it would be nine kinds of fawesome. see?

kind of awesome #1—would be a fourth midnighters book

awesome #2—would be a scott westerfeld werewolf book

awesome #3—would probably have awesome werewolf explinations

awesome #4—would be written by scott westerfeld

awesome #5—would be cool with full moon/midnight/dark moon myths

awesome #6—would introduce new characters

awesome #7—could have dess in it, kicking @$$ and doing math.

awesome #8—could be a chance to erase the pain of midnighters ending!!!!!

awesome #9—dude, DARKLING. WEREWOLVES.

 those are the nine kinds of fawesome for CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES, the fourth Midnighters book. written by co-prez Serafina-la. i would now like to add to this list, and make it a list called ONE HUNDRED KINDS OF FAWESOME. do you think we can do it? i think we can. lets begin!

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😆



SO UN-HAPPY MAKING! guess what i just found?!

yeah! i was just looking threw amazon cause i was bored. and in the place where it says “people who bot items in your recent history also bot” it had this! is it illegal to rite a book that already has that name?! cause if it is then im gonna sue! ive gotta read this book and see why there stealing Scott-la’s titles.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😡

BRAND NEW HQ! (hehe. it rimes)

HEY PEOPLE! this is the official hq of the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. it involves everything and anything having to do with Midnighters, Darklings, Werewolves, or the new book Scotts gonna rite. im gonna try to figure out how to make it so Serafina-la, the co-prez of the club, and Sophie-la, the prez of Darkling and Midnighter resources, can post on here. if they want.

 if you wanna join, just say the word, and i’ll make a page that says the members and there position. were gonna talk all about Midnighter, Darklings, Werewolves, and what should happen in the fourth book. so COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

by the way. i picked this layout cause i think the girl looks like Dess. and i just love Dess.

 -Co-Prez OUT! 😛