’ll see you tomorrow night, hopefully. You need to get back to your room.” Jessica said, sounding more than a little irritated. “Oh – and you’ll need this.” Jessica took a small chain out from her sweatshirt pocket and dropped it into Kay’s palm. “It’s name is Unprecedented Nonscientific Identicalness. Wear it in the blue time. and remember its name.” And without any further explaination, she grabbed Jonathan’s hand again, and they jumped, leaving Kay behind. There was no way Kay was going back into that hospital. She knew where she was going. She jumped. She followed the two of them, making sure to stay out of their sight.  It wasn’t before they slowed down. It took all of Kay’s concentration to keep up with them during their high jumps, so the change in speed came as a relief to her. They were walking now. Kay noticed they were heading in the general direction of the grocery store. She watched from a distance as they got in an old, beat-up car sitting alone in the parking lot. They didn’t start the engine. They were together. Talking and laughing, as if the world hadn’t just flipped completely upside down, as if this happened every night. Kay looked away when they started kissing. They deserved a little privacy, after all. And as she turned away, the world returned to its normal colors. When she looked back at the car, Jonathan was starting the car up. Alone. Jessica had disappeared. 

And Kay knew that these kids were no ordinary people.


lovely isnt it? i personally LOVE it.

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It happened in slow motion. The bullets slicing through the air, the target falling to the ground…it looked like something out of a movie. But it was all too real. Kay barely registered the fallen body on the ground before she turned and fled. She ran for her life. She ran until she collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily, but not seeming to take in any oxygen…

 Kay had been having the same dream every night for weeks now, ever since her mother’s terrible death. And the nightmare didn’t end when she woke up. She couldn’t help but think that it was her fault. She could have stopped the gunman. Couldn’t she have died that night? It would have been better than just barely living in this stupid hospital bed. The stupid doctors just wouldn’t let her go.

In the hospital for a week now, Kay thought. Her apparent “suicide attempt” had left the doctors questioning her sanity. But it’s not like she tried to go into shock after the incident. It wasn’t her fault she had fallen onto a sharp rock jutting out of the ground. And it certainly wasn’t her fault that she was stuck in this stupid hospital!

She couldn’t keep her mind from the one thing that she felt was her fault. She could have – should have – done something. The guilt came again. And again and again. Just when the world seemed a little brighter, Kay collapsed back into darkness with a sick feeling – guilt. It was terrible, worse than the time she had flown to her aunt’s house in London by herself after a fight with her parents. The night before her dad died in a car crash. It was much worse . This must be what it feels like to be depressed, Kay thought grimly.

But suicide was a whole different level of depressed-ness. Even after what had happened, Kay wouldn’t commit suicide. The doctors probably knew that, which would explain why they put her on the 6th floor with the window unlocked. They just didn’t know what to do with her. “That emo girl on the news” is what everyone called her now. Everyone in the city knew her name. But no one knew what to do with her. Being 16, she was too old to be adopted but too young to be on her own. No one wanted her.

Kay tried to roll over and go back to sleep. But she didn’t want to have the dream again. Sleep was torture now. Life was torture. Lying in this hospital bed was torture. Kay was about to cry – again. Let everyone think she’s emo. They had no idea what she had been through. They couldn’t have any idea how she had felt that night, watching her mother die.

 It’s not fair, Kay thought. A single tear trailed off to the side of her head into her hair.

And then it happened.

Exactly what happened was a mystery. As far as Kay could tell, the whole world had just turned…blue. And she seemed lighter, as if the earth had lost its gravity. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and stood up. The window was iced over, but the ice shone a strange blue color, as if reflecting a giant pair of washed-out blue jeans. Kay slipped off her uncomfortable hospital gown and pulled on a pair of jeans, a shirt, a jacket, and forced her feet into her old sneakers. She felt more like herself now, in her own clothes. She pulled the window up, expecting a blast of cold wind. But it wasn’t cold outside. That was weird. And the wind wasn’t blowing, either. Things were way screwed. 


thats the beginning of Allie-was first chapter of her verion of CHASING MIDNIGHT. only the biginning tho. ill post the rest sunday or monday. i personally think its fawesome. and she picked the cutoff. not me. very suspense-making dont ya think?

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