PLURALIZATION- the act of transforming a noun pertaining to a single object/subject into a noun pertaining to multiple objects/subjects


“Fed up with getting low numbers of useless visitors to your website?” this is one of the comments that was awaiting me this evening in my ‘spam’ section. i must say i laughed pretty hard. the commenter then went on to say how they had this amazing way that i could rake in the cash using this site and no longer had to be a visitor-less site manager person…..or something like that.

i of course thought that this was hilarious because… well… i dont exactly have millions of visitors obsessively checking their subscriptions to this site daily. hahaha but what can i expect?!


i am a very bad Co-Prez. i apologize to anybody and everybody that will ever see this!

i also find it extremely hilarious that half the posts on this site kind of have the same exact content: ‘wow! it sure has been a while! im Lizzy-wa in case you forgot! im so sorry! bad Co-Prez! bad!’ and then i posted a few more times and thennn….. repeat! (several months or even years later of course)

so naturally when i came across a lovely person named Jessi repeatedly commenting OVER and OVER about how this place was completely deserted and kind of sucked, i of course had to POST! i would also like to thank the random spammer that notified my of my low visitor count in such a… delicate way… NOT!

so i would really really like to continue posting on here. there isnt too much to post about… but i am VERY open to ideas. we could always talk about Scott-la’s other books too of course.

i am very very depressed that a certain JILLIAN came onto this site, posted once, taunted us with confidential Midnighters news, and then left because nobody replied. schzeezsh. everybody knows you have to check back here every month or so… hahah just kidding Jillian. but seriously if you come back and tell us what that was all about (i think she actually said that like… a year ago…) i would love you!

-Co-Prez OUT! :mrgreen:



  1. Thank you for reading my comments. I heard about this place on Scott’s blog and love Midnighters a ton so I thought it was sad nothing recent/up-to-date was here. Sorry if it was annoying….. but thank you for posting something!!!! 🙂

  2. My name is Jillian, and I have probably posted on this site before, but I don’t remember what about. This could be me! Where was the comment?

  3. Ahh yes, this was me! (I found it). Well, every hope Midnighters-related has been shot down completely in the past year. So, sorry. No Midnighters news :(.

    On the bright side, I just rerereread the series! (And am starting yet ANOTHER fanfiction–blah, I’ll never get over these books.)

  4. I told my friends to come on here. Some said they would. Some laughed and said I was way to obsessed with Midnighters.

  5. ‘sup, Lizzy-wa! 😀

    and a very warm welcome to you, Jessi ❤ This is the right place for people who are obsessed with Midnighters… or it used to be… where IS everyone??

  6. Lizzy-wa I have an idea of what to post!!!!! You could get fan art from Deviantart and places like that and post it sort of like Scott posts on his blog! You could also do more chapters of No Name……. If you can do polls you could do a character of the month every month, with random Midnighters characters, that are of little to great importance!!! Or you could somehow make a quiz for: “Which Midnighters Character are YOU most like?” Just some ideas…… you know……..

  7. Lotti-wa!!! i miss you! we need to figure out how to get everybody back…. every blog over on the side was last posted on in like 2008 haha

    and good brain storming Jessi-la. i’ll get to thinkin

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  8. YAY! you finally posted again! i used to come here all the time but then i realized that there wernt going to be any new posts i stopped coming. i was bored in my dorm so i decided to check all my web sites that i have book marked and saw that you posted.


  9. missed you too, Lizzy-wa~

    I stopped blogging sooooo long ago haha… I just randomly checked this site one day and practically cried tears of joy when I saw it had been updated


  10. Oh my gosh! People! There are people on this site! (Okay, so most of the activity was at the beginning of October, but I’m going to hope that someone is still around.) Is it bad that it’s been so long since I’ve posted on a Midnighters-related site that I had to go on the club members page to remember my full 39 letter name? I should have remember it, but the charm bracelet that inspired the name has been lost for at least a year now 😦
    (Don’t worry, I’m still as Midnighters obsessed as ever. (I reread the books for the eighteenth or so time over the summer). My days of keeping detailed lists of tridecalogisms and writing pages upon pages of Midnighters’ fanfic in a notebook I carry around everywhre are kind of over, though. The main reason: My not-so-new-anymore laptop)

    Anyway, I was slacking on homework and Nanowrimo and thought to myself, “What websites could I go on? I need something to do.” Then, I remembered this place and thought I’d stop by and see if there was anything, and low and behold, a new post!
    So, hi, everyone! And welcome Jessie!

  11. And apparently, I just missed everyone. *Listens to echo* Sigh…

  12. YOU’RE BACK!!!
    i don’t know if you remember me…i followed you here from scott-la’s site!
    but anyways, at least i’m not the only one that dropped off the face of the earth for two years.
    but i was just going through old stuff, and decided to visit scott-la’s fact page (remember that awesome thing where you were the first comment?!). i remember us being SO EXCITED to hit like 1000…and now they’re in the 4000s! also…SCOTT-LA ANSWERED THEM! crazy ****.
    but anyways, just reliving i guess the ‘old days’.
    and girl who was talking about this site being abandoned? welcome to my life. i spent like a year here after everyone abandoned me before moving on and growing up…though i wish i hadn’t.

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